Thursday, October 16, 2014

Charles River Destruction: MIT Goes Public

Trying to achieve responsible goals in Cambridge, MA, USA, is made extremely difficult by all those “well-meaning” “activists” who claim to be on the side of the angels but who have a strong tendency to destroy the cause they claim to stand for.

With the rejection by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation of highway construction to the south side of the Charles River, a major purpose for fake “independence” has disappeared.

Additionally the local fake “protective” group is aggressively succeeding in its fight for whatever destruction is blessed by the City of Cambridge / its friends.

Thus, it comes as no surprise to see the Massachusetts Institute of Technology come out publicly in favor of yet more environmental destruction on the Charles River.  And their report lacks the deception of omission which has been normal in the City of Cambridge’s fight and the fight by the various fake groups.

This initiative comes in the form of a lovely booklet being submitted to the Cambridge City Council.

In the form which is generally available, the document is rather useless for communication on the Internet.  I anticipate that I will be using this belligerent confession of destructiveness in upcoming reports.  It does so happen, however, that, since I have converted key pages to make them useful, other responsible people might want to be able to use the converted documents.

Here are the key pages.  I will analyze this latest outrage in the future.

Page 2 of the file, page ii of the hard copy.

Page 4 of the file, page 2 of the hard copy.

Page 12 of the file, page 10 of the hard copy.

Page 14 of the file, page 12 of the hard copy.

Page 15 of the file, page 13 of the hard copy.

Page 18 of the file, page 16 (rear cover) of the hard copy