Saturday, April 04, 2015

Cambridge Common Logging Starts This Coming Week

Cambridge Common Logging Starts This Coming Week

Cambridge City Councilor Kelly has passed to his mailing list an announcement that the entrance to the Cambridge Common will be savaged this coming week by the Cambridge City Council with the destruction of 21 excellent trees there.  

Kelly quotes one of Cambridge’s alleged planners as explaining that the trees block the view of a monument.

Here is the view they are destroying, with state money.  In following photos, the trees NOT protected with slats are imminently dead.

This outrage is not surprising.  Cambridge has a reprehensible city government which routinely destroys the environment, and simply lies about its own holiness, and the fake groups massively repeat the lie.

I reported a few weeks ago the motion by the Cambridge City Council to get moving on destruction on the Cambridge Common.

The timing very clearly matches their yelling at the Olympics organizers who want to undo at least part of the inexcusable outrage inflicted by Cambridge and its friends on the Magazine Beach playing fields.

So the destruction will occur before the fake groups pull out the troops lying that Cambridge is holier than thou while the Olympics organizers are something else.

A communication to the Cambridge City Council with photos is posted on YouTube at  It is includes photos presenting my outrage.  My cable show is now in its 20th year, and an environmentally very bad City Council / friends are rapidly getting more vile.

Standard technique.  Destroy, destroy, destroy.  Hide behind the fake groups.  Yell at people not as destructive as you.  And keep up the non stop holier than thou mantra.