Thursday, September 04, 2014

Worst Cambridge Common destruction almost certain to be deferred until after Cheung’s primary election.

I went by the Cambridge Common an hour or so ago.

The fencing I reported in my last report on the Cambridge Common outrage is strictly on the far side of the core destruction area from Harvard Square.  It appears to enclose the northeast (far) corner of the Cambridge Common.

There are trees slated for destruction in or near this area.  Given the true horror of the plans at the Harvard Square entrance, I have not evaluated them.  This is the real horror of dealing with this vile government.  Destruction which normally could shock is simply ignored in light of the truly vile destruction a few hundred feet away.

The impression is that the extremely irresponsible destruction will almost certainly occur after the primary election for Lt. Governor in which Councilor Cheung is running, next Tuesday.

This is very much a normal pattern in the fraudulent environmental situation which is the norm in Cambridge government.  The really bad stuff gets done after it could hurt the bad guys in elections.

Here are my photos of two sides of the trees closest to Harvard Square on the Cambridge Common, first before construction initiation, then as of about a week ago.  First the shot is from the Harvard Square side, then from the opposite side.

Look carefully at the latter photo.  I believe only one of the trees in that photo is protected from destruction.

Then again, the primary election is next Tuesday.

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