Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cambridge Machine replaces Con Game to hide destruction with outright Destruction Game at Magazine Beach, with help from the State Rep, Jay Livingstone

When you are dealing with the Cambridge Machine, there are certain aspects which are a predictable part of the script.

The city manager wants as much retail as he can get away with. The Cambridge Machine wants as much retail as they can get away with.

Increase in traffic is irrelevant. They want retail.

Destruction of open space is irrelevant. They want retail.

Destruction of first floor housing is irrelevant. They want retail.

Destruction of the environment because retail generates much more traffic than the uses it destroys is irrelevant. They want retail.

The real key is taxes, taxes, taxes. The city manager wants taxes and destroys what stands in the way.


A company union lives to hold down responsible people with fake protection. If they can convert fake protection to flat out destruction, a company union does so.

That is the situation on Magazine Beach.

The “report” on Magazine Beach has gone from lying about protecting the environment (and do not look at their belligerent destruction and heartless animal abuse) to flat out destruction. Hiding destructive behavior through a ten minute corrupt vote which will then be kept secret has been replaced with bragging about destruction.

They want retail, retail, retail.

They lie that they love Magazine Beach while suppressing the massive destruction inflicted by irresponsible city and state governments. They indulge in belligerently corrupt practices to expand the destruction that they tell people to ignore.

Now, the State Rep, Jay Livingstone, at their beholding is authorizing retail, retail, retail.

How dare you have anything approaching a meaningful environment. They want retail.

And the City Manager / Company Union / Cambridge Machine fight for retail, retail, retail, has expanded to Magazine Beach.


To Hell with peace and quiet, even if in the middle of a deliberately poisoned environment.

To Hell with peace and quiet even if in the middle of heartless animal abuse.

They want more. They are getting away with an outrage.

They want more.


They want retail, retail, retail.

And it is coming. With help of the State Representative.

Although the bill has not fully passed yet, it is coming.


And the hypocrites lie that they love Magazine Beach.


Interestingly, so many upzonings of neighborhood streets to retail, retail, retail, have been passed by an irresponsible city council, but have been unsuccessful.

The developers are so often too responsible to put in retail where an irresponsible government and irresponsible Cambridge Machine demands retail, retail, retail.

That is like the upzoning of Harvard’s properties west of Western Avenue on Memorial Drive. The con game / Cambridge Machine “planning” called for destruction so irresponsible that Harvard was too responsible to accept the falsely named “neighborhood petition” maneuver by the Cambridge Machine.

But Magazine Beach is not private development.

Magazine Beach is the City of Cambridge, its destructive friends in the state bureaucracy, and the belligerently irresponsible Cambridge Machine.


And the Cambridge Machine has proven successful in hiding outrage after outrage after outrage.

But they give the non stop lie that they love the Charles River.

And the people pulling the strings love retail, retail, retail.

And do not look at the environmental destruction or the heartless animal abuse which they are getting less subtle about supporting / working for.