Friday, May 06, 2011

Cher and Ellen on facebook attacking the Charles River White Geese page


I can’t believe this.

Its always the people who are the most selfless and try the hardest to help others especially animals who get the most crap.


Unbelievable what they are doing or have done.

Joyce Killmer, trees, Cambridge and facebook

Archie Mazmanian comments on the current nightmare with facebook:


If Joyce Kilmer were around, the poem "Trees" might have started thus:

"I think that I shall never see,
A Facebook lovely as a tree ... "

Just as MA and Cambridge officials are destroying the Charles River White Geese and trees along the Charles River, Facebook eliminates friends of CRWG. Why? Because they are there - or used to be? Alas, the First Amendment creates - and it can destroy.

Update on destruction of facebook page.

1. Report.
2. Comment.

1. Report.

Since yesterday a new facebook page has been created with exactly two members, me and Nick Cheung who created the original page.

But the 94 member page is the one you get to when you look for Charles River White Geese.

I have done quite a bit of objecting, including a post in a location which might get to the powers that be.

I have invited as friends on the new page all that facebook would allow, but I have deliberately kept the Charles River White Geese page separate from my personal page, and no more than half of the members of the Charles River White Geese page are friends on my personal page.

The only way physically, I can invite them to the savaged version of the Charles River White Geese facebook page is to invite them to my page and then to Charles River White Geese. This gets highly complicated by people having similar names. Highly complicated.

And the reality is that, as facebook comments in their fine print, Charles River White Geese was individually selected to have its friend grouping destroyed. This is no accident.

And we JUST HAPPEN TO BE STANDING UP to highly irresponsible behavior on behalf / benefitting Harvard.

I have a very large press mailing list which I will use when or if the 94 member page is destroyed.

2. Comment.

Danny Gold has been kind enough to post on the 94 member facebook page that Zuckerman only attended and did not graduate from Harvard.

Afraid I really do not know the details.

I thank very much Danny for the input. I will modify future postings and notices accordingly.