Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Is Harvard’s Off Ramp from the Mass. Pike (I90) to Cambridge about the Geese?

1. Question from Anjell Bejanian on facebook concerning Harvard’s off ramp over the Charles River from Mass. Pike to Cambridge.
2. Editor’s response, with some adds.

1. Question from Anjell Bejanian on facebook concerning Harvard’s off ramp over the Charles River from Mass. Pike to Cambridge.

Forgive me Robert for sounding stupid, but is this about the Geese?

2. Editor’s response, with some adds.

My biggest problem in these reports is avoiding getting off on the multiple games going on. With the Charles River White Geese the most visible and most beloved victims.

The environmental destruction on the Cambridge side is stemmed directly to this off ramp relocation and related items.

At absolute minimum, the presence of living and popular animals is very destructive to their cause.

Directly, and obviously related is the planned destruction of hundreds of trees to straighten out Memorial Drive to take the mess.

Putting the off ramp on the Grand Junction puts it in the middle of the Geese habitat, plus it is highly likely that the Destroyed Nesting Area is foreseen as future location of toll booths.

This relocation also moves more traffic to Memorial Drive in the other direction. The bridge across Memorial Drive was just rebuilt to Interstate standards. The advance description, of course, was “repairs.” Tearing down an underheight overpass and replacing it with a higher overpass able to take Interstate traffic is described as “repairs” only in the corrupt world which manages the Charles River.

They are divvying up the spoils variously as well. The nesting area has shown on certain city maps as the "BU Triangle." BU conducted the first destruction in 1999 and tried to turn it into a recreation area. The only beings to really use it were the animals who were attacked by this much less extensive destruction.

Magazine Beach is used as graduation facilities for BU. The building of that bizarre wall to starve the white geese is another step toward the divvying up of the river bank. They find living animals offensive and inappropriate for their new greater world in which the banks of the river belong to the insitutions.

The tree destruction, in turn, is the second phase in making the Cambridge side of the Charles River the personal property of MIT, but, once again, living animals are antithetical to their idea of a college campus, unless somebody is paid to install the living animals.

Maps of the off ramp planning show a highway directly connecting to Memorial Drive east through woods which are to the east of the nesting area and used for nesting to the extent the real nesting area is destroyed.

All ground in that woods has had its ground vegetation destroyed by the Charles River "Conservancy" at the same time as they destroyed a third or more of the ground vegetation in the nesting area.

Then you get into that very destructive east west highway for another collection of destroyers.

Good question. Thank you.