Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cambridge Chronicle improves its reporting on Alewife in its on line report

Earlier today, I passed on with analysis my letter to the Cambridge Chronicle responding to their on line report on fundraising which I consider just part of the ongoing fight by Cambridge and its friends to destroy the core Alewife reservation by conning people into defending a long shot part of the Alewife reservation. This is particularly distressing because Cambridge and its friends appear launched to strikingly multiply the totally inexcuseable destruction.

The game of Cambridge and its friends has been to fool well meaning people to fight one of their usual Don Quixote bouts rather than working to defend the key core Alewife reservation from totally inexcusable destruction by Cambridge and its friends.

I just found a copy of the February 2, 2012, issue of the Cambridge Chronicle, which had their report on fundraiser buried on page 9. The language used implied that the long shot being defended against is superior to the irreplaceable forest destroyed.

The key language on line is: “The 7-acre silver maple forested area is a habitat for rare animals and birds including otter, deer, coyote, fox and nearly a hundred bird species – some of which require both uplands and wetlands. The concert celebrated this valuable resource.”

Frankly this language is also applicable to the area these “activists” are happy seeing destroyed. I definitely think the area they are destroying is more valuable because, in addition to these factors, it includes Little River.

The real difference, as is normal in the rotten situation in Cambridge, is that the Cambridge machine is destroying the core Alewife reservation, and it is a private developer in the area they claim is so great. The Cambridge City Council constantly lies that it is holier than thou on environmental and civil rights matters. That is a flat out lie, and this game of irresponsibly maneuvering people away from their irresponsible destruction is just part of it.

That flat out lie makes the Cambridge City Council vulnerable to attacks by knowing people who are aware of how irresponsible nine councilors are. The exposure in the last election of the environmentally second worst councilor as “reprehensible” with regard to the civil rights case of Malvina Monteiro could very possibly have led to his firing by the voters.

The fundraiser with the usual failure to mention the important stuff is another factor in the fight to destroy the core Alewife reservation. Simultaneous with the destruction, the owner of the parking lot where the flood storage should go is building, apparently without the flood storage that should be there rather than destroying the core Alewife reservation.

Another interesting factor is the presence of Ellen Mass in this non “Alewife” group which has apparently replaced “Friends of the Alewife Reservation.” Ellen Mass’s credit appears on the two photos printed in the hard copy. Thus the admission continues. Ellen Mass has succeeded in destroying the core Alewife reservation by loudly claiming to be defending Alewife and by duping people into this Don Quixote fight. She has publicly bragged about the destruction. She, at least judging by that photo credit, is continuing with the “defense” group which no longer claims to be defending Alewife.

Mass led the fake Alewife group and has publicly praised the destruction. That praise totally discredits her and her friends claims of concern for the environment in their Don Quixote Silver Maple fight.

So thanks to the Chronicle for moderating key language in the later printing. People who are thinking about what they are doing, and responsible, will change upon reflection.

Fund raising which aids destruction at Alewife

1. General.
2. Letter to Cambridge Chronicle.
3. Summary.

1. General.

The following letter has been submitted to the Cambridge Chronicle in response to a series of versions of a report by the Chronicle on a fund raiser concerning private property at the Alewife reservation.

The most recent version of the report is at It is quite a bit shorter than the other versions. Sorry. This is the best I can see.

2. Letter to Cambridge Chronicle.

Cambridge Chronicle

I appreciate your “Silver Maple Forest” report.

For nearly 15 years, a group “defending” Alewife told people who were concerned about Alewife to protect the “Silver Maple Forest.” That group said not to look at the inexcusable and in fact downright bizarre environmental destruction being accomplished at Alewife by Cambridge and by Massachusetts’ Department of Conservation and Recreation, which owns the core Alewife reservation.

A few months ago, these entities accomplished the first stage of destruction. They bragged about “flood storage” their destruction cannot achieve. They brag about needed flood storage which can be achieved on the other side of the adjoining CambridgePark Drive.

The destruction so far can protect against two year floods (the worst flooding in any two year period). Alewife has seen two fifty year floods in the past twenty years.

The needed protection can be provided by taking the massive parking lot across CambridgePark Drive or by further destruction of the reservation. The flood protection should be placed under office buildings whose construction in that parking lot is imminent. The alternative is a doubling, tripling or more of destruction of the irreplaceable woodlands.

The key “activist” has gone from “defending” Alewife to bragging about the destruction of the core Alewife reservation. The “defending” group which is now visible does not even use the word “Alewife” in its name.

Your report describes “Silver Maple Forest” in glowing terms. Those glowing terms describe the destroyed area and the phase 2 destruction as well. Total public destruction will easily be much larger than the destruction at this privately owned long shot at “Silver Maple.”

If Cambridge had a responsible city government, that massive parking lot would be taken by eminent domain and used for the flood protection needed. The imminent office buildings would be built on top of the flood storage. The inexcusable strip mine which replaced an irreplaceable woodlands would be given back to nature to undo damage which should never have been done.

Instead we see people fighting Don Quixote fights who do not want to see the bizarre and totally avoidable destruction a hundred or so feet away. They destroy their own credibility by their indifference.

Cambridge and its friends keep the good guys “out of trouble” by having them chase their tails. They keep up the lie that they are environmental saints. How dare you object to totally wasteful environmental destruction. Cambridge pols sound great!

3. Summary.

Please note that the Cambridge Conservation Commission will be discussing the office project slated for that massive parking lot on the fourth floor of City Hall Annex at Broadway and Inman Monday, February 13, at 7:15 pm.

The bragging about the destruction was done by Ellen Mass to a non profit which calls itself “Greenport” on January 18 at the church on the corner of Brookline Street and Putnam Avenue. The related “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” has spent years telling people who are concerned about Alewife to go to the fake Friends group.

Since the destruction of the core Alewife reservation the “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” has started strongly denying that Alewife is any proper interest of their group.

The “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” has joined the falsely named Charles River Conservancy in creating a group for Magazine Beach which stinks of the “Friends of the Alewife Reservation” group.

The “Friends of Alewife Reservation” now seems to have disappeared with its success in destruction of the core Alewife reservation.