Friday, June 10, 2011

Supposed environmental protector blesses destruction at Alewife with SILENCE in a letter about Alewife

A “Friend of Alewife”’s letter in the June 9, 2011 Cambridge Chronicle concerning the Alewife flood plain is highly distressing. She has spent 15 years or so running around calling herself and her friends the Friends of Alewife.

Cambridge and the state have just started to destroy the core Alewife reservation for flood storage that should be placed under a massive parking lot a few hundred feet to the south.

I saw this person at the destruction area at the beginning of the destruction. She is fully aware that the core Alewife reservation is being needless destroyed.

Her letter continued her lovely words about peripheral and much less winnable matters over a 15 year period plus at least one letter supporting the destruction of the core Alewife reservation.

SILENCE in this letter from a supposed protector combined with yelling ON THE EXACT SAME ISSUE in nearby, less important areas, says everything.

Her actions over the past 15 years have told people to look at everything except that which is most important and which WAS winnable.

Her fake protective organization, with its connections to powers-that-be in Cambridge, succeeded in accomplishing the City of Cambridge’s goals: DESTROY ALEWIFE and keep people busy chasing their tails RATHER THAN PROBABLY PREVENTING THE DESTRUCTION.

This is what passes for environmentalism in Eastern Massachusetts and in the City of Cambridge, MA, USA.