Friday, February 10, 2012

Alewife destruction progresses

Next Monday, February 13, 2012, the Cambridge Conservation Commission will consider a “Request to Amend Order of Conditions” with regard to 150 and 180 CambridgePark Drive.

This is the office project that was delayed because of the Great Recession.

This office project is on top of the parking lot where flood protection for the Alewife Reservation should be placed, across the street from the Cambridge/DCR created strip mine that used to be an irreplaceable forest.

If those buildings go there without the flood protection under them, the Cambridge Pols will have “no choice” but to finish the destruction of the Alewife Reservation for flood storage.

In related news, the falsely named “Friends of the Alewife Reservation” no longer is visible in “fighting to save” the nearby “Silver Maple Forest”, the privately owned property subject to the usual Don Quixote type fight to distract concerned people from the real action, the fully savable Alewife Reservation. The "non profits" are using a different name now and no longer apparently even use the word “Alewife.”

Alewife is fully savable except for the related non profits, fake groups normal in Cambridge, MA, politics which regularly control the population and achieve a lot of environmental destruction.

So a “reprehensible” city government (to quote that civil rights judge) looks like it is getting its destruction, and North Cambridge, Arlington and Belmont neighbors will not find out they have been chasing their tails until it is “too late.”

Oh, and the Cambridge City Council keeps up its very much non stop efforts to “save the world” just as long as the voters do not look at them destroying Cambridge and related environment.

The Cambridge Conservation Commission meeting is of no real significance. The key forum is the Cambridge City Council, which is protected by the massive Cambridge Pol machine.

The core Alewife reservation can still be saved. The acres of destruction which occurred in the last few months can be undone by allowing nature to restore itself.

Those buildings go up without the flood storage and the Alewife reservation will be gone.

Oh, and the “Silver Maple Forest”? A long shot at best, made even longer by support for destruction of the core Alewife reservation.