Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Charles River, Cambridge / Harvard Square Common: Save a Lot of Excellent Trees; Cambridge, MA, USA,

Charles River, Cambridge / Harvard Square Common: Save a Lot of Excellent Trees; Cambridge, MA, USA

Yesterday, May 28, 2014, I delivered my letter with photographs to the Cambridge, MA, USA City Clerk for inclusion in the Cambridge City Council’s “Communications” list at the coming meeting, Monday night.

This is the one I reported at  It includes the partial photographs of their intended outrageous destruction of so many excellent trees on the Cambridge Common.

Full sized copies of the photos of the imminent outrage are posted at

Cambridge Common 1:

Cambridge Common 2:

I included in the letter my objections to House Bill H4006 initiated by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.  This will destroy hundreds of trees between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge, and ALL such destruction is coordinated with the City of Cambridge.  Passage could be imminent.

I summarized many other ongoing and recently accomplished environmental outrages for the City Council of the City of Cambridge has filthy hands.

The imminent target of destruction is the excellent common just north of Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA, USA.

If you would like to be recorded opposing to these outrages, please send an email to  That will get your email to Donna Lopez, the City Clerk.  Ask that your email be forwarded to the Cambridge City Council and included in their Communications for the next meeting.

Support of my letter opposing the destruction on the Cambridge Common and the destruction in H4006 concerning multiple destruction of trees and animals on the Charles River would be helpful.

Of greater value in opposing the outrages on the Charles River would be communications to state officials as follows:

Massachusetts Governor’s Office email form:

All Massachusetts Legislators’ emails:

The list of legislators’ emails is set up so that you can copy and paste them into addresses on your email, either original addressees or, better, blind copies.  Please do not miss the addendum at the beginning of the local State Representative who was recently elected.

At the top is a photo of the entrance of the Cambridge Common facing Harvard Square. This view is slated to be decimated.  Also provided is a photo of an excellent grove of more than 100 trees on Memorial Drive, of which more than 80 trees would be destroyed.  These trees are among the smaller of the trees threatened by H4006.

PS: The City Clerk and her office are extremely efficient.  I followed up my delivery with my own email to her praising her office’s function including improvements she has made.  Those improvements include her giving the Cambridge City Council INDIVIDUAL hard copies of all emails sent to her for inclusion in the Communications list on the City Council agenda.  A brief note as stated above would be extremely helpful in defending the environment a truly outrageous and hypocritical City Council.