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Charles River: Green Line A, Olympics - Changes in Harvard Station.

RE: Charles River: Green Line A, Olympics - Changes in Harvard Station.
1. Mass. Department of Transportation Planning Capital Expenditures.
a. Green Line A on point for merit and for payment for honorable behavior.
b. Changes in Harvard Station?
c. Other?
2. Letter to the Secretary of Transportation.
3. The map.
4. Prior reports on Green Line A.
1. Mass. Department of Transportation Planning Capital Expenditures.
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Yesterday afternoon, June 16, I attended a briefing from MassDOT on its plans for capital expenditures. I usually avoid it because the numbers they give tend to be extremely large and impossible for a non expert to evaluate.

Nevertheless, immediately after the meeting, I stopped off in a favorite Starbucks and posted the comment in section 2, below.

a. Green Line A on point for merit and for payment for honorable behavior.

First and foremost, the Green Line A proposal I have spent a lot of time on exactly fits their interests. So I passed on encouragement to go forward with this excellent concept.

I support it, first, because it is an excellent idea, and secondly, I think the actions of Olympics 2024 well deserve the commendation and support of decent human beings.

These folks are standing up to the belligerent heartless animal abuse of the City of Cambridge, the Department of Conservation and Recreation and their fake groups. These are good people.

b. Changes in Harvard Station?

They had lovely maps posted. Next to Harvard Square, Cambridge was a comment concerning an emergency elevator, and concerning the busway.

These are exactly on point with regard to Green Line A and could be appropriate for modifications in the Green Line A proposal. So I asked them what they are doing.

c. Other?

I am going to try to find the fine print behind those big numbers, but comments are due very quickly.

If I find fine print which interests me as much as the Harvard comment, I will let them know, and pass it on to you.
2.   Letter to the Secretary of Transportation.


Stephanie Pollack, Secretary and CEO
10 Park Plaza, 4160
Boston, MA 02116


Madame Secretary:

Enclosed is a map presentation of a Green Line A spur which I suggest would be extremely helpful to the Olympics 2024 proposal and to rapid transit needs in Cambridge, North Allston and Back Bay plus points beyond.

The idea is to insert switches on the Green Line B west of the BU Bridge and run a line between the rebuilt Mass. Pike viaduct, through the Harvard Medical School area, and North Allston to Harvard Station, connecting to Harvard Station via the still existing Red Line tunnel from the current Harvard Station plaza, next to the lower busway, and ending between the JFK School and the Charles Hotel.

The attachment includes a number of links. My most recent analysis is posted at It includes a full list of links concerning parts of the possible line.

I am writing to you to support this idea.

I am also trying to get information on a project which could possibly impact this concept which I saw on your projects map at the Transportation Building meeting just now.

I understand money is being expended on "replacement elevator" and "busway repairs."

I would strongly appreciate getting adequate information on these projects to determine if they impact a Green Line A running out of Harvard Station.

In particular:

a. "Busway Repairs." The Green Line A spur would be operating in the former Red Line tunnel next to the lower busway. Does this work impact use of that tunnel?

b. "Replacement elevator." The biggest hangup in a Green Line A terminating at Harvard Station is the interrelationship with the two existing elevators.

(1) First of all, the Brattle Square elevator to the upper busway does not, apparently, impact the Red Line tunnel. However, its foundation could possibly impact or even block use of the Red Line tunnel next to the lower busway. Does that current elevator impact the Red Line tunnel use. Do your changes impact Red Line tunnel use?

(2) Secondly, a very major impediment to putting a terminus at the station plaza (option S1) is the existing elevator from street level to the plaza. My understanding is that the elevator would have to be moved to the northeast side of the headhouse to put a terminus at plaza level. This would allow a new elevator with a middle stop at the mezzanine. Do your changes alter the situation with regard to the impact of this existing elevator?

Thank you very much for your interest and consideration. I have major environmental experience on the Charles River and in Cambridge. I have major transportation experience starting with two years labor experience including about six months on the ground, for the then Penn Central Transportation Company.

I proposed the Kenmore Crossing for the Urban Ring concept in 1986, before the MBTA’s adoption of it as a formal alternative in 1991. It is now apparently the successful alternative, looking at the money spent on upgrading Yawkey Station, which is part of the Kenmore Crossing but would have to be moved if the other crossing were ultimately selected.

I am chair of Friends of the White Geese, an Attorney General recognized charitable organization. We appreciate our understanding that the Olympics would destroy a bizarre starvation wall at the Magazine Beach playing fields which seems to have no functional value except for heartless animal abuse in accord with the DCR’s plan to kill off or drive away all resident animals on the Charles River Basin.

The DCR’s Starvation Wall at Magazine Beach directly and knowingly starves the 34 year resident gaggle of the Charles River White Geese, blocking access to their food of most of the last 34 years.

In coordination with our appreciation for Olympics 2024's responsible behavior at Magazine Beach, and the excellence of our proposal, we are hoping that Green Line A spur can be adopted. At minimum, I would appreciate further information of the Harvard Station work as described above.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance.

Robert J. La Trémouille

Individually and as chair, Friends of the White Geese

PS: Yahoo tells me there is a problem with the attachment. If it does not come through, the above link will bring you straight to it.

3. The map.

Yahoo would not let me attach the map of the Green Line A concept. I hope they check it out from the link. The link did include a small rendition.

I have more control over this blog.

Here is the map.

4.          Prior reports on Green Line A.

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