Saturday, June 06, 2015

Charles River: Government Created Filth Closes Down Swimming.

1. Caveat.
2. Charles River closed down for swimming.
3. Reality.
4. Relevance to ongoing outrages.

1. Caveat.

First of all, apologies.

I have been forced to "upgrade" to Windows 8, and there are a lot of pain in the neck problems. So web administrative details are a nightmare. I am working from multiple sources. The current information is clear. My crediting is a nightmare.

2. Charles River closed down for swimming.

I picked up the following somewhere. It is confirmed in a bunch of places.

* * * *
Charles River Swim Postponed due to Elevated Cyanobacteria Levels

Water samples collected at the Charles River Swim Dock on Tuesday, June 2 exceeded Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidelines for cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in recreational waters. Due to the elevated cyanobacteria levels, the
Charles River Swim, scheduled for June 6, has been postponed to June 19. During a cyanobacteria bloom people and pets should avoid contact with water with cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and rinse thoroughly after contact. If subsequent water quality samples do not show evidence of a bloom, the advisory will be lifted.


A group which claims to be a Charles River Watershed Association has done a beautiful analysis, while, of course, ignoring reality. I call groups like this fake groups because they all fit the same pattern. They claim love for their supposed loved things, but they cannot, somehow, recognize the obvious, when the obvious damns the bureaucrats pulling their strings..

I think real groups will recognize the obvious, even if the obvious is that their friends in government are the problem. Thus a group which "loves" the Charles River, but does not want to know the very great destructiveness inflicted on the Charles River comes from their friends in government strikes me as a fake group. A very real cheerleader for an irresponsible government, but a fake group as far as supposed concerns for the Charles River go.

This, after all is the Charles River, and is part of the stench which owns the government in the City of Cambridge.

3. Reality.

Reality, as is altogether too common, is based on government destructiveness.

The environmental outrage at the Magazine Beach playing fields was an expansion of irresponsibility by the Department of Conservation and Recreation at Ebersol Fields. Ebersol Fields is on the banks of the Charles River on the opposite, Boston side, perhaps two miles to the east, toward the harbor, near Massachusetts General Hospital.

The poisons being dumped on Magazine Beach’s playing fields to keep alive sickly introduced grass were first used at Ebersol Fields.

A few years ago, the DCR noticed that their beloved poisons were not working as well as they wanted at Ebersol Fields, so the DCR "upgraded" their beloved poisons. The poison upgrade was marked with a prohibition against using near water.

The next day, the Charles River was infested with algae from Boston Harvard to the Mass. Ave. Bridge. That infestation never previously occurred. That infestation has reoccurred annually or more often ever since.

So the fake groups bemoan reality and protect their friends.

To the fake groups, the reality that this recurring outrage comes from their friends in government is not acceptable. So reality to everybody else is not real in their world.

4. Relevance to ongoing outrages.

After all all, another fake group, at Magazine Beach is fighting to expand the use of poisons.

The DCR destroyed perfectly good grass at Magazine Beach and replaced that grass which had grown responsibly for most of a Century. They replaced the good grass with the introduction of sickly stuff which needs the DCR’s beloved poisons. So the DCR and Cambridge put in an expensive drainage system to drain off the poisons which should not be there in the first place.

The DCR and that fake group are fighting to expand this outrage.

The perfectly good grass which was replaced with sickly stuff is still alive on the hill west of the playing fields.

To the DCR and the fake group, good, environmentally responsible, grasses are unacceptable.

They want the sickly stuff and its poisons.

The fact that the DCR with its love for poisons has caused this annual or more infestation can’t be true. After all the DCR insists it is sainthood reincarnated, and the purpose of fake groups is to support ongoing lies of this sort from government.