Thursday, July 26, 2007

Michael Vick and the Cambridge and MA Pols and Bureaucrats

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Michael Vick, a National Football League quarterback, has been indicted on felony counts related to dog fighting with pit bulls.

I received an email from Grey2K at about the same time I heard of the indictment. Grey2K is an excellent organization dedicated to ending dog racing. They consider that sport abusive of greyhounds, animals who are lovely beings, much like properly raised pit bulls.

Reports in the press indicate severely injured pit bulls as a result of Mr. Vick’s operations. Other reports indicate his ordering the killing of pit bulls who did not fight up to his standards.

In the City of Cambridge, MA, we have large scale animal abuse by the state and local government: starvation is considered normal treatment of beings living in the wild parts of Cambridge who are on the receiving end of government action destroying their homes as part of bizarre and commonly large scale government projects.

We have the strikingly bizarre position that the bastards are heartlessly starving beautiful, valuable animals, while loudly saying they are not “harming” them. In their sick minds, starving them is not harming them. Correction, not even these people have such sick minds. They are just lying.

The most important difference between the accusations against Mr. Vick and very clear behavior by Cambridge and state pols and bureaucrats, in my opinion, is that Cambridge and state pols and bureaucrats loudly call themselves pro-environment. In short, the important difference is belligerent hypocrisy.

There is a secondary difference of importance: the abuse and mistreating of children by the Cambridge and state pols and bureaucrats. This is a matter of truly reprehensible behavior, in both cases, by role models. And thus bending the twig to become as reprehensible as the role models.

In the case of the pit bulls, the behavior accused of Mr. Vick was fairly secretive. In the case of the reprehensible Cambridge and state pols and bureacrats, the behavior is very, very public from people who loudly proclaim themselves holier-than-thou.

Frankly, Mr. Vick looks a heck of a lot less reprehensible than do the Cambridge, MA and state pols and bureaucrats.

But then again, there is a major matter of a rape and murder of a young woman by one of the people apparently egged on by the environmental destructiveness of Cambridge and state pols and bureaucrats combined with a wink and a nod when he started off attacking the Charles River White Geese.

This is an excellent example of truly vile results of “leaders” who are unfit to lead.

They observed repeated very vile attacks on animals. They were begged to stand up to the reprehensible behavior.

They were warned that people who do these terrible things graduate to human beings.

When their protege graduated, the Cambridge City Council spent an extended period of time discussing the rape and murder and DID NOT WANT TO KNOW where it occurred, exactly where he had been killing geese with a wink and a nod from sick pols and bureaucrats.

The rape and murder is another situation in which the National Football League is one heck of a lot more responsible than the City of Cambridge and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The National Football League has suspended Vick. The City of Cambridge and state pols and bureaucrats run around calling themselves holier-than-thou, and look to see what further vile thing they can do.

And the governor of Massachusetts?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Visibility at the Charles River Annual Swim - Reality Check in the Face of False Representation

Yesterday, July 21, 2007, I attended the "First Annual Charles River Swim," from 7 to 10 am. After the race I handed out flyers about the cause of the algae bloom on the river--the DCR's 6 acres of commercial sod at the Ebersol Red Sox fields at Lederman Park by Mass General Hospital in Boston.

The DCR replaced the existing riverfront ball fields in the spring of 2006 with professional-level ones. Runoff from the fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and the fungicide applied to those 6 acres caused the unprecedented algae counts in August and September, 2006.

Once the algae are in the river they're there forever. After the bloom, the spores sink, go dormant, and overwinter at the bottom of the river. When summer comes they re-emerge and bloom again.

So organizers were racing the algae this year. The real "First Annual Charles River Swim" was to have been in late August, 2006, but it was canceled because of the algae bloom that month. Even so, for the 2007 "First Annual Charles River Swim," it was a close call this year, since the algae also began a month earlier. Should we attribute that to global warming? In any case, only a change in the weather saved the day for the race on July 21, 2007.

Swimmers entered the water from the boat dock nearest the band shell where the Pops July 4th concerts are held. (The Charles Station on the Red Line is the closest T stop.) They swam an oval course around 6 bouys between the Longfellow and Mass. Ave. bridges. It was quite thrilling to watch such excellent swimmers. And the day was brilliant.

Everyone was very aware of the dangers of the algae bloom. Race organizers cautioned the swimmers before the start. The algae are toxic after they die, and the bloom had only begun. So they said the water was safe enough for swimming, but could cause an allergic reaction. They recommended washing off after the swim in the portable showers provided. They asked that anyone with an allergic or other reaction notify them, since this was a public health matter.

The race had been oversubscribed--100 swimmers was the limit--but there were cancellations and only 69 competed. I talked with one Masters swimmer who opted not to swim because of the algae. He was there to support a teammate, who in fact came in first, at 20 minutes 20 seconds. I also talked with the winning woman, who swam it in 21 minutes 46 seconds. As I said, it was thrilling.

All but one of the swimmers (the man who came in first) I talked with after the race had blue-green algae inside their suits. It wasn't pretty, and they were eager to get out of their suits and wash off.

What the so-called environmental organizations were handing out about water quality and the algae bloom is disturbing. There is no mention of the DCR's Ebersol fields. Not one glossy handout mentioned how the millions of dollars spent on the DCR's 6 "professional level" acres is undoing the work of 17 years and $60 million so far to clean up the Charles.

There's another $19 million budgeted for now to 2013, without factoring in the algae. Since the DCR and the "environmentalist organizations" do not even acknowledge the effect of the Ebersol fields on the river's health, we have no reason to believe they will address the problem, or how much it might cost to remedy it, assuming a remedy is possible. This is all the more disturbing because they are doing nothing to prevent Cambridge and the DCR from installing another 7 acres of commercial sod at Magazine Beach.

Since Friends of the White Geese first sounded the alarm about the Ebersol fields and the algae bloom, these "environmental organizations" have done their best to point their fingers in any direction other than the DCR's blunder there. CRWA informational boat rides, for example, mention everything but the Ebersol fields' chemical runoff.

Yet the 2006 bloom, fed by fertilizers at Ebersol fields, exploded the day after the DCR applied "Tartan," a fungicide not to be applied near water. And, after a decline, the count rose again in early September when the DCR reapplied "Tartan" on September 1. ("Tartan" was necessary, the DCR explained at the time, to provide "the quality of turf our players deserve.")

The "environmental organizations" even mention goose poop as a cause of the algae bloom. What can account for this disregard of the truth?

The DCR has worked for years to rid the river of waterfowl, although the Charles is on the Atlantic flyway for migratory birds. With its agent the Charles River Conservancy, it routinely destroys plants that provide cover for herons, ducks, geese, and other birds.

The DCR and the CRC have worked for at least 5 years to get rid of Canada geese. They have worked for at least 9 years to get rid of the Charles River White Geese. They poison eggs, they use teams of border collies, they use plastic coyotes, and they have used other, less visible "volunteers" to get rid of these animals. By 2004, by the DCR's own estimate, there were no more than 200 resident Canadas on 10 miles of river and the count was going down. The population of White Geese was far less and also decreasing because of the DCR's efforts, including starvation.

(For three years, the DCR and Cambridge have denied the White Geese access to their primary source of food, the grass at Magazine Beach and by the Hyatt Hotel in Cambridge. Only the heroic efforts of the public have kept the White Geese from starvation.)

These animals did not cause an algae bloom of unprecedented proportions in 2006 or the ones this summer.

As part of the DCR-Cambridge project at Magazine Beach, the DCR and Cambridge plan 7 more acres of playing fields with commercial turf, like Ebersol fields. The project will dig up, truck out, and replace the dirt and natural grass there now with gravel, topsoil, commercial sod, and fences.

It will gold-plate the playing fields there now, and destroy "Bordering Lands Subject to Flooding," a wetland category that is both rich habitat for waterfowl and supports ball games during the season. The DCR says that human activity has already destroyed waterfowl habitat at Magazine Beach, and the City of Cambridge accepts that lie. Both are working to pollute the river at Magazine Beach by repeating the environmental crime at Ebersol fields.

As "mitigation" for the loss of what they claim is no longer habitat at Magazine Beach, the DCR and Cambridge have cut down healthy trees and installed a large puddle with a bridge over it. Water does not circulate in it, so it collects filth. The DCR routinely refuses to maintain whatever its assets are, and this is no exception. In addition to trash, the puddle now has what seems to be a fine bloom of algae and its toxic byproducts. Swimming in or near such a sump is unthinkable.

The DCR and CRC had a swim-in at Magazine Beach to celebrate thiss "restoration," which last year blocked human and animal access to 95% of the river. Contractors hired to deal with the wall of plants there faced three work order changes within a week. They concluded the DCR and Cambridge officials didn't know what they were doing.


"Nothing is so frightful as ignorance in action," it is said. Cambridge gave permission to reproduce the Ebersol field disaster last September, after it was on notice of the August, 2006 algae bloom caused by runoff from those fields. It is difficult to believe Cambridge and DCR officials are ignorant, or that they really want a "swimmable Charles." It may be more frightful to see the wanton, deliberate pollution of the Charles River.

These are the same officials who are wantonly destroying every cherry tree on Memorial Drive between the BU and Longfellow Bridges, in addition to hundreds of others there, as part of a "restoration."

The "environmentalist" organizations and officials, including nine Cambridge City Councilors, depend on a secret definition of the term that bears no relation to a healthy environment, including a clean river, for humans and wildlife. To be in on their secret, see elsewhere in these reports, at

Marilyn Wellons

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Goose Meadow Visibility 355, Algae en Masse at Bumpy Pond

Report 355 from the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese; Outrageous situation at the Bumpy Memorial Pond

1. Visibility Report.
2. Status of Bumpy Memorial Pool.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Visibility Report.

On Friday, July 20, 2007, Marilyn and Kathy Podgers conducted a visibility at the Goose Meadow's BU Bridge entrance. I joined them for part of the visibility.

Clearly, people are very supportive and quite concerned.

2. Status of Bumpy Memorial Pool.

One of the nuttier things (of many nutty things) done on the Charles River was the creation of a small pond perhaps 10 feet from the Charles River at the Magazine Beach parking lot.

Several healthy trees were destroyed in the process.

The local animals loved the pool, so, a year ago, we named it after Bumpy, the killed leader of the gaggle.

This year, the Charles River White Geese have been driven away from Magazine Beach in general and from the Bumpy Pond in particular. They visit, if at all, early in the day. 95% of the shore is now blocked to them.

Their only access is through a tiny break near the Bumpy Pond. They leave immediately when dogs start coming. Some of the environmentally destructive lobby rather clearly let their dogs run free as a means of attacking free animals.

As a result, this year, few birds use the Bumpy Pond except for ducks.

Thursday and Friday a mother duck was visiting there with babies. It was quite distressing because the Bumpy Pond is so filthy.

The filth was fully predictable and was a main reason why we opposed it.

The DCR DOES NOT MAINTAIN its properties. The DCR expects the public to do normal maintenance.

The Bumpy Pond is nothing but a hole in the ground which became an excuse to put in a bridge over it.

There is no means of circulation of water. There is no means of adding water and no means of removal of water. When it rains, we get water. If we get too much water, it overflows. The silly clay pathway which replaced a bituminous walkway is eroding because of overflows.

When no rain comes for awhile, the obvious happens. Water evaporates. The water level decreases, and there is no defense against algae.

As of yesterday, there was a depth of the Bumpy Pond measurable in inches. And it was filthy with algae and trash.

But the DCR and its apologists are proud of the DCR not maintaining its property.

And the DCR and its apologists are very happy to limit the DCR's contribution to the environment to make work projects for their most vocal apologists. Silly projects like the Bumpy Pond get built with serious environmental harm and no maintenance. The apologists do not make money out of maintenance. They make money out of make work projects.

So we have a filthy hole ten feet from the Charles River, and the pols and bureaucrats and their friends are fighting for even worse environmental destruction at Magazine Beach.

Outrageous? Yes!!!

Business as usual with the environmentally reprehensible City of Cambridge and their friends at the state level, pols, bureacrats and contractors one and all.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Visibilities at the BU Bridge, numbers 353 and 354

Marilyn reports:

There were lots of drivers and pedestrians, even some cyclists, taking the flyers Monday and Tuesday, July 16 and 17, at the BU Bridge. There was a good number of thumbs-up as people drove by.

Some people who stopped to talk were mystified why anyone would want the project there. Others commented that it was the usual cynical stuff.

I try to tell people, briefly, that we've paid almost $4 billion to clean up the Charles River (this is the figure I got from the Charles River Watershed Association) and now Cambridge taxpayers are paying $1.5 million to pollute the river at Magazine Beach.

Chemical runoff from the 6 acres of commercial sod at the Ebersol Red Sox Fields at Lederman Park caused the algae bloom last August and September. Now Cambridge will be installing 7 acres of the same at Magazine Beach. We'll have astronomical algae blooms even farther upriver every year if Cambridge gets its way.

And our water rates that include the costs of the Charles River cleanup have just gone up.

Pit Bulls and the Aggressive Destroyers of our World

Bob La Trémouille reports.

1. A nice visit, July 17, 2007.
2. Application.

1. A nice visit, July 17, 2007.

I practice law in an office in a modern building between Harvard and Central Squares in Cambridge, MA, USA (across from the "People's Republik" bar).

I am frequently in the office late working on various projects. Last night, July 17, 2007, there was a group of three people and a dog on our front steps for half an hour to an hour at least.

I first encountered them on the way out. I had things I was doing in the neighborhood, so I went by several times after that.

The dog was a black shorthair, intermediate in size between a small dog and a medium sized dog, in excellent physical condition, not the slightest fat and appropriately muscular for his size.

I said hello to the people and the dog, being very careful the first time to properly introduce myself to the dog.

Each time I went by, I happily pet the dog and briefly spoke to the folks. He was clearly a pleasant, friendly being, out in the world and very pleased to meet the inhabitants of his world.

I asked during the first discussion whether he was a baby Labrador Retriever.

The response was that he was a adult black pit bull, but that he commonly passes for a black Lab, and the master clearly indicated that that was to his advantage.

At that point, I had been in the process of going my way, but I reversed myself to look at the dog's face, clearly not a Lab, clearly a Pit Bull.

2. Application.

The general group that the enemies of this beautiful, friendly animal belong to is the same sick people who are fighting to destroy all wildlife on the Charles River.

These destructive people use whatever lie or false analogy (lie, lie, lie) they can get away with to destroy anything and everything that has a semblance of nature in our world.

The destructive people cannot get away with killing all dogs, as they are aggressively trying to kill the Charles River White Geese, so they regulate them to death, and they try to restrict dogs to bizarre "sanctuaries" as in the sick situation on the Charles River.

Not all attackers of pit bulls are aggressively destroying our world. The tiny minority of world destroyers manipulate people all over the place.

I was in the legislative hearing a few months ago on the latest attempt by this sick organization to attack nature at whatever weak links these sick people can find. This was an attempt to apply bizarre restrictions on pit bulls.

The testimony at that hearing mentioned the tendency of the press to identify a pit bull as the aggressor in all bad situations involving pit bulls, but to downplay attacks by other dogs.

One example of a difficult attack mentioned in that hearing was an attack by a large size Golden Retriever. My brother has a large Golden. The most minimal thing that can be said about her is that she is an excellent example of extreme but intelligent pleasantness.

Nevertheless, I had one incident in which I scratched the ear of my brother's Golden and she responded defensively and quite rapidly and aggressively. Apparently she had some sort of infection and was defending herself.

I am a dog patter. My brother's Golden walks around the world intelligently looking to be friends with every human and every dog she encounters. I am the same way with dogs.

I had a situation in Central Square, Cambridge, in which I encountered a Golden with a face similar to that of my brother's dog. I pet her and, as with my brother's dog, did something inadvertently to hurt her. She defended herself. The owner's reaction went from pleasure to surprised mortification. I tried to placate her explaining that I must have hurt the animal in some way.

In the case of the attack I mentioned above by a Golden Retriever, I can imagine some fool tormenting that poor dog and the dog defending itself.

Similarly the folks fighting against the legislative attacks on pit bulls report similar fact patterns involved in pit bull attacks, problems with humans, not dogs.

We live in a world which is generally very, very good. There is a truly reprehensible minority aggressively destroying our world while piously claiming sainthood.

This reprehensible minority includes Cambridge pols and bureaucrats and their friendly pols and bureaucrats at the state level.

In order to prevent the destruction of our world, we must stand up to these reprehensible people, particularly those, such as nine Cambridge City Councilors, who abuse their power and lie about which side they are on.

We should regulate the destroyers of our world. We should not regulate their victims.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Report 352, Video of the Goose Meadow, April 2000; Perspective

Report 352 from the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese - Roy Bercaw posts his report of the geese in April 2000 - Thoughts on the changes which have come since.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Visibility Report.
2. Roy Bercaw's Video.
3. A "Sanctuary" claim from very destructive liars.
4. Marilyn Responds.
5. Further Thought.

1. Visibility Report.

Yesterday, Saturday, July 14, 2007, I did another visibility on the edge of the Goose Meadow, saying hello to people on the BU Bridge. I went fairly late. There was a Red Sox game. They commonly get a lot of traffic over the BU Bridge, but traffic in that direction was a lot quieter than I expected. I anticipate that I was later than the game rush.

People were, as usual, quite friendly. One gentleman followed up on discussions with Marilyn.

2. Roy Bercaw's Video.

Roy Bercaw has been kind enough to post a video on the internet that he took of the Charles River White Geese in April 2000. Marilyn Wellons performed as commentator. Roy brought a camera to the Destroyed Nesting Area shortly after the geese returned to the BU/DCR imposed desolation. His video ended with an excellent shot of some very strong flying by one member of the goose gaggle.

I have created a link to one of the postings in the right margin. The video may be viewed at: and at at

The developer lobby tends to descend upon people who have the nerve to talk reality when it comes to the environmental attacks by state and Cambridge bureaucrats and pols. They sound so good, but they toss out one lie after another lie after another lie.

One of their bizarre explanations for the pols and bureaucrats destroying wildlife on the Charles River was a lie that the Charles River White Geese do not fly.

The end of this video shows one Charles River White Goose flying, and flying very high.

Well, when one lie does not work, they switch to another lie. Their definition of THE TRUTH is that lie which works. Their world is a non-stop search for this very bizarre "truth." The Cambridge City Council's definition of "environmentalism" is an excellent example.

3. A "Sanctuary" claim from very destructive liars.

The lie this week is that they want to create a "sanctuary" in the goose meadow, where there is no food. That "sanctuary" promise has no more credibility than the four years of promise of "no intent to harm" the Charles River White Geese. Then they disclosed that their definition of "harm" does not include starvation.

We are dealing with people who are proud of having no ethics.

Decent people cannot imagine how low the people they are trying to deal with are.

Promises have no value. Decency is treated as a weakness. And they will lie and lie and lie until they find a lie that works and call that lie the TRUTH.

4. Marilyn Responds.

You're right.

To call the White Geese's ghetto a sanctuary is an

5. Further Thought.

The true sickness of the Cambridge and state pols and bureaucrats and the developer-types who are so prominent in the tiny minority egging them on is demonstrated by the fact that Marilyn is right.

But much more than that.

These reprehensible people took a thing of beauty and turned it into a ghetto.

For the first more than 20 years that the Charles River White Geese were proud, beautiful residents of the Charles River, this place was their holiest place. The Charles River White Geese lived in a mile long habitat.

Three quarters of the time, they lived at Magazine Beach and across from the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The other quarter of the time, they migrated to their place of life, their place of mating and of raising their babies.

These sick people have wantonly destroyed three quarters of the habitat of the Charles River White Geese for their use and turned the holiest part of their habitat into a ghetto.

And they are doing it as part of a package in which they are destroying all animal habitat, all wetlands and all wild areas in the City of Cambridge along with repeated, needless destruction of trees and trees and trees.

The pols and bureaucrats of the City of Cambridge and the state along with their tiny gathering of sycophants are nothing less than reprehensible.

And they have the nerve to call themselves "environmentalists" using a secretly redefined term in which environmental destruction becomes "environmentalism."

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fliers Available in PDF

Bob La Trémouille Reports:

The most recent visibility included one pleasant surprise.

One lady informed me that she had received our flier at her door. Trouble is we have not gone door to door with that flier.

Clearly, somebody got a flier from us, copied it and has distributed it.

People are soo good on these issues and soo supportive, it is impossible for us to fully comprehend all the materials which are on the street.

I have all three fliers we are currently distributing in PDF format. I would be pleased to provide these PDF files to interested friends.

Available are:


1. Cambridge / state Pols and Bureaucrats are at it again on the Charles River.

This is the main flier, telling people about the imminent destruction of the grass and earth at Magazine Beach for replacement by grass, dirt and poisons.

2. DCR poll: Most people think no improvements are needed on the Charles River.

This fact sheet provides an 18 point bulleted list of environmental destruction on the Charles River in the past 10 years by the city and state pols and bureacrats.

It is normally printed back to back with number 3, but that is not necessary.

3. Cambridge / state pols and bureaucrats are implementing a 19th Century "Environmentalism".

Definitely the prettiest flier of the three. Features graphics of a tree, goose, chipmunk, possum, rabbit, raccoon, squirrel and heron. All are threatened by the vile Cambridge and state pols and bureacrats.

This flier, with 15 bulleted counts, provides a brief summary of major items of environmental destruction in Cambridge.

It is normally printed back to back with number 2, but that is not necessary.


It would be best to communicate with me on these items at my personal email address,

Thanks in advance.

Report 351, Clarification

Report 351 from the destroyed nesting area of the Charles River White Geese.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

On Monday, July 9, I conducted a visibility outside the Goose Meadow. People, as usual, were very responsive and friendly.

In my last posting, I spoke of a less vile time. Most people are not vile. Most people are not the nine members of the Cambridge City Council. Most people are not the lying bureaucrats at the Department of Conservation and Resources.

Most people are good people. The trouble is too many rotten people have power and too many rotten people indulge in really vile tactics to do really vile things.

The bad guys are responding to the leaflets. They are shocked at the detail in the fact sheets. From their sick sense of entitlement, we are being unfair to them. We are providing too much information. Their lies won't work if we inform people of the very sick reality the bad guys are.

We will continue to tell the truth. We will continue to try to protect people from the repeated lies of the bad guys.

But they have had such sick successes on the Charles River.

Once again, the secret definition of "environment" used by these reprehensible people may be found at:

The phone number of Governor Patrick is 617-725-1100.

Our fliers tell people to call the Cambridge City Council as well. The reality is that Governor Patrick right now is very very much more important than these nine destructive people.

The weakness of nine Cambridge City Councilors is their repeated lies. Governor Patrick has the money.

Governor Patrick has the power to do the latest terrible things on the Charles River. A lot of developer types want further destruction.

Tell him NO.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Memories from a less openly vile time

Bob La Trémouille reports:

I was just checking the links on this blog to ensure they are still valid, when I clicked on the Cambridge Candle link to the first public comment on this outrage, entitled "Who would want to destroy the homes of a bunch of harmless, beautiful geese?"

The Link is:

It was published in February 1999 when my big problem was convincing people anybody could stoop so low.

A brief quote may suffice:


When I try to tell most people that these beautiful geese are in danger, they only answer with incredulity. People cannot conceive that there are people irresponsible enough to attack these beautiful creatures.

A totally different story appears if you talk to a tiny number of people who claim to be “friends” of Magazine Beach. Many of these people fought, unsuccessfully, to put large trailer trucks on Memorial Drive a few years ago. Many if not most of them, seem to make their livings from development or from planning for development.

Many of these people have a dream. It is a dream which most people would consider unattractive, but you see, developer types live in a different world from most people and developer types know how to get things done that most people would consider offensive. Developer types call this “creativity.”


Now we have nine proudly reprehensible City Councilors falsely calling themselves "environmentalists" as they indulge in truly sick behavior on the Charles River.

The issue is no longer whether they could possibly stoop so low. The issue now is how low they can go.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Report 350, Mental Health Input

Report 350 from the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese, Mental Health Input

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Yesterday, Friday, July 6, 2007, Marilyn and I did a visibility at the Goose Meadow. The entrance created in October 1999 is very close to the Cambridge end of the BU Bridge. It sees a great deal of rush hour traffic.

I had my long time sign with me and on display: an excellent photo of the gaggle by Anne Lynch with the message, "Save the Geese." As we always have had, there was a lot of very favorable input.

I had an extended discussion with a mental health professional from Marlboro Street in Boston.

We were specifically talking about the rape and murder of the young woman in October 2001 with regard to the level of blood on the hands of the then nine Cambridge City Councilors.

Her analysis was that the person who killed multiple mother geese on their nests with great brutality was always a danger to human beings. The difference and the culpability of nine city councilors lies in his getting up the nerve to do the same sort of thing to humans.

The goose killings were cowardly acts. He used a blanket or the equivalent to prevent self defense by throwing it over the nesting geese before he proceeded to beat them to death. The rape and murder of the woman in October was accomplished by a gang which overwhelmed her on the nearby rail bridge after one person raped her in the goose meadow.

Nine Cambridge City Councilors repeatedly heard pleas to stand up to these actions. The silence of the guilty was their reaction even after the clearly political killing of the leader of the gaggle. Channel 4 led their evening news with video footage of his body being dragged out of the Charles River. The Cambridge Chronicle dominated their front page with reports of our memorial service.

Nine city councilor with a wink and a nod sent exactly the message the killer wanted to hear. Nine city councilors told the killer by their silence that they saw nothing wrong with his behavior.

Nine city councilors reemphasized their venality by spending more that an hour discussing the rape and murder WHILE NOT WANTING TO KNOW WHERE IT HAPPENED. Councilor Davis briefly mentioned the location of the rape and murder. She looked around with a guilty look, swallowed her words and did not say it again.

Nine truly vile Cambridge City Councilors are showing the reason why they were silent and encouraged that rape and murder.

Nine truly vile Cambridge City Councilors have indulged in three years of heartless, undeserved, abuse to the Charles River White Geese by their deliberate starvation attacks on them at Magazine Beach and across from the Hyatt Regency.

Now the next step is coming. Nine truly reprehensible people intend to dig up their food itself, the grass at Magazine Beach, and the dirt upon which that grass sits. They intend to replace it with dirt, grass and poisons, poisons which are not now necessary.

Like their protege in 2001, they have built up the nerve. Like their protege in 2001, they have looked to see if there was any sanction coming.

Their pious lies of environmental sainthood, their holier than thou lies, with the support of their syncophants, have worked.

Like their protege in 2001, they have gotten up the guts to take the next step.

They are now going, very quickly, to expose the children of Cambridge to poisons when the children of Cambridge play on those athletic fields. They are very quickly going to increase the level of poisons in the Charles River by the run-off from these fields of poison into the Charles River.

They could very quickly kill off the Charles River as the DCR rather clearly did at Ebersol Fields LAST YEAR.

And they will continue their holier-than-thou lies of environmental holiness.

Once again, please see the analysis on their behalf by the head of the Cambridge Conservation Commission. It is republished below at He goes into the theoretical nonsense of their lies about environmental sainthood. He clearly claims to speak for them.

And a governor who certainly looks no better (and just as holy in his proclamations) will be the weapon.

I appreciate the excellent insight of this mental health professional. Her analysis is not new. It is the same analysis we repeated over and over again before and after the rape and murder.

I have a great deal of concern for disturbed people who live in anguish.

I have flat out contempt for these nine disturbed people who spout holier-than-thou lies while doing these terrible things.

Oh, yes, the sign will be updated. The front with its photo and message will stay the same. The back will read: "Save Magazine Beach!"

But these nine reprehensible people, like their protege in 2001, will get worse and worse and worse as long as their lies work.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Marilyn Does Visibility against Charles River Conservancy, Herter Park, 7/5/07

Bob La Trémouille reports:

On the Charles River, we are doing with people doing truly reprehensible things, and they do a lot of lying. The lies come in all sorts of varieties. We see a lot of skill at this sort of thing.

It is highly unusual for the destructive people we are dealing with to come out and admit they are lying, as they did below at

So we have to stand up to their lies in any way we can.

One technique of lies is to pass out rewards for "environmental achievements" to people helping in the destruction of the environment.

One such occurrence came yesterday, Thursday, July 5, 2007, at Herter Park across from WBZ on Soldiers Field Road.

The environmentally reprehensible Charles River Conservancy passed out rewards to people helping them destroy the environment. Naturally, the CRC said exactly the opposite.

Marilyn showed up with the truth. Our fliers.

Marilyn had the nerve to distribute the truth.

She tells me that one of the CRC staffers got quite unpleasant to her. Environmental destroyers lying about themselves can get touchy when faced with the truth.

Hopefully, Marilyn will have time to expand on this posting.

In any case, Marily deserves commendation for doing one little contribution to the cause of truth and the cause of the environment on the Charles River.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Reports 348 and 349, Nice Reaction

Reports 348, July 2, 2007, and 349, July 3, 2007, from the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese - Nice Reaction.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Marilyn conducted visibilities at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese on Monday and Tuesday, July 2, 2007 and July 3, 2007. I joined her on July 3.

Both visibilities were in the evening rush hour. I was very pleased with what I saw.

Traffic, both auto, pedestrian and bicycle was heavy, including traffic to an evening Red Sox game.

Marilyn had a new sign from past years. She stood on the sidewalk near the entrance to the Goose Meadow. I worked without a sign from the traffic island in the middle of the intersection. Marilyn also had an information board with photos. She had frequent extended discussions with passers by.

As in the past, we in no way interfered with traffic.

A number of people went out of their way to ask for materials. Clearly an excellent sign.

The reality is that people were quite shocked at the behavior of the state and of the nine Cambridge incumbent city councilors. People were clearly very responsive to our communications.

I have since dusted off and cleaned up the sign I first used in March 2000. It has had many refurbishments. It, however, still features, untouched, the excellent photo provided by Ann Lynch way back when.

It is now readily available for use and will be updated.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Thoughts on Resumption of Visibilities

Bob La Trémouille reports:

The last two reports have been reports from the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

Reports 346 and 347 follow a long and distinguished line, and I thank Marilyn for taking the initiative.

These reports started in March 2000. Until then, the Charles River White Geese were migratory within a mile long habitat on the Charles River. They would live in most of the habitat for nine months of the year and in the spring would return to their Nesting Area to mate and raise their babies.

In October 1999, Boston University destroyed their Nesting Area acting on behalf of the state bureacrats.

Nine truly reprehensible Cambridge City Councilors along with pols and bureaucrats at the state and local level destroyed their migration in September 2004, when they, with extreme sickness, destroyed the habitat of the Charles River White Geese except for the regrown nesting area.

Now nine truly reprehensible (not all the same) Cambridge City Councilors are going one step further and destroying the very land upon which the Charles River White Geese fed at Magazine Beach.

They are destroying the land because they think it is an improvement for kids to be playing in poisons.

I will not be running from Cambridge City Council this year.

Additionally, I will not be so stupid as to give any credence to fraudulent environmental campaigns such as that run by Craig Kelly two years ago.

As far as I am concerned, the only responsible action for Cambridge environmentalists to take in Cambridge is boycott.

I will look at supposed environmentalists as they announce themselves and I will not be so stupid as to give them the benefit of the doubt as I gave Craig Kelley two years ago.

As we reported on May 29, 2007, with a complete quote from one of Kelley's fellow fake environmentalists, the Cambridge pols have a built in lie every time they use the word "Environmentalist." They have their own sick, destructive definition.

The use of the word "Environmentalist" by Cambridge pols is flat out fraud.

As newcomers show up and make claims such as those made by Kelley two years ago, I will assume those claims of being "environmentalists" are just as fraudulent as they are when coming from the known fraudulent environmentalists.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Report 347, June 29, 2007 visibility

Report 347 from the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese. June 29, 2007 visibility.

Marilyn reports:

This time I had a sign that said, "Save Magazine
Beach," and it started out with two beautiful photos
of Phil Barber's--a winter shot and one in the summer,
at sunset, with a pink sky, White Geese in both.

They both fell off since I had only glued them, one
blew away. I'll replace them for next time.