Thursday, October 10, 2013

Alewife: The pious con games persist.

Cambridge Day published yet another extended analysis on October 8 by Ellen Mass on Alewife. The usual holier than thou nonsense / company union bit.

I have submitted the following response, with edits:


Photos of destruction at Alewife that Ellen Mass has bragged about in the pages of the Cambridge Chronicle may be viewed at:

Ellen fights the Don Quixote fights against private developers and stalls against the winnable fights against public developers in the core Alewife reservation. The core Alewife Reservation is fully savable by building flood storage under new buildings by the city constructing flood storage in partnership with the local developers.

The MacKinnon projects are built with smaller versions of what should be done.

So Ellen tells people to look at everything else except the fight that can be won, the fight against the imminent destruction of the core Alewife reservation by her irresponsible friends at the City of Cambridge and the DCR.

Suddenly they will "notice" that the "flood protection" in the area of destruction that Ellen has bragged about will only protect against two year storms. Then they will destroy the rest of the publicly owned Alewife.

Who is most guilty for this: Ellen Mass and others in the Cambridge Machine telling people to look at private property owners acting within allowed zoning and not to look at her irresponsible government friends and their destruction which she has bragged about.


Just another very destructive company union fighting for the opposite of what they claim to stand for.