Friday, January 06, 2012

Cambridge Chronicle: Praise for Al Vellucci, scorn for the Cambridge, MA Political Machine

I have printed the same proposed letter to the editor twice in this blog.

It was published yesterday, January 5, 2012, by the Cambridge Chronicle, on the editorial page, page 8 in a middle spot with a significant editorial improvement.

The major problem with my letter was the fact that I did not communicate the reason I was motivated to write it.

Two weeks ago, the Chronicle printed a op ed concerning Harvard Yard. It concluded with: “Where are George Orwell and Al Vellucci when you need them?”

I was so pleased with the op ed and its conclusion that I wrote a letter spinning off from the conclusion. I started the letter with my quote of the conclusion. I just neglected to explain where the statement came from.

In my two publications here, I carefully explained where it came from. The Chronicle had no such option. The editor very nicely resolved the problem by omitting the reason why I wrote the letter and titling the letter “Reprehensible.”

I frequently need a good editor. I had one here. I appreciate the improvement and I thank him both for the improvement and for the printing.

It has not been published on line yet. It if is, I will modify this blog accordingly.

The first of my publications of the unedited letter on this blog with a much longer explanation may be read at The actual letter was published in section 2 with a lot of explation.

The publication was without the first sentence, and with the title “Reprehensible.”