Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cambridge, MA, and state commence destruction of Alewife Reservation

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1. Report.

Cambridge and the state have been working for perhaps two decades to destroy a massive, essentially untrouched forest abutting the Alewife MBTA Station.

This area is in the western part of Cambridge, MA and includes or is near to parts of Belmont and Arlington, MA. One of the two key east-west superhighways in Massachusetts, state route 2, ends at Alewife Station.

Cambridge and the state are destroying the Alewife reservation for flood storage that should be placed under a massive parking lot about 300 feet to the south.

First and foremost, the Alewife reservation is being destroyed because Cambridge has a horribly irresponsible city manager and city council. They are able to do their terrible things, however, because of the massive organization they have running around lying about them.

I was at the Alewife reservation this morning, May 15, 2011, responding to the latest con game.

The environmental destroyers are running a week long series of events telling people to protect the environment. These fake initiatives are very much non stop in Cambridge. They are flat out frauds on the public because the organizers yell about everything except what counts. And they do not want to know about what counts.

The latest fake initiative included a walk around the Alewife reservation. I was there to leaflet and warn the public against the forthcoming destruction of the Alewife Reservation. It was highly distressing to see it had already started.

While I was there, the leader of the fake group came to post a sign delaying the walk a week because of rain.

My first concern for Alewife came in the early 80's when I lived about a mile from it.

I tried to organize against the destruction of Alewife, but this person outorganized me. In Cambridge, “organizing” by those who are destroying the environment is simple — They simply give themselves a lovely and misleading name. Then they just call the already built in Cambridge Pol organization and the Cambridge Pol organization delivers.

[Ed: I have had misgivings about the wording of the preceding paragraph, but reality is that the same analysis has proven true time and time and time again when talking about the Cambridge Pols, their "good intentions" and their fake organizations: “You simply cannot be that stupid.”]

So this woman has been pullinmg people around by the nose for ten or twenty years yelling about everything except for the really important stuff, really important stuff that could have been prevented and still can be reversed.

What it would take to reverse this destruction is to stop in place, Then take by eminent domain the massive parking lot 300 feet to the south (just north of the commuter rail) and proceed with the work that should have been done there in the first place. The flood storage should have been been placed under that parking lot in the first place.

This would make excellent sense because the devastation is so major and so easily avoidable. The state and Cambridge’s bad city government would have to undo the outrage that has already been committed, but that is the responsible thing to do. This, however, is Cambridge, MA, with all those fake groups running around praising a destructive city government for traits which are way too often exactly the opposite of reality.

This is a horrible, horrible day.

2. Cher Responds, with reply.

This really really really sucks. I don't remember how one goes about taking by eminent domain but am sure they have that covered too.


The city manager prides himself on not doing takings. He reaches agreement. They do not have time for agreement.

On the other hand, if they started behaving responsibly on Monteiro, they might have an attorney’s position which gives them blessing, with judge’s consent, to fire the Cambridge City Manager.

3. picks up this report.

Thank you for the report and the link.