Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese: Beautiful Environmental Destruction

As of yesterday, April 21, 2011, “restoration” has begun, restoration to a status which never was and is most definitely not “native.”

The most visible part of the restoration is the beginning of impervious walkways extending in two directions from the corner entry. I am confident that the destroyers will lie of “native” improvements. There is nothing native about that stone / almost concrete apparent base material which is much wider than what was there before.

Of the two prior editions, there was a dirt walkway worn and expanded by Department of Conservation and Recreation destructiveness splitting the angle formed by the edges of the area at the corner. It was distressingly wide. This replacement is much wider and, as opposed to dirt, clearly impervious.

Off to the east is another quite wide walkway which is intended to replace a path of ashes dating back to Boston University’s illegal destruction of 1999. The prior path of ashes was quite narrow and had been worn back over the years by the native bushes destroyed in totally unnecessary construction. They were very popular for nesting. This stuff?

Neither outrage fully extends to the area which was destroyed by the DCR before construction and not further by the destruction of the construction zone.

Top soil appears to have been dumped everywhere in the construction zone. Nearest the corner opening in the 100 foot area from the BU Bridge, a raised terrace was created apparently late in the construction period. Designer bushes have been planted there. Other designer bushes and trees are placed in pots throughout the construction zone except in perhaps the 75 feet nearer the bridge of the 100 foot area from the BU Bridge.

Some geese were seen in the far southern portion of the 100 foot area as they were last week. None were seen in the eastern leg.

If you are pro environment, this is an outrage. If you do not know or do not want to know what you are talking about, it looks beautiful.

This is typical DCR vileness. They are using, as usual, a perfectly good project to achieve vile goals: the killing off of all animals in the Charles River basin. The goal is bragged about in the SECRET definition they have for "parks": no animals need apply.

It is also further explains the sudden “love” for Magazine Beach expressed by the fake neighborhood association. This is something else they can croon about while fighting to keep as much environmental destruction as can be achieved by the machine’s standard deceptive techniques. But they will praise themselves and their string pullers for their destructiveness.

Really rotten.

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