Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monteiro: $6.9 million for destroying a woman’s life, not for discrimination.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

I have now seen two key people describe the judge and jury’s award to Malvina Monteiro as a discrimination award.

If it were a discrimination award, it would not even come close to that number.

The key number, $3.5 million, is penal damages for destroying Malvina Monteiro’s life in retaliation for her filing the claim.

“Reprehensible” is the judge’s word which the judge used as part of her finding. The judge clearly demonstrated the city manager’s destruction of Malvina Monteiro’s life in retaliation for Malvina Monteiro filing the civil rights claim.

Cambridge has a city council which, as usual, does not want to know what it is doing. The city council’s lack of interest in what it is doing, tars the city council with the condemnation by judge and jury.

If the city council were decent human beings, the city council would be firing the city manager without pension and without golden parachute, with permission of the judge.

Treating the Cambridge city manager the way he deserves would establish precedent, but it difficult to think of a fact situation which would more justify this precedent.

So, as you hear people saying this nonsense that the $6.9 million is a discrimination payment, listen to the judge.

Read her summary of the key evidence, as stated in her key opinion (

Read her summary of the award in her judgment, in my immediately preceding post.

The judge, as she was summarizing the award, spoke of: “Ms. Monteiro's voluntary dismissal of the [discrimination] claims in May of 2008". These Cambridge activists are making statements of award with regard to a complaint the Plaintiff has dismissed.

Cambridge has a reprehensible city manager and a reprehensible city council. All that is needed to see just how reprehensible the city council is is the fact that the city council considers the city manager’s behavior normal.

Cambridge has a situation in which a lot of people constantly just cannot understand what is going on. So people describe a reality which does not exist. And this fake reality gives decent human beings the impression that a really bad city government is something other than it is.

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