Monday, May 11, 2015

Charles River: Bitter winter rediscovered. Application to the accelerating outrage.

Charles River:  Bitter winter rediscovered.  Application to the accelerating outrage.

1. Introduction.
2. The photos.
3. Summary.
4. Cambridge Application.

1. Introduction.

I have been having problems with my PC.

One major advantage is that I have unearthed my photos from the worst of the winter.  Below is a selection.

The most important things to remember are two:

The Charles River White Geese have excellent goose down jackets, so are well adapted to severe weather.

The Charles River White Geese are smart and resourceful, individually and as part of their group.  The group interaction is very valuable.

One thing the Charles River White Geese cannot truly counter is the destructiveness of Cambridge and its friends, destructiveness which is massive and well organized.  Cambridge has a city government against whom nothing is sacred.  The City of Cambridge has even achieved major destruction on the Cambridge Common.

And the Cambridge baddies organize well, on a much larger scale than is possible for a gaggle of magnificent long resident geese.  The Cambridge baddies have even turned the local Sierra Club into one of their fake groups, simply by infiltrating people with bad records and influencing decisions.  The Boston Sierra Club has repeatedly endorsed environmentally vile Cambridge city councilors.

EVERY Boston Sierra Club city councilor destroyed the Cambridge Common.  All of the then Boston Sierra Club endorsees destroyed the irreplaceable 3.4 acres at Alewife..  A subsequent Boston Sierra Club endorsee has praised the environmental behavior at Alewife, rather clearly avoiding mention of the outrageous destruction there.

Is there any likelihood of responsible behavior?  The irresponsible control of the Boston Sierra Club has been in place for many years.  It seems no less irresponsible than the control of the fake “protective” groups.

The reality, however, is that this vile government has a weakness: they have to lie to stay in power.

Their record is provably anti-environment and anti-women’s rights.  All that people have to do is accurately run against a very bad record.

The contempt for the environment is now very visible on the Cambridge Common.  And easily obvious at Alewife and on the Charles River, except to the willfully stupid.  And these are not the full extent of the outrage.

The contempt for women’s rights is flaunted in the name attached to the Cambridge Police Station.  It is named after Robert Healy.  Healy was STRONGLYcondemned by three levels of courts for destroying the life of Malvina Monteiro because she filed a women’s rights complaint.  Fired department head Monteiro is a black Cape Verdean Woman who had the nerve to listen to the words of the City of Cambridge and think she was dealing with decent human beings receptive to her concerns about Cambridge’s treatment of women.  Payments in Monteiro and related cases exceeded 14 million dollars.

It would be nice to see a Liberal Slate in the coming election calling for the defeat of ten extremely bad Cambridge City Councilors, on a City Council with nine positions.  The tenth, former, councilor running was retired by the electorate two years ago and, apparently, wants to return.

2. The photos.

These all date to February 18, 2015.

This is a view from the Boston end of the BU Bridge over the Charles River.  The white building is Boston University’s Boston boathouse.  The highway below it is the Boston equivalent of Memorial Drive.  Both follow the Charles River.  The Grand Junction Railroad Bridge can be seen through the trees.  The apparent purpose for many environmental outrages is the implementation of the transit manager (MBTA)’s proposal to convert this bridge into a highway off ramp to Cambridge from the Massachusetts Turnpike (I90).

Here is the Grand Junction railroad bridge from the BU Bridge.  The Destroyed nesting area is to the left.  The MBTA plan calls for moving the track to the currently unused side of the bridge, to the left, converting the right side to a highway on ramp, and cantilevering a highway off ramp to the right.

Straight ahead above the railroad is the underpass under Memorial Drive.

This is the shoveled off sidewalk of the BU Bridge.

This is the world of the Charles River White Geese.  Until these heartless animal abusers walled off the Magazine Beach playing fields to starve them, the Charles River White Geese, for most of the last 34 years, lived in a mile long habitat centered on the BU Bridge.  Now, to the left is the Destroyed Nesting Area, and to the right of the railroad is the related wild area which the Cambridge City Council is considering separating by a fence.

The yellow building to the far right is Boston University’s Cambridge Boathouse.  The area to the left of the Cambridge Boathouse is the haven of the Charles River White Geese during the worst of a very bad winter.

I tried to access the Charles River White Geese by walking down Boston University’s illegally installed staircase to the left of the railroad, and then walking to the water through the wild area.  The snow was so deep that I could not get to the ground through the show.  My footsteps went down until the snow was packed down.  This route did not work.

This area is pretty close to BU’s Cambridge boathouse.  Part of the facility is visible to the left.  The tall structure is Boston University’s Law School, from which I graduated.  Geese visible on the river look like Canadas.

A lot of white geese can be seen in this photo.  The temperature, almost certainly, was below 20 degrees, possibly single digits.  The horizontal structures are docks, with a lot of snow on them.

This is a photo of a larger area which includes the above.  Note that the free water extends to the right (west) of the orange structures, and there are a lot of white geese there as well.  The dark figures are Canadas.

In a prior report, I showed Canadas as the only residents in the Destroyed Nesting Area.  At that time, the Charles River White Geese were the only geese off the wild area, through which I am shooting.  At that time, there was a lot more free water.

3. Summary.

The 20 million dollars included in Ch. 286 of Massachusetts’ Acts of 2014, “Historic Parkways” will almost certainly destroy all this natural habitat in addition to hundreds of excellent trees.  The destruction plans do not even recognize the existence of these trees.

The plans for destruction are posted at

This is the plan for destruction in this area.  The railroad runs down the middle.  Exactly ONE TREE is shown to the right of the railroad, out of this thick vegetation.

To show you we are omitting nothing.  This is the next plan to the right (east).  It stops at BU's Cambridge boathouse.

These destructive people do not even recognized these trees as trees.  This lie of omission easily amounts to 100 to 200 hundred trees, perhaps more, all to be destroyed, clear cut pretty much as the Cambridge City Council’s destruction on the Cambridge Common.

EVERY tree between the railroad track and BU’s Cambridge boathouse would be destroyed by Chapter 286.

It is always a serious mistake to say “they would never stoop so low” when you are talking about Cambridge and its accomplices.

4. Cambridge Application.

Ten bad Cambridge City Councilors running for nine Cambridge City Council seats.

And they are lying that they are responsible Liberals.