Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photo of Bert

Here is the photo of Bert made by the nice people who saved him and returned him to the Destroyed Nesting Area on Sunday, the 6th.

Bert, very clearly, is an Emden Goose, very similar in looks to a lot of the beleaguered Charles River 30 year residents under attack by Massachusetts’ Department of Conservation and Recreation and under attack by Cambridge, MA, USA.

The background of this photo is the hillside which supports the on ramp to Memorial Drive. That on ramp in turn is the northern boundary of the area with so much destruction.

This hillside is important because the sick people from the DCR / their agents the Charles River Conservancy did not bother destroying the hillside vegetation. They just destroyed almost all ground vegetation between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse.

If DCR / CRC had not run around destroying things, all that dirt on the ground would be as lush as this hillside.

One possible explanation is that the geese cannot walk on such a slope. There was no value to DCR / CRC in destroying the hillside. Their heartless animal abuse was satisfied by destroying the vegetation on flat land.

Sorry about the delay in posting. It took a lot of figuring to decide how to work around the “improvements” in Yahoo, and it was strictly a wild guess in the middle of doing something else that retrieved this lovely photo.