Sunday, September 08, 2013

Charles River: Environmental Destroyers Birdwatch

The fake groups fighting for destruction of the environment in and near Cambridge, MA, routinely praise themselves as holier than thou on environmental matters.

Yesterday, at least as far as they publicized, the Company Union lying that it is defending the Charles River conducted a bird watch.

The trouble is that their definition of environmental matters is protection of that part of the environment the City of Cambridge is not fighting to destroy this week, and the distinctions made are frequently bizarre.

And the birds they are watching are not the ones on the receiving end of the heartless abuse they are fighting to continue. The cruel abuse of the Charles River White Geese will be omitted from the spiel in the “bird watch” just as so many other outrages will be omitted.

The Cambridge Machine is functioning as an excellent company union to keep going the outrages on the Charles River:

1. the heartless abuse of the 32 year resident Charles River White Geese, starving them and destroying the undestroyed part of their 32 year habitat by all sorts of techniques.

2. The blocking off of the Magazine Beach playing fields from the Charles River with a bizarre introduced wall of bushes which have no business on the Charles River. They do, however, greatly succeed in keeping the Charles River White Geese from their food at Magazine Beach of most of the last 32 years. The bureaucrats supposedly have a Master Plan, but the Master Plan called for a lawn to the river. When they violated that lie, they changed the Master Plan.

3. The introduction of bizarre grass in the playing fields in place of grass which survived there in a very healthy manner for most of the last century. The bizarre introduced grass is very clearly invasive because it cannot survive without actions taken hostile to the environment, in this case, the dumping of poisons to keep it alive on the banks of the Charles River.

4. A non incumbent running for Cambridge City Council supported the destruction because it would “improve” the Magazine Beach playing fields. But the Magazine Beach playing fields have been decreased in size to drain off the poisons to keep alive the sickly grass which replaced perfectly good grass. The perfectly good grass can be returned at minimal cost by sewing responsible seed instead of their beloved poisons.

5. And after years of telling people to look at a building that had not been opened to the public for 80 years and not to look at the real problems, the company union indulged in corrupt behavior to create the form of approval for doubling the existing problems without the reality of approval.

6. And after years of telling people to look at that building and telling people of their love for the picnic area next to it, the company union has supported the destruction of the parking lot needed for the building and picnic area through the corrupt vote.

7. And they do not want to know of the great increase in harm to the Charles River White Geese through their friends’ latest outrages.

But they do conduct “Bird Watches” to lie to well meaning people of their “concern for the environment” by selectively bragging of minor things and being as secret as possible about the destruction they fight for.