Saturday, November 05, 2011

Aesthetically nice Cambridge City Manager / City Council analysis in Cambridge Day

Cambridge Day has presented a very attractive writeup of the Cambridge City Council candidates positions on the Cambridge City Manager at It is heavily based on the Cambridge Chronicle questions which I gave up on when I saw no indication or even consideration of him being fired over the Monteiro outrage. There, equally, is no analysis of environmental destructiveness. I anticipate there would be little real difference.

Cambridge Day lists the following positions:

Pro Healy Incumbents: Davis, Maher, Reeves, Seidel, Toomey.
Anti-Healy Incumbents: Craig Kelley
Incumbents without a clear position: Cheung, Decker, Simmons.

Pro Healy Challengers: Moree, Nelson, Ward.
Anti-Healy Challengers: Marquardt, Mello, Pascual, Stohlman, Williamson.
Challenger without a clear position: vanBeuzekom.

Cambridge Day provided a nice individual summary.

The trouble with this stems from the reason why I stopped following the Chronicle questioning: No indication of any interest whatsoever in implementing the court’s decision on Monteiro and firing him. The answers which I read all refer to rehiring the City Manager or not.

My basis for saying that Pascual supports firing because of Monteiro is that I had him live on my cable show, asked him and he so stated. I have generally indicated my willingness to entertain similar opinions, but have not received anything positive.

Cambridge Day followed up by questioning borderline candidates and tried to get greater detail, included in their report.

As I said, I gave up on the Chronicle series. Thus I cannot confirm the accuracy of the report. Nevertheless, this analysis is the sort of analysis the Cambridge Chronicle has done in past years and is beautifully presented.

There are candidates / supporters of candidates who are friends of the facebook page. I have welcomed any elaboration they might wish to post concerning REAL environmental issues (as opposed to saving the world but how dare you object to Cambridge destroying Cambridge). I also welcome elaboration of their treatment of the City Manager with regard to the Monteiro decision. I intend to post appropriate elaborations on this Blog as well.

Similarly, if any person in a position to communicate such positions wants to pass them on to me at, I would be pleased to consider posting on the Blog and facebook.