Sunday, March 01, 2009

A litigant's opinion on the Monteiro judge

Jeff Manzelli, who did an excellent job creating the Charles River White Goose website, was a defendant in a pro-se tort suit in front of the judge handling the Melvina Monteiro court case.

He reports that the pro-se action against him was rather outrageously false.

According to Jeff, some new neighbors had moved into the upstairs apartment in the two family where he had lived for quite awhile. The new neighbors decided they wanted him out, not because of bad behavior by him, but essentially because he was not their "type."

Jeff gives the following report on what he saw of the judge. I have edited his comments to delete details of the situation which brought him to Court and to substitute generic descriptions for the names of two male participants. I have otherwise fully retained his report on the court experience.


The Court Case

The Ugly One and matriarch coerced their dim-witted bully son to file a pathetic, hand-scrawled tort court against me. All allegations were false, and he appeared sans witnesses. Given the risk associated with such allegations, I was well prepared, with eight supporters, having also been prepped pro-bono, by various friendly attorneys. I watched McLeod-Mancuso judgify for hours until our turn. During this time, she had the judgely opportunity to observe all of us there in the pews of the religion of bogosity called American Justice.

Due to the child being involved, (the child was being abused, but by his psycho "family") their complaint was given way too much weight, of course. Then my complaint was presented, and the tide turn (because it predated theirs. Sick as Shit Legal Tip: ALWAYS FILE FIRST!!!) Within minutes the complaining son was shouting at Mancuso who asked him whether he was "thick-headed." (Words cannot describe.) I felt the cloud lifting and showed my new lease, and explained I had been driven out. She sent the dispute to mediation.

Mediation is "secret" but I can say that things worked out to minimize harm to me, and to the poor kid, whom the "family" had terrorized for their "gain," calling me "the bad man."

My View on Da Judge

My opinion's a bit limited on her handling of technical questions, as the legal points I saw argued were mostly obscure case law. So I see her as being very cautious and thorough, unlikely to have a mistrial. Bends over backwards, giving benefit of doubt in all situations, extending deadlines, and so forth. She's infinitely patient, the opposite of a "Judge" Judy.

But where the City is involved, even a strong Judge can cave to "influence." and Cambridge is probably the most elite-controlled city I've lived in, CCTV being an example of a well-controlled PR front for the powers that do be do be doo.