Saturday, October 03, 2009

Day 384, Governor Patrick Comments.

1. Day 384.
2. Governor Comment.
A. Comment.
B. Response.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Day 384.

On Thursday, October 1, 2009, I did a visibility during rush hour. It was also before a Red Sox home game, so there were quite a few people.

The geese did their best to wander in their tiny undestroyed habitat. First the entire gaggle walked toward the construction wall. Then the entire gaggle walked toward the eastern end and the pittance of undestroyed vegetation there, a really despondent group of beautiful animals.

People, as usual, were quite receptive.

I said hello, in particular, to one gentleman I have said hello to in so many different groups of visibilities.

A lot of people waived and beeped.

People pulled over for fliers. Others shouted their encouragements.

In the many different groupings of visibilities we have done, one group which never has taken fliers has been the joggers. They do not have any place to put the fliers. Now even the joggers are taking the fliers, carrying them in their hands or in very tiny spaces in their uniforms.

2. Governor Comment.

In a recent report, I told you about initiatives apparently from the governor.

This resulted in the follow comment to which I responded. Both are provided.

A. Comment.

So much for voting for Deval Patrick, I will not vote for him after that response.

B. Response.

Right now, we cannot tell.

We can only look at years of problems and one small move in the right direction.

I will have to modify the blog to reflect the prior situation.

The reality is that we have an agency charged with maintenance of the environment which is flatly and simply unfit for its job.

The DCR's "explanation" for the acts for which the Boston Conservation Commission sanctioned them is quite simply bragging of incompetence and contempt for the environment.

The repeated flat out lies and "innocent" bragging of unfitness for their jobs are very difficult to fight, especially when you are dealing with well intentioned people who hear the tone of voice and do not or cannot think things through to the reality.

The reality is that the DCR and Cambridge are doing very real harm, and we are getting SIGNS of movement by the governor, only signs.

It is impossible to say whether the environmental people who came out are any less irresponsible than are the DCR and the Cambridge Pols.