Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Charles River: More environmental fraud coming from Cambridge, MA, USA.

Charles River: More environmental fraud coming from Cambridge, MA, USA.

1. Introduction.
2. Councilor claims sainthood.
3. This “achievement.”

1. Introduction.

You can frequently tell when the City of Cambridge, MA, USA has done something environmentally reprehensible.

It starts praising itself for its environmental enlightenment, lying through omission about the vile achievement which it keeps as secret as possible.  This behavior is very much non stop, but there does seem to be a bit of an uptake after the latest atrocity.

Since Cambridge destroyed the excellent grove of trees at the entrance to the Cambridge Common, it has opened a propaganda show in City Hall lying that Cambridge and friends are saints on the Charles River.  The show, as presented in its prior stop, features the usual lies of omission plus meaningful lies of commission.  I analyzed this outrage on top of an outrage at

A taste of the vileness of the situation can be seen in one exhibit:

2. Councilor claims sainthood.

Councilor Craig Kelley is, as usual,  joining the lies of sainthood team.  Kelley has claimed to be an environmentalist from the beginning.  He never mentions his, and the Cambridge pols’, secret definition of environmentalism.

The secret definition of “environmentalism” is that they are protecting that part of the environment which Cambridge is not destroying.

I am unaware of any environmental outrage passed by the Cambridge City Council during his tenure that did not have Kelley’s vote.

The outrages extend to the Monteiro outrage in which the Cambridge City Council clearly communicated its indifference to the City Manager’s destruction of the life of a black, Cape Verdean, female department head because she exercised her civil / women’s rights in a manner which disagreed with the City Manager.  Three levels of courts condemned the City Manager vehemently.  The Cambridge City Council not only did not fire him.  It named the Cambridge Police Station after him.

Monteiro is important because Monteiro makes it very clear that any person standing up to the Cambridge City Manager, including on environmental matters, opens that person up to the danger that retaliation / abuse can be inflicted without Cambridge City Council punishment of the City Manager.

“Reprehensible” said the trial court judge.  “Ample evidence of . . . outrageous misbehavior” said the appeals court panel.  More than triple penal damages on top of more than $1.1 million lifetime harm, said the jury.

Cambridge, MA, USA is a city in which the City Council has strongly communicated that it is dangerous to meaningfully stand up against Cambridge’s environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse.

After all, whose name is on the Cambridge Police Station!

3. This “achievement.”

Kelley did do a good job of keeping folks aware of the then coming destruction on the Cambridge Common, with the usual lie of omission.  He neglected to mention that he voted for the destruction.

Now, Kelley is “protecting” street trees.

The secret definition of street trees does not include the Cambridge Common on which the City Council just destroyed that excellent grove.

The secret definition of street trees does not include the Alewife Reservation in which the City Council has destroyed 3.4 acres of irreplaceable woodlands and is being put in a position for perhaps total destruction.  The City Council has frequently yelled at the other guy, private developers obeying municipally controlled zoning.  The condemnations never mention the zoning or the municipal responsibility through irresponsible zoning for the outrage the City Council lies that it objects to.

The secret definition of street trees does not include the Fresh Pond Reservation where Cambridge is aggressively destroying animal habitat as part of their installation of gardens.  Animal habitats are so unbeautiful.

The secret definition of street trees does not include the hundreds of trees being destroyed on the Charles River by chapter 286 of Massachusetts Acts of 2014.  The Cambridge City Council has a telling definition of “neutrality” on the Charles River.  The Cambridge City Council is “neutral” on the Charles River except when funding or fighting for destruction.  A more accurate description is a wink and a nod.

But Kelley aggressively insists he is an “environmentalist”.  Just do not expect him, or any of the nine other City Councilors running for election this year, to volunteer to you his / their secret definition of “environmentalism” or his / their real record.