Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pols reported supporting irresponsible behavior on the Charles River in Boston / Cambridge, MA, USA by State and Local Governments.

The bad guys are bragging. The falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” has posted the names of pols who support their highway project on the Charles. Since destructive projects by these types are always done in as deceptive a manner as possible, such claims must be taken with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, elected politicians publicly supporting environmental destruction on the Charles River for the CRC’s beloved small highway construction on the banks of the Charles River and in the Charles River, include the following, quoting from the CRC’s website:


Elected officials who publicly support [their destructive project] (29):
U.S. Representative Michael Capuano; State Senators William Brownsberger, Sonia Chang-Diaz, Sal DiDomenico, Patricia Jehlen, Anthony Petruccelli, Cynthia Stone Creem; State Representatives Ruth Balser, Marjorie Decker, Jonathan Hecht, Kevin Honan, Kay Khan, Michael Moran, Denise Provost0, Frank Smizik, and Timothy Toomey, Jr; Cambridge Mayor Henrietta Davis; Cambridge Vice Mayor Denise Simmons; Cambridge City Councillors Leland Cheun, Craig Kelley, David P. Maher, Kenneth Reeves, and Minka van Beuzekom; and Boston City Councilors Felix Arroyo, Mark Ciommo, John Connolly, and Michael Ross.


The project includes destruction of hundreds of excellent trees including a magnificent grove at the Memorial Drive split. It includes destruction of meaningful animal habitat including yet more of the last refuge of the Charles River White Geese. Whether or not the usual lying through omission applies is not at all relevant. These pols are expected to know what they are doing, and this statement will be used to claim support for additional massive destruction. My insertion above replaces the destroyers’ misleading euphemism.

It is a pleasure to note that the sitting Mayor of Boston is not one of the bad guys. It is interesting to note that an announced candidate running for the office of Mayor of Boston is one of the bad guys.

Every current member of the Cambridge City Council is listed through one title or another. They are also in the process of destroying Alewife and killing its well established animal population, are in the middle of mass destruction of trees on the Cambridge Common and Flagstaff Park, have been discussing replacing grass with plastic in playing fields at the major Danehy Park, etc.

The Mayor of Boston is the chief administrator of the City of Boston. The Mayor of Cambridge is a fancy name for the City Council chair of the City of Cambridge.

Cambridge is administered by a City Manager who has earned strong condemnation by courts and jury up to the level of the Massachusetts Appeals Court. The courts and jury take severe offence at the Cambridge City Manager’s destruction of the life of a female department head for filing a civil rights / women’s rights complaint. The Cambridge City Council cannot understand why he should be fired for such behavior.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cambridge Machine may have ensured the destruction of the Alewife Reservation after 15 years of lying that they are defending it.

Yesterday, at, I reported on a meeting which has since been held by the Cambridge Conservation Commission in Cambridge, MA, USA.

I made a serious mistake in that report. The most serious possible mistake when dealing with the Cambridge Machine is to assume they would never stoop that low.

The project under consideration was not a repeat of the project in the parking lot for which I provided a photo.

The project is the next phase, occupying perhaps a third of the long, extended parking lot which reaches to the east from the parking lot in the photo.

This project, if it goes forward without meaningful flood protection, and if both of the other two projects go forward without meaningful flood protection, ensures destruction of the, until 2011, untouched Alewife Reservation for meaningful flood protection.

The game is that a really rotten Cambridge City Council needs to join with at least two these projects to provide needed flood protection for North Cambridge, or they will destroy the Alewife reservation and kill pretty much all its animals.

The Cambridge Machine has invested 15 years in lying that they are protecting Alewife by telling people to look at everything except what counts.

They are succeeding in an accomplishment about as lot as is possible.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cambridge, MA, USA, the DCR and the Cambridge Machine one step closer to destruction of Alewife Reservation and its animals.

1. Public meeting.
2. Background.
3. Photos.
A. Parking lot.
B. Initial devastation.
C. Coming devastation.
4. It is possible still to save Alewife.

1. Public meeting.

Today, February 25, 2012, the Cambridge, MA Conservation Commission will consider the conversion of a parking lot to housing near the Alewife Reservation.

2. Background.

If Cambridge had a responsible city government and did not have the reprehensible Cambridge Machine running around lying that it is defending the environment, that parking lot would be in the process of being converted to flood protection and housing.

But Cambridge, MA, has a long tradition of fake groups, fronts for the Cambridge Machine, preventing needed and responsible behavior and maneuvering decent people into destruction.

The local group has been lying that it is protecting Alewife for 15 years and is still spouting its lies.

When the fake group achieved its first destruction, the Cambridge Machine walked away from this, one of the Cambridge Machine’s vilest achievements.

And the woman leading the fraudulent group started bragging about the first destruction she had achieved through 14 years of lies of concern, telling well intentioned people to look at everything except what counts.

The actual entities physically doing the destroying are the City of Cambridge, MA, USA and Massachusetts’ Department of Conservation and Recreation.

3. Photos.

A. Parking lot.

This is the parking lot being converted to housing. Construction has already started. If Alewife is not to be destroyed for “flood protection,” neighboring properties need to be used for flood protection. This one WAS key.

There is another parcel which just came into play which is the only parcel between Alewife and this parcel.

The massive parking lot behind this one, stretching to the east can still be used for flood protection with the new parcel. BUT the Machine, using the fake protective group and the neighboring fake neighboring association are aggressively stalling so that needed parcels will be taken out of availability and there is “no choice” but massive destruction of virgin woods and animals the Machine lied for 14 years that it was protecting.

B. Initial devastation.

C. Coming devastation.

The rest of the Alewife reservation, those massive trees in the distance.

4. It is possible still to save Alewife.

The most important thing is to recognize the rotters in the Cambridge Machine for the rotters they are.

This week, the rotters are telling people to look at Kendall and Central, so they can control good people and keep good people from “trouble” there, and to keep them away from: The outrages at Alewife, the outrages on the Charles River, the outrages at Fresh Pond, massive destruction of trees at the Cambridge Common and Flagstaff Park, destruction the grass at Danehy Park to plant plastic, the irresponsible highway proposals on the Grand Junction and the Charles River, and who knows what else.

And, oh yeah, one of the worst of the guilty is putting on a show about defending women.

Her big lie, of course, is proven by her terrible record on women’s rights, by the name of Malvina Monteiro and a city manager a whole bunch of court related people certainly think should be fired. She does not want to talk about her performance on her job. She is doing more important things.

Firing a city manager legally declared unfit for duty is her job. She is much better at yelling at other folks. And the hypocrites whose constant lies keep her in office, are continuing with the lies. Lies of omission, of course.

This hypocrite has been promoted to State Representative. Her extremely bad eight compatriots are running for reelection, lying that they are fit for their jobs.

In order to save Alewife, it is necessary to stand up to a massive and really rotten organization.

Yelling at the governor because of the strong continuing and accelerating destruction by the Department of Conservation and Recreation would make a lot more sense. He may be contacted at

The reality is that the Governor has yielded through the Department of Transportation to first steps toward massive destruction on the Charles River. This is because of an organized and, as usual, highly deceptive push by the Cambridge Machine and its fellow destroyers.

The Governor has shown he will respond.

The lies are proven at Alewife. The Machine is getting as far away from this rottenness as it can, while continuing to stall, lying that they are doing the good fight.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Davies at MoveMass forum in Boston, MA, USA.

1. Welcome back to MoveMass.
2. Secretary Davies’ comments.
A. Overview.
B. “Brighton Landing” Station.
C. Electronic Highway Signs.
D. Beacon Park Yard.
E. Grand Junction.
F. Highway proposal on the north side of the Charles River.
G. Miscellaneous.
3. New gathering place, location for forum.

1. Welcome back to MoveMass.

MoveMass put on a series of transportation fora up to a year or so ago which were extremely valuable.

Today, they resumed the sequence with a presentation from Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation Davies.

The resumption was welcome and, clearly, the choice of speaker could not have been better.

2. Secretary Davies’ comments.

A. Overview.

At the end of the forum, I immediately went to the nearest Starbucks, with the intention of putting out a prompt report, hopefully copying Secretary Davies who says he reads all his emails (see in particular point 2f, below). The Blog has an arrangement for emailing copies, if I can figure out the correct address. The WiFi at the Starbucks was not working, so my extreme promptness has been reversed.

My report is for the most part in the sequence of his comments, and not in order of importance.

He spoke in response to written questions chosen by and read to him by the chair. It was a very efficient way to get things done in a limited time period.

B. “Brighton Landing” Station.

As the discussions have progressed on Harvard’s empire building on the south side of the Charles River, the insiders keep talking about “Brighton Landing.” Except for the transportation/development insiders working on this area I have never heard “Brighton Landing” used by anyone. That is in spite of the fact that I was born in Cambridge, have lived in Allston (one of the key Boston neighborhoods), and have lived in Cambridge most of the last four decades.

“Brighton Landing” Station is a transportation proposal which has always come up in the discussion of Harvard’s empire building. Secretary Davies said that such a station is going forward and is being paid for by New Balance. My understanding is that the New Balance properties are on the far end of the area, maybe a mile or so from the Harvard expansion. This would apparently be an added Commuter Rail station on the Worcester - Framingham line, or perhaps as part of local service on that line.

If the powers that be are referring to that portion of the Allston and Brighton neighborhoods of Boston north of I90, the Massachusetts Turnpike, as “Brighton Landing”, it makes excellent sense to give that area a name of its own. Construction of I90 in the 70s bifurcated the two Boston neighborhoods, creating a separate part of the city bounded by the Massachusetts Turnpike on the south and by the Charles River on the east, north and west.

Harvard now owns most of the eastern portion of “Brighton Landing” if that is what they are calling this area. This is the rump portion of the Allston neighborhood. New Balance owns property just south of I90 across from the Brighton portion of this area. Their holdings are near Market Street which is the main north - south road in Brighton.

Clearly I will have to research this point.

C. Electronic Highway Signs.

A question claimed that electronic highway signs are illegal and asked what Davies intended to do on the matter.

In our area, that would be applicable to a monster sign built over I90 next to Market Street by WGBH, the National Public Television station of Boston.

One of the nicest things Harvard has done in its empire building has been to get rid of WGBH’s irresponsible construction over Western Avenue in Allston a few hundred feet from the Charles River. WGBH insisted on being above normal people and built part of its complex above Western Avenue. That nonsense is gone, thanks to Harvard.

Unfortunately, WGBH’s new construction makes their old building look responsible. In addition to that monster electronic sign being flaunted over I90, they put a building, not just a bridge as on Western Avenue, over a public road.

Secretary Davies does not seem to be concerned about the monster sign.

D. Beacon Park Yard.

I loved his comments on this.

This property was purchased by Harvard University within months after the local transportation authority (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) proved it is possible to build an off ramp from I90 to Cambridge through the middle of the home of the Charles River White Geese. The construction would be by way of the Grand Junction Railway bridge, widening that bridge. The Grand Junction Railway bridge, in turn, is under the BU Bridge.

Harvard’s purchase faces the Charles River east of the River Street Bridge. This is the next bridge west of the BU Bridge. The Grand Junction railroad goes over the Charles River and then under I90 / the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Harvard’s new holdings exceed in size the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. They rather clearly are intended to hold a relocated Harvard Medical School. But it is about a mile from the New Balance holdings, which makes that apparent commuter rail station location surprising. The commuter rail line goes through Beacon Park Yard until just before the BU Bridge and then follows I90. I have anticipated that the long discussed commuter rail station would wind up near the Harvard holdings.

The land which constitutes the Harvard purchase is dominated by an exit and interchange providing access from I90 to Cambridge and Brighton, and by the Beacon Park railroad Yard. Maneuvering to make it possible that exit be moved from the Beacon Park Yard to the Grand Junction Bridge very clearly (and secretly) seems to dominate a lot of the environmental destruction going on on this portion of the Charles River.

The railroad, last I heard, was far into discussions for relocation of the railroad yard to the Worcester area. That relocation combined with moving the exit ramps could free up the Harvard purchase for a massive expansion of Harvard buildings in the purchased holdings.

But fine print in the sale which was added after responsible people became aware of the Harvard deal says that Harvard’s use comes after Massachusetts transportation needs.

The secretary mentioned Beacon Park Yard as a reasonable location for railroad maintenance facilities.

I like that.

Related maneuverings have included Harvard’s attempt to run a spur of the “Red Line” subway from the Harvard stop through the area of new construction to another connector in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. This connector would in turn connect to the Harvard / Longwood Hospital area. Harvard’s heavy rail proposal would be underground, “deep bore” and horribly expensive.

I consider a reasonable alternative to be a Green Line (streetcar / light rail) spur off the Commonwealth Avenue Green Line branch. It would split off the existing tracks just west of the BU Bridge through the Harvard empire expansion to Harvard Station. Most of this route would be by an elevated route over the Harvard purchase. It would go underground just north of Cambridge Street and travel under a new road proposed by Harvard, then around Harvard Stadium and under the Charles River. It would connect to Harvard Station by a tunnel which connects Harvard Station almost to the river. That tunnel used to connect Harvard Station to a subway train yard which used to front on the Charles River across Memorial Drive. Cambridge Street is Boston’s name for the street which becomes the River Street Bridge, which, in turn, is the first bridge west of the BU Bridge.

A lot less expensive.

E. Grand Junction.

Secretary Davies glowingly commented about the state’s purchase of this railroad which runs on the top of the hill to the east of the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese and which crosses the Charles River on a bridge just south of the Destroyed Nesting Area. He says that the purchase would greatly facilitate movement of railroad equipment back and forth to the Beacon Park Yards.

This is an eminently usable concept.

DOT has recently released its report against use of the Grand Junction for passenger service, assuming expansion of South Station, a cause which the Cambridge Machine attempted to fool Cambridge residents into supporting. I will try to report on that report in the near future. Things have been busy.

F. Highway proposal on the north side of the Charles River.

My question was too wordy and, possibly with misunderstanding, it was not meaningfully communicated to the Secretary.

The Secretary responded with the usual platitudes. Until this stuff got to the Secretarial level, it was handled responsibly.

Unfortunately, the Secretary overruled his subordinates and directed that plans for rebuilding the next three bridges to the west over the Charles River from the BU Bridge include allowance for a new highway for small vehicles to be constructed under them.

The DCR is pushing this outrage and the Cambridge Machine and the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” is doing the same, lying through omission about how irresponsible the proposal is.

There would be significant harm to the Charles River by construction in it and on its banks. There would be significant harm to the resident animals, particularly the Charles River White Geese whose remaining, not fully destroyed YET, habitat would be even more bifurcated.

As part of this outrageous project, the DCR has tried to get Obama moneys for destruction of hundreds of trees between the BU Bridge and the second bridge to the east. The DCR lied that all their targeted trees were sickly. The papers they filed with Cambridge proved the lie to be a lie. Among other things, destruction would devastate a magnificent 104 tree grove on the Charles River at the Memorial Drive split, maybe half a mile east of the Destroyed Nesting Area. The DCR’s highway proposal would destroy many trees much larger than those in this excellent grove.

Environmental destruction would attack the area west of the Magazine Beach playing fields that is currently being considered by a Cambridge Machine front organization.

The DCR and their irresponsible friends are fighting for this outrage piece by piece, lying by omission (as usual) about the extremely irresponsible nature of the plans.

I got too wordy in my written question.

G. Miscellaneous.

The Secretary reaffirmed the administration’s support for South Coast Rail (to Fall River and New Bedford) and the related expansion of South Station. He deferred work on the North - South Connector, a proposal to connect North Station and South Station underground and thus to allow direct connection between areas north of downtown Boston and south of downtown Boston. He also continued the deferral of work on the Urban Ring subway proposal. This subway proposal would connect portions of East Cambridge and the Harvard / Longwood Medical Area to the various existing spokes of the subway system.

The Secretary’s presentation gave the impression that he knows the Massachusetts area as much as, if not better than, locals. It thus came as a great surprise when he pronounced the “H” in Amherst, which communicates a much less good understanding of local quirks. That is comparable to, although not as bad as, saying “Oaks Bluff” instead of Oak Bluffs when talking about Martha’s Vineyard (no mention of the Vineyard in the presentation). The Secretary did pronounce Worcester correctly.

3. New gathering place, location for forum.

Formerly this communications forum met in a large new building next to Boston’s South Station.

It has been moved to 60 State Street, another large new building. This one looms over the Fanuel Hall Marketplace, behind Boston’s City Hall.

I regretted not bring my camera. The view was spectacular. The prior view was spectacular as well. This met or exceeded the prior view.

I spent considerable time studying the East Boston waterfront trying to figure out my memories from my three days working as an extra on “Here comes the Boom.” One of their fight scenes was filmed on Boston Harbor, with the parking maybe half a mile away, both with spectacular views of downtown Boston. I could not figure out the lay of the land. I will never forget the third day of filming, which featured a very large, upside down, lawn sprinkler over our heads creating a “rainstorm.” And that was last spring, before it significantly warmed up.

The attendance was larger than before. I do not know if the room is larger, but the prior room included tables, and this was in lecture hall arrangement. In any case, they clearly fit in more people. The attendance in the past has included a broad array of people concerned with transportation in Massachusetts.

It was very nice to see the well filled room.

Congratulations folks, welcome back, and thank you.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why is The Cambridge Machine Pushing the Central / Kendall Area of Cambridge, MA, USA?

The first thing to realize when dealing with The Machine is that you should not accept their stated goals at face value.

The Machine has a bad record of stringing people along and achieving things strikingly different from what they claim to stand for, while preventing constructive action.

The Machine is a company union. There appear to be two neighborhoods particularly concerned with the Central / Kendall developments. By The Machine “organizing” those neighborhoods, The Machine is putting itself into a position where The Machine can prevent constructive action by those neighborhoods while fooling good people into thinking that The Machine is on their side, and possibly fooling good people into doing bad things.

Additional parts of the con, as usual, include many things that The Machine is telling good people to ignore, and bad achievements if they can sneak the bad achievements in.

Without going into details, these include:

1. Maintaining and expanding the outrages on the Charles River.

2. Maintaining and expanding the outrages at Alewife.

3. Massive and bizarre tree destruction on the Cambridge Common and Flagstaff Park.

4. Destruction of grass at Danehy Park and replacement with plastic.

5. Maintaining and expanding the outrages at Fresh Pond.

6. Environmental destruction associated with highway proposals for the Grand Junction.

7. Environmental destruction associated with highway proposals for the Charles River.

8. Reelecting a unanimously bad Cambridge City Council.

9. Fooling people into thinking that the City of Cambridge and its friends, including but not limited to the Department of Conservation and Recreation, are responsible entities worthy of respect.

10. Fooling people into thinking that The Machine and its constantly varying front organizations are worthy of respect.

Questions or additions, please contact me at or by private facebook communication.

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cher’s Excellent Response to “Cher sees both members of her swan couple.”

1. Introduction.
2. Cher’s Response.
3. Editor’s response.

1. Introduction.

I have recently published a few communications from Cher about the Charles River White Geese and apparently comparable Department of Conservation and Recreation outrages at the Revere - Chelsea line.

Her first report stated that all four of her friends in this swan family living at the Revere - Chelsea line on DCR property on a tributary to Boston Harbor were missing.

Shelley responded that she had seen new swans on the Charles River in Watertown.

Then Cher reported that she had seen Gus, the male of the couple who were part of the foursome. She followed with her sighting of both Gus and his mate, Gina. In my publication of the latter report, I included an hypothesis that, perhaps, the offspring had migrated.

The following is Cher’s response to my latter posting.

My edits have been minimal.

2. Cher’s Response.

Thank-you ever so much, Bob. I was thinking as I read that, it's also possible that they were both males and so left to find mates. If this is so, it is possible they will both return with mates. That would be awesome, but not really as I would prefer that they find better living situations.

Swans are one of the water fowl that mate for life, and interestingly if a male does not have a female with which he can mate, he will take another male as a mate. They do not live solitary lives. That's why it really puzzled me when I didn’t see Gina in the midst of that snowstorm, only Gus. Maybe she found shelter, maybe she was looking for food, maybe she was looking for her young, who knows?? No idea.

Last year about this time I gave Gus a bath but Gina would have no part if it. Originally Gus had a different mate; she was killed on the road nearby the Chelsea Creek as it used to be called before the DCR mafia took over. Gus left for quite some time, finally returning with Gina.

Imagine? very interesting.

So this is why I mention the possibility that the two offspring that survived out of all the eggs that were destroyed etc. could both be male. But when I last saw them one was considerably larger than the other. I have photos on another pc. If they are on here I will send you a few. They were magnificant and the site of the parents with them as they were growing up was awesome.

If I went to the area where Shelley saw those swans, and it is the offspring it's not likely that they would remember me...who knows. She never did send directions so I dont know where that is.

She probably thinks I’m crazy, a fanatic. But can you blame me? LOL They are exquisite.

It looks like Gus would welcome a bath now, he's filthy, both are. I think I might enlist the aid of my friend who boards here; he would definately lift some heavy jugs of water for me, and watch me pour them over Gus. Maybe I can get him to shoot a few pics.

Oh the more I hear about the situation in Cambridge pertaining to the white geese, the sicker I get. I just want to shake these people.

Oh, I wanted to ask you what you think of the radio program BU has on WBUR? It seems really good, I like it. Why cant you petition them? they might air something for you without the pols knowing?

Its late, have to go. You can print anything I write or not, at any time, as it suits the cause, you know that. I just don’t want to make work for you. Good thing you're a good editor. I miss writing actually. I dont have enough time during which I am well, but I hope that changes yet. I have the need to write. No more freebies or low pay web jobs anymore though. Cant afford it.

Take care, Cher

3. Editor’s response.

First of all, on the idea of Shelley considering Cher “crazy, a fanatic.”

Shelley is a decent, very good human being. She is a normal person. Part of the sick propaganda of the rotten people we are dealing with is that decent human beings are “crazy, a fanatic.” The crazy fanatics are the sickos doing these terrible things.

Secondly, I republish these reports on facebook and in an email news letter. These two republications are pretty close to identical except that facebook makes links more viable. Cher and Shelley are getting the email news letter version. The facebook and email versions amount to these reports edited down to make them a length appropriate for those formats.

The email report will have, as usual, a link to this blog report. I hope I can include enough in the shorter reports to persuade them to check this report.

Thirdly, I appreciate the suggestion of going on WBUR. If anybody can make contact for me, my email is

The reality, however, is that, if “BU” is appearing on WBUR, the version of reality being presented is certainly carefully edited to present a false picture of Boston University. Such edits always censor reality.

Fourthly, note the comment that the two offspring were the only survivors of many destroyed eggs. When the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” started destroying the environment for the DCR, one of the first things the CRC did was to start poisoning the eggs of waterfowl nesting on the Charles River.

The first year, the egg poisoning included poisoning the eggs of the Charles River White Geese. After that, the DCR and Cambridge started deliberately starving the Charles River White Geese and the poisoning stopped. Perhaps deliberate starvation was considered more subtle and thus more hypocritical than poisoning eggs? These rotten people live on their lies of being holier than thou.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Cher sees both members of her swan couple.

Cher reports that Sunday, she saw both Gus and Gina, the swan couple who have been her long time swan friends, together.

She had been concerned that the protection she had left for them had been destroyed and neither the couple nor their two offspring were there to be seen. These swans had lived for quite some time on a tributary flowing into Boston Harbor at a location near the Chelsea - Revere, MA line.

Destruction of protection for free animals is highly common on property belonging to the Department of Conservation and Recreation. They lived on DCR property. DCR property is where their protection was destroyed.

The DCR manager at Magazine Beach on the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, USA has publicly bragged that he is starving the Charles River White Geese through the bizarre wall Cambridge and the DCR have built and permitted to grow between the Magazine Beach playing fields and the Charles River. The DCR manager has repeatedly lied that he is not “harming” the Charles River White Geese and has no intention to “harm” them. The lie comes in his bizarre, and secret, definition of “harm.” The fine print of the DCR plans call for no animals to reside on the Charles River Basin. Their actions routinely harm resident animals “incidental” to whatever there are doing. The Cambridge Machine, as part of their non stop lies on environmental issues, praises the alleged environmental sainthood of the DCR pretty much as often as they praise the environmental sainthood of the unanimous environmental destroyers on the Cambridge City Council.

Cher has been a strong supporter of the Charles River White Geese but has not been getting around as much as she would like in recent weeks.

Cher saw Gus by himself a few days ago. Seeing Gina with Gus was a great relief although both look bedraggled. They were by a public sidewalk.

The current location of their offspring is unknown, but it certainly is possible that the offspring left for better weather elsewhere.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

“Fair Play” Cambridge, MA, USA Style

A gentleman by the name of Paul Steven Stone has been communicating extensively about the “plans” being bandied about by what passes for planning discussion in Cambridge, MA, USA. He is distressed at the nonsense concerning Central Square in Cambridge.

The Cambridge Chronicle published an extended analysis by him on the oped page in the February 14, 2013 hard copy, page A11.

The editor included editorial multiple responses correcting the writer’s comments.

What is striking about this is that the immediately preceding week, the Cambridge Chronicle published a blatantly misleading report in that same location by a woman who for 15 years has been fighting for destruction of the Alewife reservation in Cambridge. She has been using a fake group which she created which claims to be friends of Alewife.

The game, as is normal with Cambridge Machine operations, is to tell people to look at everything except what counts. This is called a company union. This woman has spent 14 or 15 years fighting for the totally avoidable and irresponsible destruction in the public ownership majority of the irreplaceable Alewife woodlands by telling people to look at longshot fights against private owners and not look at the totally avoidable and completely irresponsible public destruction.

The one time she has deviated from this fraudulent behavior was in a letter to the editor in which she bragged about the public destruction which was accomplished in October - November 2011.

The Cambridge Chronicle has devoted the first page of its second section at least twice to beautiful photos of this fraudulent group “fighting” for the long shot and telling people not to look at the winnable fight against her political friends.

I have provided the Cambridge Chronicle with photos of the destruction this fake group has succeeded in obtaining and the photos have been ignored.

The bizarreness is that by fighting the longshot fights and telling people not to fight for the really achievable goals of preventing totally irresponsible destruction by Cambridge and the DCR, this organization is really fighting for total destruction.

So yet again, last week, the Cambridge Chronicle published another fraudulent claim by this woman of “defending” Alewife by fighting the long shot fight. The Chronicle did not include any editorial comments about her long standing fraud.

But with regard to Paul Steven Stone’s comments, the Chronicle has included correction after correction after correction to his comments.

What does that say about the Cambridge Chronicle?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cambridge, MA, USA “Town - Gown” Reports: Harvard, MIT, Leslie College, Cambridge College

In December, four Cambridge, MA, USA, educational institutions submitted reports to Cambridge on their development plans and recent creations.

The formal presentations to the Cambridge Planning Board came earlier this month. I have downloaded the reports to my computer and would be pleased to pass them on to anybody who might be interested. Please just give me a ring at I have done very little work on the reports.

Physically, the reports range in size from Harvard University’s, at 6 megs to Cambridge College’s at 480 KB. In between are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at about 4 megs and Leslie University at a little over 1 meg.

The reports are solely Cambridge. A few months ago, this blog presented several reports on Harvard’s expansion plans in Allston. These reports were based in part on the Boston correlative of these reports. Allston is briefly mentioned on page 35 of Harvard’s Cambridge report.

On page 31 of its report, Harvard announces a change in one of my biggest victories, the Inn at Harvard, located at the eastern end of Harvard Square proper. Harvard wanted this building to be built 72% larger and built to the lot line. The Cambridge City Council voted into place a zoning change implementing an initiative drafted by me which brought about the current building. The vote was 7 for, 1 opposed, 1 in the hospital. Harvard announces that it will take this property out of hotel use and use it for student housing.

The Leslie report, at page 20, also brings back very happy memories. The map shows the first three blocks north of Harvard Law School containing what Leslie calls its “Doble Campus”. The southern two thirds of these blocks were the target of my first, and first successful, downzoning initiative.

It is decidedly flabbergasting to view the middle of these three blocks, between Mellen and Wendell Streets. This block is now overwhelmingly owned by Leslie. When we worked on that zoning, the blocks were pretty decrepit and mostly not part of part of Leslie. The block with all that Leslie property saw significant zoning changes to keep the neighborhood nature of the area.

As part of an acting gig a few weeks ago, I was in Harvard’s new law building on the corner of Everett Street and Massachusetts Avenue, across the street from the subject of that downzoning, and affected by it.

I am confused as to the maximum I can send through Yahoo Mail. I should think the MIT report is sendable. I hope the Harvard report is sendable. If it is not, I will provide the URL.

Please let me know if I can be of service.

Thank you.


Awkward language above on the Inn at Harvard zoning change. The petition concerned the East Harvard Square area. The petitioners accepted, with my strong approval, a compromise proposed by Councilor Walsh.

After typical bullying by the Cambridge Machine, including a key flat out lie, and over my strong objections, the petitioners dropped language in the petition impacting perhaps half the original area proposed.

I think I wrote the modified proposal which passed. I could be wrong, however. In any case, the modification accurately reflected the Walsh agreement modified by The Machine's outrageous misbehavior.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Charles River White Geese: Postmortem to the Blizzard.

I have checked on the Charles River White Geese at their Destroyed Nesting Area on the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, USA.

The first impression was distressing. I saw all that white in the Destroyed Nesting Area and saw nothing else.

Then I looked under the big tree which is their favorite place and made out their individual figures.

Years ago, when this nightmare began, we were repeatedly very much scared for them during bad weather events. This was a very bad blizzard, but it is not the worst they have lived through.

The Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese is very well protected from the elements.

These are free animals, free for generations. This is the life they know and love. They are free. The variations of weather is just part of being free.

Temperature problems is a standard concern for people who do not understand. The Charles River White Geese have goose down jackets. They are ideally adapted to the New England environment.

Their only significant problem is the combination of the heartless and destructive government of the City of Cambridge, the heartless and destructive government of Massachusetts, and the heartless and destructive Cambridge Machine, with the Cambridge Machine fighting to get the two governments and their friends whatever the Cambridge Machine can get away with.

That is a very major and outrageous problem for this 32 year resident gaggle of free animals.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cher: 1 out of 4 of her swans seen. Heartless abuse in context

1. Swan Report.
2. In Context.

1. Swan Report.

Cher reported at, that four swan friends of hers were missing, ALONG WITH THE PROTECTION SHE HAD LEFT FOR THEM.

We had a positive report that two pair of new swans were seen on the Charles River in Watertown, but that did not sound right to her.

A few days ago, Cher sighted the male of the parent couple of the swans. He recognized her and responded to her call. He was decidedly bedraggled. She did not see his mate nor their children.

2. In Context.

Well, let’s see.

Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation are deliberately starving the Charles River White Geese along with dumping poisons on the Magazine Beach playing fields to keep alive sickly grass they introduced there after destroying healthy, responsible grass which survived without poisons for the better part of a century. They decreased the size of the playing fields to drain off the poisons which should not be dumped on the banks of the Charles.

They promised a “lawn” to the Charles River and have walled off access between the Magazine Beach playing fields and the Charles River. The key manager, R. Corsi, does not understand the concept of regularly chopping down bushes, but the DCR regularly chops down bushes all over the place. R. Corsi has publicly bragged that the wall starves the Charles River White Geese.

The DCR has blocked off a boat dock which gave access to the Charles River for the better part of a century with more bizarre bushes and a silly bridge over a fake pond which they have since destroyed.

The opening remaining is apparently intended for access to a new highway in the Charles to go under the BU Bridge and do further damage to the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese. That planned highway could explain the lack of vegetation next to the BU Bridge in the Destroyed Nesting Area. Half of the Destroyed Nesting Area has had planted more of the DCR’s introduced bushes which the DCR will not understand how to chop down regularly and serve as more abuse.

The new highway, of course, is slated to destroy hundreds of excellent trees between the BU Bridge and the second Bridge to the east, the Longfellow Bridge.

The DCR tried to get Obama money for that destruction lying that all the targeted trees were diseased. They proved that a lie with their filings with Cambridge.

R. Corsi has proposed to extend the outrage at the Magazine Beach playing fields east ward. He wants to start by destroying grass on the top of that hill which is environmentally responsible and which makes his sickly introduced grass look bad. He want the bizarre small vehicle highway built in this area as well.

A key governor appointee has taken steps to assist destruction under the next three bridges to the west comparable to the destruction planned under the BU Bridge.

The hilltop plans would destroy a beautiful, little, environmentally responsible parking lot at the top of the hill west of the playing fields. That little parking lot is needed by little guys who use the picnic area there.

But those are little guys, and we are dealing with people who take pride, as with the Charles River White Geese and the Revere swans, in destroying the little guy as much as they can get away with.

R. Corsi used the words “not negotiable,” and the Machine falls all over itself in favor of “improvements” no matter how irresponsible or destructive. The more useless the work, the more the welfare for the contractors.

And then there is the Cambridge Common and Flagstaff park, and Danehy fields, and Alewife, and Fresh Pond, and prior destruction I am familiar with, and planned destruction I am not aware of.

The Cambridge Machine says to look at Kendall and Central. The Machine brags about air quality “improvements” at Alewife while mentioning key properties which would prevent their intended massive destruction of the Alewife reservation, its trees and its centuries resident animals. But the Machine, somehow, just cannot notice responsible alternatives to irresponsible destruction. And they have spent 14 years lying that they were concerned about the irreplaceable forest of the Alewife reservation.

When the Cambridge Machine sounds the most pious, my immediate question is always what are they trying to hide, what are they trying destroy as part of their latest “initiative”?

On the latest attack to the Charles River, the Machine started off with an attempt to bless the extension of the Magazine Beach outrage, then made noises about objecting to the destruction of the little guys’ parking lot. Then, after responsible comments from people there, the Machine delayed action, perhaps to bring out unthinking troops who will rubber stamp the extension of the Magazine Beach outrage? While they continue to deny the existence of the last 13 years?

In Chelsea and Revere, MA, the environmental problems are hidden through fairly justifiable lack of knowledge. In Cambridge, MA, the environmental problems are kept hidden through a well established and corrupt tradition of controlled, fake groups. At least, in Chelsea and Revere, the outrages and the guilty are not falsely praised as “holier” than thou.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Blizzard of 2013 and the Charles River White Geese; Last Parking Lot Photos

1. Blizzard of 2013.
2. Heartless Parking.

1. Blizzard of 2013.

Even before the heartless abuse by Cambridge, MA, and the Commonwealth of Mass. started, the Charles River White Geese went to their nesting area in bad weather.

This is because the layout makes the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese ideal for natural protection. The stories high BU Bridge blocks winds on the west. The Grand Junction Railroad Bridge and major trees lining the Charles River block winds from the south. The hillside supporting the Grand Junction railroad along with major trees east of it blocks winds from the east. And the on ramp to Memorial Drive, with its supporting hillside, plus Memorial Drive to the North blocks wind from that direction.

If the snow gets too deep in the Destroyed Nesting Area, they possibly could retreat to the frozen river.

2. Heartless Parking.

On January 17, 2013, I posted photos from December 14, 2012.

I still have photos from December 28, 2012.

[12-09, 12-28, DNA]

[13-08, 12-28, DNA]

[14-07, 12-28, DNA]

[15-06, 12-28, DNA]

[16-05, 12-28, DNA]

[17-04, 12-28, DNA]

The building in the background is a structure owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the north side of Memorial Drive.

The brick band is Memorial Drive. The responsible people who worked on the BU Bridge parked under Memorial Drive including in this location. The location where the responsible workers worked would have been behind the camera.

This vehicle is in the Destroyed Nesting Area. The Commuter Rail Workers were too lazy to walk this short distance and instead add to the heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese with their irresponsible parking in this environmentally sensitive area, their last home which has not been destroyed to the Charles River White Geese.

And the reprehensible Department of Conservation and Recreation has a goal: kill off all animals living in the Charles River Basin.

They, along with Cambridge, killed hundreds of residents animals at Alewife in October - November 2011 as part of their bizarre destruction of acres of the Alewife reservation for a project which should be done on nearby property and which will not achieve its stated goals by destroying Alewife without destroying a very much larger part of Alewife.

The animals heartlessly killed as part of the bizarre Alewife project have lived there many generations.

And the Cambridge Machine runs around lying that these heartless destroyers are holier than thou.

The DCR, Cambridge and the Cambridge Machine are really rotten people.

[18-03, 12-28, DNA]

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Correction: Large Birds Sighted on the Charles River in Watertown, MA, were Swans

1. Introduction.
2. Correction, Swans, not White Geese.
3. Cher on the Swans.

1. Introduction.

We have been reporting the latest severe abuse of the Charles River White Geese through the use of their nesting area as a parking lot.

This has expanded into the Department of Conservation and Recreation offering a proposal to extend the DCR’s outrageously irresponsible behavior at the Magazine Beach playing fields westward.

Cher reported the disappearance (and probable killing) of swans living on DCR property in Revere on a river feeding into Boston harbor.

In the middle of this, Shelley reported seeing four white geese on the Charles River near Watertown, MA, which is a few miles west of the normal habitat of the Charles River White Geese.

2. Correction, Swans, not White Geese.

Shelley writes:

So sorry. I'd been reading your heart-rending email about the geese and typed "white geese" by mistake in emailing you. It should read, "two couple of swans." Sorry!!


I think Shelley is due an apology from me. I do summaries of these reports on facebook and by email. I anticipate I confused her.

The reality is that we are dealing with truly rotten people lying that they are holier than thou. They do so many terrible things, it really is hard to keep things straight or to believe that they could stoop so low. Decent people are overwhelmed by and cannot conceive of public officials as extremely bad as are City of Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

You add to this the corruption of the Cambridge Machine running around lying that these evil entities are “holier than thou” and there are good reasons to be confused.

3. Cher on the Swans.

I asked Cher if these swans could be her friends. She replied:


I rather doubt that it is. There are mute swans along the waterways in very conceivable inlet along the Charles and other salt water ways, but they prefer fresh water and need it for nutritional purposes etc.

I don't have info about what happened to the [swans] but all tarps and other paraphernalia were removed last year. I have seen many pairs in Everett, Medford, and into Cambridge. I also have heard of them in Winthrop. My pair when I last saw them had two offspring, a male and a female left, and they were growing up. I hope that they found mates.

It is conceivable that they each left to find mates and will return, but I don't know if that is so. I don’t know as stated what happened to the parents either. I hope that they moved to another area.

I put forth great efforts in order to get a wildlife agency or other org to take them when here were just two, Gus and Gina. The remaining offspring of Gus and Gina were named Chelsea and Revere because they were born on the Chealsea-Revere line at what used to be known as the Chelsea Creek now run by DCR who has been against having the swans there from the beginning.

Many mute swans have traveled from warmer places to here and live thru the winters however swans only can survive for max of 5 yrs in the wild, the winters that is. If taken in for the winter they will live a very long time, three times that in the wild at least.

I have tried to find out what happened to them but I cared for them up to the year 2012, and the last documentation is at YouTube in 2009. Doesn’t help much.

So, likely whereever my beauties are, they will be at least six, more likely up to eight to twelve of them now if Mother Nature prevailed. Sorry I can't help more.

One last note, if she sees them again, now she has their names, to which at least Gus might respond, or Chelsea and Revere, but Gina, not so much.


Cher's lack of knowledge comes because of illness.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Shelley: White Geese on the Charles River in Watertown, MA, USA; Cher 3

1. Shelley reports, Watertown, MA, USA.
2. Analysis.
3. Cher 3.

1. Shelley reports, Watertown, MA, USA.

Two couples of white geese have been present recently on the Charles in Watertown.

2. Analysis.

Watertown, MA’s riverfront access is only a few miles from the habitat of the Charles River White Geese.

It is common to see one or two free white geese near water in many places. Two couples is unusual.

The Charles River White Geese wander in search of food. And they wander in groups.

They have been heartlessly abused by truly rotten people from the Cambridge and Massachusetts governments hiding behind the corrupt Cambridge pol organization.

It is quite possible that these two couples of White Geese have wandered to Watertown, MA, trying to relieve themselves from the heartless abuse inflicted on them in their thirty two year habitat on the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, USA.

The last thing which would be appropriate even if these were members of the gaggle would be to interfere with them.

It is not that difficult to get back from Watertown.

They are not that far from home, and they would be terrified if humans interfered with them.

Animals are not fools. The rotten situation in Cambridge communicates way too much.

And they are not smart enough to fool themselves into believing in the bizarre rationalizations which are normal among the Cambridge Machine.

Thank you, Shelley.

3. Cher 3.

Cher comments on the bureaucrats calling Swans “invasive species.”

This is the sort of sickness which is part of the script used by the rotters to justify the latest rotten behavior.

They take terms which make sense in a totally different circumstance and use and abuse those words to justify heartless abuse.

I do not recall even the slightest use of this term to justify the mass killings at Alewife. The mass killings at Alewife were down by Cambridge and the DCR. The killings are being managed by the Cambridge Machine which, by its usual stalling, is fighting to expand the killings and environmental destruction.

Those mass killings are "non reality" just as the outrage of the last thirteen years of outrage on the Charles River “does not exist” to those whose minds are controlled by the Cambridge Pols.

The DCR is reprehensible. The City of Cambridge, MA, USA is reprehensible. The Cambridge Pols are corrupt and reprehensible. Not to say that the DCR and Cambridge are not corrupt.

These rotters make their own vileness that much worse by lying that they are “holier than thou.”

Cher 2, Feeding the Charles River White Geese, Swans

1. Cher’s Response to my Post on her last Communication
2. My own limitations in context with the true rottenness of the Cambridge Machine.
3. How are they feeding the geese?

1. Cher’s Response to my Post on her last Communication

Cher responds, with minimal editing.

Note that this is not a normal situation. The situation in Cambridge with the corrupt Cambridge Machine lying that it is doing what decent people would do and thus preventing action is a very unusual situation.


God Bless you Bob, and thank you so much. I am actually crying now as I read your copy because I am so unable to accomplish anything myself. I thank you every so much. I have a question, tho, how are they feeding the geese? I mean where are they fed etc. Do you know the routine? What will become of them traversing the streets like that?

You are well aware of the plight of Canadian Geese and how they are in small flocks all over the US. They move about from even the tiniest pool or water in scraps of grass anywhere even in the middle of Boston, and cities like that which are heavily trafficked. It hurts me to see them. It honestly hurts my soul an my heart and it the same when I see the white geese, even wild turkeys.

I plan to go to surrounding waterways looking for the swans I cared for. If they are there they will come to me. There are mute swans at every saltwater area that has a fresh water inlet eg Medford, Winthrop etc etc etc.

I am so happy that we have you Bob. I feel terrible and wish I could do more. I don’t want the geese to suffer nor the swans nor anything. I know it is life but that doesn’t mean you turn your back in apathy to it. You know all of this. G I should never write at night as I have told you before as I tend to ramble on and on and on. Bless you Bob.

2. My own limitations in context with the true rottenness of the Cambridge Machine.

Thank you, Cher, for your kind words. But we all are limited in what we can do. One trouble is that a lot of people make money out of environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse. A lot of such people are major parts of the Cambridge Machine.

I honestly do not know the details of how the Charles River White Geese are being fed. I spend many hours on environmental communications. The reality is that if I, also, feed the geese, they would be killed in the long run.

This is because of the corruption of the City of Cambridge and the State Bureaucracy. More than that, it is because of the corrupt Cambridge Machine, lying that it is on the side of decency, and maneuvering people away from the things which need to be done. By lying that it is doing the right thing and maneuvering people away, this reprehensible organization is responsible for mass animal killing, animal abuse, and mass environmental destruction.

Folks who would like to help feed the Charles River White Geese are encouraged to visit their Destroyed Nesting Area and talk with Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative folks feeding them. The Destroyed Nesting Area is on the north bank of the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, immediately east of the BU Bridge.

Folks who would like to help with political matters are encouraged to email me at Much more important, however, is money, money, money. Standing up to a well established tradition of corruption costs money. Please give.

At the top of our blog at is a Donate button. We are set up with PayPal to accept contributions through them. They accept all major credit cards, but do charge a processing fee. Last time I used it, the fee was $1.00. Direct mail of checks made out to Friends of the White Geese to Robert J. La Trémouille, PO Box 391412, Cambridge, MA 02139, is a little more old fashioned but very effective. Thank you.

3. How are they feeding the geese?

I cannot specifically say. I cannot directly participate, but I have done what I can on occasion.

The Charles River White Geese are fed once or twice a day. They bring food to the Destroyed Nesting Area for the benefit of the Charles River White Geese and other needy, free animals. I should think CRUWI also would appreciate monetary assistance, but I am not in direct contact with them. Neither CRUWI nor FOWG is tax deductible.

Feeding of the Charles River White Geese is a major effort. We did not realize just how major an effort until Cambridge and the State Bureaucracy started heartlessly starving them. The latest public presentation by the DCR is their effort to expand the outrages at the Magazine Beach playing field to the banks of the Charles River west of the playing fields.

The Charles River White Geese have lived on the Cambridge side of the Charles River since 1981 in a mile long habitat centered on the BU Bridge. They spent much of their days feeding at the Magazine Beach playing fields, and slept there or in the Charles River off the playing fields. In the spring they would go to the now Destroyed Nesting Area for mating and rearing their offspring. They are free animals with a very strong family structure.

Their best friend from about 1996, or earlier, was Reen LittleBrook, a native American who bought breads including leftovers from homeless shelters. Their real diet was the grass at the Magazine Beach playing fields. LittleBrook also cared for their injuries using native remedies.

At a little bit before the time the heartless people who hide behind the Cambridge Machine started deliberately starving the Charles River White Geese, LittleBrook was hit by a car. He got a bicycle one day and was hit by a car either the next day or the day after it. LittleBrook spent months in a nursing home recuperating his very battered self. He has visited the Charles River White Geese as often as he can since then, but his physical capabilities are very limited.

Marilyn Wellons stepped in and took over the breads feeding.

When the heartless people who hide behind the Cambridge Machine started starving the Charles River White Geese, Marilyn was forced to do real research on their dietary needs, and she realized just how major the grass at the Magazine Beach playing fields was to their livelihood. During the months she cared for them, she became a regular patron of merchants who provided a very healthy and balanced diet.

We created the Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative to have a separate feeding organization.

The Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative took over for Marilyn and has done an heroic job keeping these magnificent creatures alive in spite of the rottenness of the Cambridge Machine and the rotten people who hide behind them.

The organization is separate from the political arm, Friends of the White Geese. I have negligible contact with them, but they are very active and very, very valuable.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cher: Charles River White Geese seeking food; Swans in Revere, MA

1. Report from the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.
2. Response.
3. Swans in Revere.
4. Response.

I have received a welcome report from Cher.

1. Report from the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.


Yesterday (February 2, 2013). I was on my way home from the doctors and was halted before the stop sign where the white geese used to have a home. All the cars stopped to let them cross the street..Memorial Drive...almost everyone had smiles on their faces, so amused and thought it so cute to them like that.

I mean, what can be done for these fowl? They surely will die like this, walking all over Memorial Drive, drive from their homes.

2. Response.

This is the real rottenness of Cambridge, the Department of Conservation and Recreation and their fake groups.

Until the attacks from Cambridge, the DCR and their friends started, the Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese was enclosed so that people had to climb over a not overly high fence to get into it.

The first actions in the ongoing outrage were by Boston University. BU, among other things, broke an opening in the fence.

Since then, Cambridge and the DCR have starved the Charles River White Geese by walling off their food at Magazine Beach from the Charles River by bizarre, never trimmed, introduced bushes. This left their nesting area the only place in the Charles River White Geese’ mile long habitat of 32 years that they can call home.

But there is no food in the Destroyed Nesting Area. What little food there was has been destroyed by the Charles River “Conservancy” with the assistance of irresponsible maintenance people driving vehicles on top of the sensitive environment.

So the Charles River White Geese walk through the BU created opening. They cross an on ramp to Memorial Drive which abuts the Destroyed Nesting Area to get some food under Memorial Drive.

The Charles River White Geese are more responsible pedestrians than the typical New Englander. They come out on the sidewalk and look both ways before crossing.

Their problem is that, while they are very responsible before crossing, they cross like a bunch of geese. There are usually more than just a few doing the crossing and they all try to cross together. Then again, geese do not cross in a straight line. When I have seen them crossing, I have shushed across the stragglers.

Always the drivers are pleased with these beauties and very patient.

The love of the drivers and other decent people for the Charles River White Geese is exactly the reason why the DCR has spent years lying that they have no intention to do harm to them. And why the Cambridge Machine is creating their usual fake group to fool people into ignoring reality on the Charles River.

A group created by but totally independent of Friends of the White Geese feeds the Charles River White Geese to keep them from starving. This is the Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative. Volunteers can volunteer by talking with one of the feeders at the Destroyed Nesting Area.

In the meantime, as I posted yesterday, the DCR is seeking the support of the Cambridge Machine to expand the existing outrage further west.

The Cambridge Machine is very predictable. They always “mean so well,” and they pretty much always help destructive bureaucrats and pols destroy. But they do a lot of “soul searching” and they “compromise” in the Cambridge Machine tradition. “Compromise” in the Cambridge Machine tradition means the bad guys get to do whatever they want and the “good guys” get to declare victory.

3. Swans in Revere.


BTW the swans are gone. Some of the people there were so nasty, I don't know what happened to them at all. One mallard likes me and comes to me if I go out. I never get out more than twice a month.

4. Response.

I hope I got the municipality (Revere) right.

Cher has been caring for swans living on a river feeding into Boston Harbor on property owned by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

I hope her swan friends decided to migrate. The other alternative is related to the fact that the DCR owns the place and the DCR is destructive to animals. Her swan friends do not have the visibility and constituency of the Charles River White Geese.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

DCR proposes more destruction on the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, USA.

0. Overview.
1. “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” hosts environmental destroyer / heartless animal abuser from DCR.
2. Corsi’s presentation.
3. Analysis.
4. Machine analysis.
5. Meeting analysis.
6. Overall analysis.
7. What will happen?

0. Overview.

The key person in the outrage in the Magazine Beach area of the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, gave his plans for the next step on January 30, 2013. He is the key manager of the Department of Conservation and Recreation for Magazine Beach, R. Corsi.

A key factor in the current outrage is years of lies by DCR including but not necessarily limited to R. Corsi that they had “no intention” to do “harm” to the Charles River White Geese.

Corsi wants to extend the last 13 years of outrage westerly from Magazine Beach to the area of the hill to the west of the playing fields and further. His plans would bring one step closer the destruction of hundreds of excellent trees between the Magazine Beach playing fields and the Longfellow Bridge, the third bridge (counting the BU Bridge) east of those playing fields.

Corsi wants to extend the routine dumping of poisons on the banks of the Charles River to at least that hill and, almost certainly, further. Corsi wants to destroy the little parking lot for little guys picnicing on that hill. This parking is at the foot of Magazine Street in Cambridge. Corsi wants to build a small vehicle highway connecting the small vehicle highway installed in Magazine Beach’s playing fields to the environmental outrage which are the plans for the three bridges west of the playing fields. This highway would extend to the east and destroy all those trees.

Corsi (omitting as much fine print as is feasible) calls these goals non negotiable.

The meeting started with the Cambridge Machine stating that it intended to ram through the meeting the meeting’s blessings of Corsi’s plans. Discussion of the situation resulted in action being deferred until the next meeting.

Given 38 years of experience with various fronts of the Cambridge Machine, I am highly skeptical of what will be done by the Cambridge Machine and its front organization on this matter.

1. “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” hosts environmental destroyer / heartless animal abuser from DCR.

Wednesday night, January 30, 2013, the “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” hosted R. Corsi of the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Corsi is the one individual most personally responsible for the outrage inflicted on Magazine Beach and the Charles River White Geese over the past 13 years.

He was presented by the woman who has spent the last year or so claiming to be fighting for Magazine Beach. She and the rest of the organization does not want to know about the last 13 years. They do want to update a former bath house on the hill west of the playing field outrage.

She has commented that it is a waste of time fighting to undo the outrages of the last 13 years. My translation of her excuse is that the Cambridge City Council is too irresponsible to undo the terrible things they have done. Her approach is to praise people worthy of condemnation in the hope that praise for irresponsible behavior will somehow persuade belligerently irresponsible people to become decent human beings. This is a normal pitch from the Cambridge Machine.

Her explanation of the plans to destroy the parking area for the picnic area around the bath house (at the foot of Magazine Street) has been that they do not have the money yet, so do not worry about it. The normal translation is that they then get the money, destroy and say it is too late to undo the destruction, but they are so sorry.

She and the group have exactly fit the Cambridge Machine mold. They have stood for three things:

A. Improve the bathhouse on top of the hill west of the playing fields,

B. Ignore the plans to destroy the parking lot, and

C. Ignore 13 years of irresponsible behavior, all the time loudly proclaiming concern for everything.

In the meeting, a group associated with her gave the impression they do not want the parking lot destroyed because of its importance to the little guy.

She introduced Corsi saying that she intended to present a motion which sounded like it would bless his efforts.

2. Corsi’s presentation.

Corsi’s explanation for the bizarre wall of introduced bushes was that they got a little bigger than he expected.

Corsi in the past has repeatedly claimed “no intention” to harm the Charles River White Geese. He has bragged that the bizarre wall starves them. He defines “harm” such that harm does not include starving them. So in his irresponsible world, deliberately starving beautiful valuable animals does not mean harming them. These flat out lies were crucial in defusing very major public distress at the initial attacks on these beautiful and very popular animals. The continuation of these lies helped everything else.

Corsi sniffed at the grass at the top of the hill and proudly proclaimed he wants to “improve” that.

Corsi gave the impression that destroying the parking lot is a done deal.

Another done deal is the building of a small vehicle highway through the hill area and the area to the west of the hill and connect it to the small vehicle highway built as part of the outrage over the past 13 years.

He says that Cambridge has to take the DCR’s plans now or be placed at the end of the list.

3. Analysis.

The DCR and the City of Cambridge have proven to be beneath contempt over the past 13 years.

The DCR sanctified Master Plan called for a lawn to the river.

The following has been done, all in violation of or not promised in the sanctified master plan or in any other public discussions.

A. The Magazine Beach playing fields have been walled off from the Charles River with a bizarre wall of introduced bushes which have simply been allowed to grow and grow.

Corsi claims confusion. He does not know how to chop down bushes. He has bragged that this bizarre wall starves the Charles River White Geese.

There were two phases of destruction. Phase 1 left a hole through which the Charles River White Geese fed. Phase 2 filled that hole belligerently.

Corsi brags of gross incompetence. That is his excuse. He does not know how to chop down bushes. The DCR everyplace else knows how to chop down bushes.

Accepting such an excuse by the Cambridge Machine reemphasizes the organizational corruption of the Cambridge Machine.

B. They destroyed perfectly good grass which had survived the better part of a century and replaced it with sickly stuff that cannot survive without poisons.

Corsi’s claim of wishing to “improve” the grass in the rest of the Magazine Beach area in this latest phase translates into a determination to replace healthy grass with more of his beloved sickly stuff and with the DCR’s beloved poisons.

Accepting such environmental corruption by the Cambridge Machine reemphasizes the organizational corruption of the Cambridge Machine.

C. They have destroyed significant parts of the playing fields for a complicated drainage system to drain off poisons which are totally unnecessary.

The responsible thing to do is, instead of sewing poisons, sew seed for the grass they destroyed. Then they will be in a position to return the quality of the playing fields to what it was 13 years ago.

Instead, they are sewing more poisons and a need for more drainage.

Accepting such environmental corruption by the Cambridge Machine reemphasizes the organizational corruption of the Cambridge Machine.

D. They have destroyed the boat dock which had been at Magazine Beach for the better part of a century.

The boat dock is still there. It just cannot be accessed. I live in reality. It has been destroyed.

You undo the silly and unexplained barriers, and you have the boat dock.

Accepting such environmental corruption by the Cambridge Machine reemphasizes the organizational corruption of the Cambridge Machine.

E. They have heartless abused the Charles River White Geese.

Part of the sanctified Master Plan calls for killing off all resident animals. That is in their secret definition of parkland.

Pretty much every action done in the past 13 years which could be modified to add to the heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese has been so modified.

Accepting such environmental corruption by the Cambridge Machine reemphasizes the organizational corruption of the Cambridge Machine.

F. The plans.

“Improving the grass” translates into more sickly grass, more poisons, and more drainage to drain off poisons which should not be dumped there in the first place.

The grass at the top of the hill is clearly and significantly superior to the sickly stuff which has been introduced by the DCR and Cambridge. It has survived in an environmentall responsible manner for the better part of a Century. The presence of that fine grass which does not need poisons puts the lie to the claim of the DCR, Cambridge and the Cambridge Machine that the behavior of the last 13 years is the behavior of a responsible government.

The lovely new highway is part of the DCR’s plans to destroy hundreds of trees between Magazine Beach and the Longfellow Bridge. No highway, no excuse to destroy the trees. This includes the decimation of a lovely 104 tree grove at the Memorial Drive split. Most of the rest of the targeted trees are larger than these excellent trees.

The DCR tried to get Obama money for the tree destruction.

They lied that all the trees they wanted to destroy are diseased. The papers they filed with Cambridge on the project proved that position to be yet another flat out lie.

No money came.

No comment was made by Corsi about extending the bizarre wall. No comment was made about extending expensive drainage to drain off poisons which, of course, were not mentioned.

No denials were made either.

None of this should be done. None of this should be extended. It is silly to think that this corrupt agency would behave in a responsible manner.

Accepting such environmental corruption and heartless abuse of valuable, beautiful animals in the past by the Cambridge Machine reemphasizes the organizational corruption of the Cambridge Machine.

The position of the Cambridge Machine has been that the last 13 years do not exist. Their sanctified friends at the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” wholeheartedly support and fight for the destruction.

G. Dirty tricks.

Normal. I have better things to do than give a blow by blow of the dirty tricks of the DCR, Cambridge and the Cambridge Machine. As I said, I have been fighting the Cambridge Machine and its various front organizations for 38 years.

4. Machine analysis.

They want to talk to the DCR and get the fine print straight. They could care less about the record of lying, destruction and heartless animal abuse. They want “improvements”.

The Cambridge Machine lives “compromise.” In Cambridge, MA, USA, “compromise” means that the bad guys get to do whatever the bad guys want to do, and the good guys get to declare victory.

After all isn’t that fair?

5. Meeting analysis.

Very skeptical.

The proposed praise and support which was announced at the beginning of the meeting was ignored. Watered down versions were proposed and not voted on.

Final decision was to postpone until next meeting.

Postponing allows the Machine to organize and to create a story to tell to people. It allows the Machine to stack the next meeting with true believers who will obey orders and be oh, so confused. It allows the Machine to wear down people who only wanted to attend one meeting.

6. Overall analysis.

There are major problems in Magazine Beach. Those problems are the irresponsible behavior of the last 13 years.

These problems are exacerbated by the presence of the Cambridge Machine and the very real and very bad record of the Cambridge Machine.

The Cambridge Machine ALWAYS sounds great. The Cambridge Machine routinely, not necessarily always, does the exact opposite.

The DCR proposes to extend 13 years of destruction at the playing fields to the area west of the playing fields.

But the area west of the playing fields, except for the really minor situation of the bath house IS BETTER NOW THAN IS THE PLAYING FIELDS.

It is outrageous to try to dot the I’s and cross the T’s to prevent a repetition of 13 years of destruction and animal abuse with an agency which is a proven liar, has proven to add changes without discussion, has a terrible record of dirty tricks, and which wants to keep 13 years of destruction in place.

The responsible thing to do is insist on undoing 13 years of outrages. It is silly to insist that this time an irresponsible agency will suddenly behave responsibly so that you have

A. Responsible new construction next to and in direct conflict with

B. 13 years of outrage.

Such a combination would be bizarre.

Actually, given the irresponsible record, such an option would be worse than bizarre. It would be outrageously silly.

Such an option, however, would fit the record of the Cambridge Machine on its less irresponsible days.

7. What will happen?

This is the Cambridge Machine. What do you think will happen?