Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 379, Silence, Bad Guys, Info on Monteiro

1. Day 379.
2. Archie Mazmanian: Silence.
3. Inexcusable behavior from the bad guys.
4. Monteiro.

Bob La Trémouille reports.

1. Day 379.

I did a visibility on Wednesday, September 9.

Really nice reception from the public. Very nice.

A lot of people were very distressed at the obvious distress of the gaggle.

2. Archie Mazmanian: Silence.

Archie Mazmanian reports:

As the annihilation of the Charles River White Geese continues under the auspices of state and local government continues, soon we shail hear no more of their honking - SILENCE!

But preceding this "final solution" of state and local government, we have had SILENCE from:

Governor Patrick and his administration
Cambridge Senators/Representatives
Cambridge municipal officials (elected/appointed)
Non-profit conservation (so-called) groups

on the plight of the White Geese. This SILENCE has been deafening. Maybe years from now when government officials plan a similar annihilation, they may comfort their consciences with: "Who remembers the Charles River White Geese?"

Some of us will remember. Don't get mad, get even.

3. Inexcusable behavior from the bad guys.

The dirty trick is for the really reprehensible to masquerade as decent human beings.

A long time but now past incumbent city councilor gave me a great big wave and a smile as I left Marilyn’s on Tuesday. The look of my face in response was not pleasant.

Last night, after the visibility, Marilyn and I were at a city council candidate’s night in East Cambridge. One of the more hypocritical of the fake environmentalists on the city council did not quite approach me as aggressively as Marilyn’s neighbor. He also did not get any response, rather than the recognition of stench passed on to his compatriot.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a lot of these events. We do not report them unless there is a reason.

I mentioned to the below lady that I have a copy of the key Monteiro decision posted on this blog (link to the right at the top).

Before I left early, another candidate came to get specifics on how to get the opinion.

The various very destructive fake environmentalists are running around claiming to be environmentalists. These lies are how they get reelected.

One of the most destructive, Representative Walz, is doing a speech to a City Manager group this evening bragging about her sanctity.

The very destructive fake environmentalists on the City Council have scheduled two fake meetings to lie to the public that they are holier than thou. One meeting, on September 17, will be held a few blocks from the Charles River. A second will be held in City Hall on September 24.

I agree with the judge, “reprehensible.” Notice of appeal filed.

4. Monteiro.

I had an excellent conversation with a lady working for one of the non-incumbents at the Candidate’s Night. Both she and the non-incumbent are attorneys and she has actually looked at and copied many of the real Monteiro papers. I have not. Whenever I have looked for things, the file has been on the judge’s desk. I have since been happy with working from the docket on line.

The most recent hearing on the Monteiro case occurred on August 26. This should have been on a motion by the plaintiff to clarify the judgement. This lady tells me that the plaintiff is concerned about the effective date for award of interest on the damages.

Interest is of major importance because, even without a change, the judgment awarded something like $500,000 in interest, in addition to the $4.5 million plus damages (including $3.5 million penal).