Wednesday, July 03, 2013

City Manager Healy Retires — A Response, Cambridge, MA, USA

1. Posting and response.
2. Editor response.

1. Posting and response.

My comment on the retirement of Cambridge, MA, USA City Manager Robert Healy is posted at

I appreciate the following response:


Really, Bob, I know you despise the council, but Healy has been the untouchable heart of darkness in Cambridge politics for decades. This is HUGE beyond measure. This is the death of the heart of the rusty old machine, mark my words.

You just made my morning, as a former Cantabridgian.

Profound thanks!

2. Editor response.

My constant harping on the City Council, without mentioning Healy as much, comes from my opinion that Healy has been beneath bothering with.

Over many years, I have achieved more zoning changes than anybody else not employed by the City of Cambridge.

I have used the Zoning Ordinance as a tool for environmental activism by which the ordinary citizen can force a vote of the Cambridge City Council.

It is highly unlikely that Healy’s appointees or his friendly “activists” meaningfully supported any of my initiatives. It is very clear that the people controlling the fake groups have been the biggest problem in the most important initiatives, the three winning petitions which downzoned about 90% of Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge between Harvard and Central Squares, plus adjoining properties.

A very big difference between my zoning initiatives and those written by the City Manager’s people has been that mine have done what I say they would do.

The current outrages are just an extension of the destruction achieved by the Cambridge City Manager’s team over the years, commonly with the controllers of the fake groups lying about which side they were on.

The Cambridge City Council, supposedly, is responsible to the voters of the City of Cambridge. The dishonesties which the fake groups use to protect this extremely bad government entity from the voters have expanded greatly in recent years, along with the magnitude of the destruction.

The matters on which I have condemned the Cambridge City Council are all controlled by the Cambridge City Council. The final vote comes from the Cambridge City Council. They, and the fake groups, just do not want the voters to know the depth of the misbehavior of the Cambridge City Council.

One of the biggest lies tends to be: that is not Cambridge, it is [insert agency name], but the agencies run everything past the City of Cambridge. The City Council conducts foreign policy, and its minions say people should not discuss the destruction of the City of Cambridge with them?

Just another standard corrupt tactic from an organization which really amounts to corruption since the “activists” lie that they are independent and even worse, lie that they meaningfully represent somebody other than the City of Cambridge.

It is always folly to attempt to psychoanalyze each and every member of the Cambridge Machine. It is irrelevant. The reality is their actions and their unthinking devotion to a really destructive government, whether they think they are doing so or not. That is the purpose of company unions, fool well meaning people into destroying what the well meaning people think they stand for, either through action or inaction.

It is definitely possible, but highly unlikely, that all these destructive individuals are well meaning fools controlled by a very, very tiny number of people in the background. Whether they are knaves or fools is totally irrelevant. What is relevant is the reality of their actions.

The corrupt tactics used by the fake neighborhood association in seeking the expansion of destruction at Magazine Beach, including destruction of hundreds of trees, shows exactly where these fraudulent groups are really coming from. And those corrupt tactics are hardly novel from the fake groups. I could go on and on about the record of the fake groups, but I have been chastised for being too wordy.