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Updating of “What We Can Do to Help on the Charles River?”

Updating of “What We Can Do to Help on the Charles River?”

This information is linked near the top of the blog.

I have just updated it with reorganization.

The information includes very brief comment on the outrage which involves the Charles River and related outrages by the City of Cambridge and its friends.

The information provides a lot of ideas on “What We Can Do to Help on the Charles River?”

It is posted at http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/what-can-we-do-to-help-on-charles-river.html, in addition to the link at the top of the blog.

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Charles River: Charles River: 10 Bad City Councilors on a 9 Member Cambridge, MA, USA City Council

Charles River:  Charles River:  10 Bad City Councilors on a 9 Member Cambridge, MA, USA City Council.

1. 10 Bad City Councilors on a 9 member City Council.
2. Cambridge Common.
3. Alewife.
4. Malvina Monteiro.
5. Charles River.
6. Overview.
7. Summary.

1. 10 Bad City Councilors on a 9 member City Council.

Said with knowledge of reality.

2. Cambridge Common.

I have just reported on the outrage on the City Council’s destruction of the Cambridge Common.

I informed the current Cambridge City Council of their plans for destruction of the Cambridge Common, and and I objected to their plans for destruction of the Cambridge Common.

I included photos of the threatened outrage.

That report is posted at http://youtu.be/ FgQ9ojVuMxM.  Photos of their achievement are posted at http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/04/charles-river-cambridge-common-outrage_17.html.

About a month before the destruction, the current Cambridge City Council (with appropriate euphemisms) sent an order to the Cambridge City Manager wondering why the trees had not been destroyed and encouraging him to destroy them as fast as possible.  No objections to the order.

I note from the Winters blog that he anticipates last term City Councilor Minka Y. vanBeuzecom to be seeking reelection after a term of forced absence by the voters.

VanBeuzecom is one of the standard Cambridge liars claiming to be environmental saints.  Her house signs contain a graphic lying of environmentalism.  She clearly protects the environment based on Cambridge's secret definition in which “environmentalism” is defined as the protection of that part of the environment which is not currently being destroyed by the City of Cambridge.

VanBeauzecom voted for the funds for destruction of the Cambridge Common.  Her explanation was that the Development Department told her it was ok.

3. Alewife.

This includes multiple destruction of the environment at Alewife, a lot in compliance with irresponsible zoning under the supervision of the Cambridge Council.  This includes the destruction of 3.4 acres of Alewife behind 165 CambridgePark Drive by the City of Cambridge and its friends, with the strong likelihood of total destruction coming.

During vanBeuzecom’s term of office, I sat through a presentation associated with her in which she bragged of environmental enlightenment of the City of Cambridge at Alewife.  Under the Cambridge definition of “environmentalism,” she was bragging about protection of the environment except for that part of the environment being destroyed by the City of Cambridge.

I directly questioned her about Cambridge’s destruction of those 3.4 acres of irreplaceable woodlands in the Alewife reservation behind 165 CambridgePark Drive.  VanBeuzecom had no problem with the destruction of those 3.4 acres.

VanBeuzekom has served as a poster girl for the fake “protective” group fighting for destruction at Alewife while, of course, ignoring the destruction they are fighting for.

But vanBeuzekom loves to brag on Cambridge’s enlightenment at Alewife.

4. Malvina Monteiro.

This follows on the outrage of the destruction of the life of Malvina Monteiro.

Monteiro was a black Cape Verdean department head.  Monteiro had the nerve to believe the non stop claims of sainthood by the Cambridge City Council.  Monteiro had the nerve to file a women’s rights complaint alleging bias in pay because she was a woman.

Three levels of court STRONGLY condemned the then Cambridge City Manager, Robert Healy for this outrage.  Exactly ZERO members of the Cambridge City Council were in any way concerned about the outrage.  Exactly ZERO attempted to implement the very strong court communications and fire Healy for Malfeasance in Office.  He retired with honor.

The Cambridge City Council even named the Police Station after this person.

Healy committed “reprehensible” behavior.  Healy had presented about him “ample evidence of . . . outrageous misbehavior.”

These quotes are from the trial judge’s formal opinion and the Appeals Court Panel’s non formal formal opinion.  The trial jury awarded Monteiro $1.1 million real damages and $3.5 million PENAL damages, to express their contempt for the destruction of the life of Malvina Monteiro by Robert Healy.

This blog has fully quoted these two opinions.  The opinions are readily available from links on the home page of this blog.

All of the five currently sitting Cambridge City Councilors who have more than two years experience were part of this outrage.

5. Charles River.

This follows on the so many outrages on the Charles River.

Just to pick one, a vote that stands out is the vote of $20 million by the State House to destroy hundreds of excellent trees and animal habitat between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge, including the destroyed nesting area where the Charles River White Geese are being deliberately starved by Cambridge and its friends.  Massachusetts Ch. 286 of the Acts of 2014, “Historic Parkways”

My communication of DETAILED destruction plans to the current Cambridge City Council is posted at http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2014/04/tree-destruction-plans-charles-river.html.  They claim “neutrality” which translates as a wink and a nod, especially when viewed in light of their reprehensible record.

They are working on so many other outrages and have voted for so many other outrages.

Among other things, a unanimous Cambridge City Council, including vanBeuzekom, voted for “underpasses” for the three bridges after the BU Bridge on the Charles River.

The responsible state agency, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, has condemned this proposal as environmentally destructive and wasteful of state money.

The fraudulently named Charles River “Conservancy” has called the destruction supported by vanBeauzecom and company something which includes the outrage in Ch. 286 of the Acts of 2014, “Historic Parkways.”  CRC fought for that destruction using this argument.

6. Overview.

I really cannot go into the massive tome which can be created.

The outrage on the Cambridge Common combined with the ongoing AND ACCELERATING outrage on the Charles River.

This disqualifies the current nine incumbents from being considered anything other than vile.

So the issue is other past city councilors who might be running.

Four councilors were not reelected in the last election.  Two, a current state representative and Davis, stood out as the most environmentally destructive members.  The current state representative did not seek reelection after being coronated for higher office.

Davis ran for more than a decade under the lie of being an “environmentalist” (under the Cambridge pols’ secret definition of :environmentalism,” secrecy of the definition never being mentioned, of course).  She did not seek reelection.  Good riddance.

That leaves vanBeauzecom and a Black gay man.

The Black gay man was part of the part of the accelerating environmental outrage.  He was part of the Monteiro outrage.  One councilor was fired by the voters, probably over Monteiro, in the prior election.  Monteiro was probably part of an accumulation of bad achievement by the Black gay councilor that resulted in his firing.

The Black gay councilor is not listed as a candidate by Winters.  He has apparently sold his house on Harvard Street.  Another good riddance.

VanBeuzecom.  Outrage on the Cambridge Common.  Outrage on the Charles River.  Outrage at Alewife.

VanBeuzecom clearly qualifies as the tenth bad city councilor.  She makes things worse because her lies of environmentalism make her fighting for votes that could go to people who are meaningfully pro environment.

7. Summary.

Ten bad city councilors fighting for nine city council seats in a truly vile political world.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Charles River: Cambridge Common and Destruction on the Charles River part of one sickness.

Charles River: Cambridge Common and Destruction on the Charles River part of one sickness.

1. Photos from April 19, 2015.
2. The Charles River and the Cambridge Common are both part of One Big Outrage.
3. And if you do not like it, look at what the Cambridge City Manager did to Malvina Monteiro with the blessing of silence by a City Council who somehow could see no reason to fire Robert Healy.

1. Photos from April 19, 2015.

Photos from my visit to the Charles River White Geese.

They are doing their best and preparing for nesting season in a formerly lush area almost all of whom’s ground vegetation has been ruthlessly destroyed by the bureaucrats and their agents, with Cambridge and the bureaucrats working to make things worse.

The bureaucrats got blessing by the State House last year for $20 million worth of destruction of hundreds of trees and of animal habitat in this part of the Charles River.

Much more to come, especially if the nine vile Cambridge City Councilors go forward with plans for a new highway in this area.

2. The Charles River and the Cambridge Common are both part of One Big Outrage.

My last several reports have presented the outrageous destruction of the Cambridge Common by the City of Cambridge using state moneys, by very clear support on the nine environmentally reprehensible members of the Cambridge City Council.

The most recent report is posted at:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/04/charles-river-cambridge-common-outrage_17.html

I have gotten some nice emails of support and praise, and I thank you folks for your comments.

The vileness of the City of Cambridge is something that the fake groups run around lying about.

The fake groups do a non stop pitch that vile behavior is something to praise the City of Cambridge about.

I visited the 34 year resident gaggle of the Charles River White Geese on Sunday, April 19, 2015.  They are being deliberately starved by Cambridge and its friends.

They have been confined in a ghetto that was lush with vegetation.  The vegetation was destroyed by multiple actions all linkable to the vile bureaucrats in the state bureaucracy who lie that they are defending the environment of the Charles River.

The dirt in these photos was artificially created from excellent vegetation by multiple outrages which are part of the same vile pattern as the destruction of the Cambridge Common.

These artificially created outrages differ in no meaningful way from man destroying our world throughout our world, except that the Cambridge Pols lie that they are the good guys.  And if you do not believe them, look at what they did to Malvina Monteiro, and look at what they are doing to the Charles River White Geese, with much, much worse to come if they have their way.

And their friends are yelling at the Olympics.  The Olympics organizer are anti-environment.  The Olympics organizers want to destroy the starvation wall which prevents access to grass where the Charles River White Geese have fed for most of the past 34 years, and they have poisoned that grass.

What do the fake groups say?  They say do not look at the outrages.  They are fighting for massive destruction through company union techniques:

a. Do not look at the horrors being planned AND ACCOMPLISHED by the City of Cambridge and its friends.

b. Look at the supposed beauty they are promising with the usual lies of omissions of the important destruction: expansion of the poisons, continuation of the starvation wall, destruction of the little guys parking lot, implementation of a highway which is part of the destruction of hundreds of excellent trees they are fighting for by telling responsible people not to look at so many outrages being fought for by the vile Cambridge and its friends.

The local fake group did put their plans to a public meeting, AND LOST, based on negative comment from the floor.

The public meeting was not pleased.

So the fake group implemented blatant corruption.

They closed the meeting and deferred the vote from that January 2014 meeting to the February 2014 meeting which they conducted on April 23, 2014.  Then, in a meeting blatantly less publicized than the honest meeting they lost in, they went through an outrageous and blatantly false vote.  That particularly fake vote forms the basis for continued lies that their continued attacks on the Charles River have any claim to be responsible behavior.

The propaganda show presented lies about the Charles River White Geese, and showed the fake group’s public support for the bureaucracy’s goal of killing off or driving away all animals who are resident on the Charles River basin.

The short of it?  Just more sickos destroying the only world we have to live in while lying of their own sainthood.

3. And if you do not like it, look at what the Cambridge City Manager did to Malvina Monteiro with the blessing of silence by a City Council who somehow could see no reason to fire Robert Healy.

Too often, when independent outsiders look at the City of Cambridge, they have the sort of opinion expressed by jury, judge and appeals court panel in Monteiro v. Cambridge.

The court decisions are posted on this blog at:

Superior Court:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/judge-issues-decision-denying.html

Appeals Court Panel:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2011/08/appeals-court-decision-in-monteiro.html

The jury had one tool to express its well found contempt: multiple penal damages.

This was a case in which a department head, a black Cape Verdean woman, had the nerve to listen to the Cambridge pols and behave accordingly.  She filed a civil rights / women’s rights complaint alleging she was being discriminated against by the City of Cambridge by being paid less than men would be paid.

Robert Healy, the middle of the three person City Manager regency, destroyed her life by firing her in retaliation.

The jury awarded her $1.1 million real damages, and $3.5 penal damages.  The penal damages are intended to communicate contempt for the City of Cambridge’s vile behavior.  They exceed the normal maximum percentage for such awards.

The trial judge spent a year writing her opinion.  It can be summed up in one word: “reprehensible.”

The appeal courts panel refused to dignify Cambridge’s appeal with a formal opinion.  The non formal formal opinion stated in relevant part: “ample evidence of . . . outrageous misbehavior.”

The Cambridge City Council saw nothing wrong with Healy’s behavior.  Exactly ZERO members of the then City Council sought to implement three levels of court condemnation by giving Healy a firing for malfeasance in office.

Healy and the Cambridge City Council clearly showed how decent behavior is treated in Cambridge, MA, USA, if that decent behavior deviates from the non stop lies of holiness.

Destroying a woman’s life for filing a women’s right complaint is considered normal behavior by the fake groups and by the Cambridge pols.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Charles River — Cambridge Common Outrage in Context

Charles River — Cambridge Common Outrage in Context

1. Introduction.

The most important thing to remember about the Cambridge Common Outrage is that it is a pittance in comparison to what Cambridge and its friends are working to destroy on the Charles River.

The second most important thing is that the real rotters are clearly exposed.  The nine (out of nine) environmentally vile members of the Cambridge City Council have nobody to hide behind, no lies that even the most determinedly stupid will believe.

No fake groups running around lying that they are defending and telling folks not to look at the coming outrage.  None of their belligerently corrupt tactics.

The Cambridge Common is squarely on the shoulders of the nine (out of nine) environmentally vile members of the Cambridge City Council.

2. What it looks like on the City of Cambridge’s map.

I have been able to find an official Cambridge map of the Harvard Square area.  I have cropped it to show Harvard Square proper and the destroyed part of the Cambridge Common, realizing that more destruction, like on Memorial Drive, is likely coming.

I have marked the map 1 through 6 to better localize this particularly

I am going to reprint photos and align the photos to the area on the map.  The most important thing to notice, however, is that the key area of destruction is the most publicly prominent part of the Cambridge Common, the entrance cacing Harvard Square.  On the map, that is point number 5.

This is my standard before picture.  It is taken from area number 5.  The pathway straight ahead is that pathway running from area 5, the entrance, to area 6, the area around the monument.  To the right is area 1 and Massachusetts Avenue.  To the left is area 3 and Garden Street.  Just barely visible to the left is the smaller monument which appears in many pictures.

This is my now current after picture.  The monument in area 6 is now highly visible.  It was formerly obscured by, horrors, excellent trees.  To the right is area 1.  Visible through area 1, NOW, is a Harvard building which formerly housed the JFK School of Government.

Notice the lamppost to the right and the now destroyed second tree.

There used to be trees straight ahead in area 4, on the corner and to the left, directly in front of the monument.  The photo is ahead of the remnants of the tree to the left in the before picture.

Here is the before picture and the couple a bit further ahead.

Look at all the trees which have been destroyed.

Closeup of some of the destroyed trees in area 3.  You can see cones but not all the outrage is marked by cones.

Repeating the map.

Looking from area 4 through area 2 at Harvard’s former JFK School.  You can see one destroyed tree straight ahead.  and to its right, one of the trees on the area 2 side which lined the entry path.  There is a cone to the far right and, to the left of the lamppost, what appears to be a stump.

Panning toward Garden Street through area 3 is the smaller monument.

To the left of the not destroyed tree is a stump without a cone and there appears to be a cone further over.  To the far left may be another destroyed tree.

Area 4, Garden Street to the right.  Area 5, the entrance, straight ahead.  The cone visible above the monument to its right is probably the destroyed first tree to the original left of the path, right at the entrance to the Cambridge Common.

This is from area 6, the main circle around the big monument.  An excellent tree destroyed straight ahead.  I am not certain what the nearer destruction cone denotes.

Giving you the original before picture again.

This is the opposite view of the before picture.  It is clear that ALL the trees lining that path have been savagely destroyed and the tree which was in the middle of area 4.  The church in the background is on the other side of the Old Burial Ground (map, below).  This was hidden before the outrage.  Look at the distance on that map.

Looking across the central plaza, you see Garden Street on the other side of three destruction cones.  The tall Harvard School of Education shows on the map.  This is Appian Way.

Panning further back, you are looking through the point on the map.  “Cambridge Common” is marked over part of this destruction area.

Two destruction cones are straight ahead, 1 stump without a destruction cone, and there is another destruction cone to the right.

Panning back to the Harvard Square Entrance (5) (on left), you can see a minimum of four destruction cones in areas 3 and 4.

Photo of the destroyed tree at the beginning, near area 5, in area 1.  The excellent tree to the right is almost certainly marked for death.

From outside the entrance.  The first two trees on the right clearly destroyed, area 1.  Everything clearly destroyed on the left.

And these folks are targeting the Charles River, lying of environmental sainthood.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Charles River — Cambridge Common Outrage, PART 2

Charles River — Cambridge Common Outrage, PART 2

On April 12, 2015, I forwarded my photos of the outrage inflicted on the Cambridge Common by nine environmentally vile Cambridge City Councilors.  This follows on the Cambridge City Council and friends destruction of 3.4 plus acres of the Alewife reservation, and the ongoing and impending outrages by the Cambridge City Council and its friends on the Charles River.

Key in all this is the massive organization in Cambridge lying of “concern” and implementing the exact opposite with non stop holier than thou lies.

Key on the Charles River is the fake group with its belligerently corrupt tactics and no meaningful support for the outrages they are TRULY fighting for in spite of loud proclamations to the contrary.

On looking at the report on Sunday, I regretted not providing a blow by blow description of the vileness.  Please note that trees without protection could be destroyed yet.

So, I am going back on selected pictures and will give you a blow by blow.  If you want the full package, please look at the blog report at:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/04/charles-river-cambridge-common-outrage.html.

First are the before and after pictures:

On this after picture, clearly, there have been a massive number of trees destroyed.  I am just looking at stuff I can point out in this picture.

Looking at the curve to the couples' left, I would say that they are standing to the right of the tree shown there, if it has not been destroyed.

See the lamp post to their right in both pictures.  The excellent tree behind the lamppost is one of many which has been destroyed by the vile nine.

Here is a photograph of the three closer to the plaza.

The excellent tree which was straight ahead has been destroyed (cone).  That was blocked by his body in the first photo.  To the left of the undestroyed tree left of that destruction, I can see three cone.

Here is a view from slightly to the left.  One of the excellent trees in the before picture is now a cone.  The one we just looked at can be seen straight ahead and to the right.  

The Harvard building in the background is on the opposite side of the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Cambridge Street.  It is the former JFK School of Government.  I am not certain as to its current use.  The jogger is on a path on the Cambridge Common destruction zone.

Note the lamppost to the left of the cone in the rear.  I would think that this was the second tree visible in the before picture, and that the stump on the far left was the third tree in the before picture.

Above, panning to the left toward Garden Street.  To the left of the not destroyed tree is a stump without out a cone and there appears to be a cone a bit further over.  To the far left may be yet another destroyed tree.

Here is another view of the same monument.  Straight ahead is the entrance from Harvard Square.  You can see a cone denoting destruction above the monument to its right.

Another angle of the same monument, from the circle around the main monument.  Two destruction cones.

Below is the obverse view of the before picture, from the central area of this part of the Cambridge Common.  In the back is the entrance to the park from which the before picture was taken.  All the trees (three) to the left of the before picture have been destroyed.  There is another tree in the middle without a cone.  Look for more at your convenience.  

True devastation of the entrance from Harvard square.  The steeple in the background is of the nearest church in Harvard Square to this outrage.

Panning the camera toward Garden Street from the central circle.  There are three destruction cones, at minimum visible.  Please excuse the variation in exposure.  I am using an iPod Touch, with a primitive camera.  Before the destruction, I did not have to worry about over exposure.  The tall building is Harvard's School of Education.

Panning further back (west) on Garden Street.  Two destruction cones.  One stump in the middle without a destruction cone, and another destruction cone visible to the right.

Panning back to the Harvard Square entrance (on left), I see a minimum of four destruction cones.

Getting another angle to the right of the original before photo.

Note all the protected trees and the excellent tree at the far right without protection.

It probably has been destroyed now.

I see a lot of other trees without protections.  Those are why I started in my last report showing unprotected trees.

There is more coming here.

There are vast numbers of targeted trees that the fake group is fighting to destroy on the Charles River.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Charles River — Cambridge Common Outrage, PART I

Charles River — Cambridge Common Outrage, PART I

It is very difficult to fully convey an environmental outrage which is probably yet to get worse.

I have today, April 12, 2015, photographed part 1 of what nine VILE Cambridge City Councilors (out of 9) have done to the Cambridge Common in the past few days.

I have no reason to believe this is the end of it.  The practice has been that trees not protected by slats are condemned by the vile nine.  I see one tree with slats in the process of being removed.  I see a lot without protections.

It is possible that all this outrage is done, for now and in this spot.

But the only thing to be certain about when it comes to the environmental destruction of the Cambridge City Council and its accomplices, is that it is highly stupid to say “They would never stoop so low.”

They keep getting lower, and lower and lower.  They have much worse plans coming either directly or through friends that they want to claim are none of their responsibility.

And the Cambridge, MA political organization has the flat out gall to yell at Olympics 2024 organizers and call the Olympics organizers environmentally dangerous.

I will start with before and after pictures of the site I have been using as the embodiment of the outrage pending on the Cambridge Common.

I will follow up with some before pictures.

After that, I will post EVERY after picture I just took.

A lot of the orange cones denote a destroyed tree.

Remember, whenever you see a Cambridge pol who tells you that that Cambridge pol or his / her organization, or his/her City Council is an “environmentalist”, laugh in his / her face, and call him / her a liar.

If they are a Cambridge pol, either they are one of the vile nine, or they are part of the vile organization which keeps the vile nine and their vile city government in office.

Before and after.  I think my first before is too close, so I am doing the close one, then further back.:


Selected before: