Monday, August 08, 2011

DCR Manager praised in Boston Sunday Globe Article

1. DCR Manager praised in Boston Sunday Globe article.
2. Editor’s analysis.

1. DCR Manager praised in Boston Sunday Globe article.

Archie Mazmanian reports:

[Sunday, 8/7/11]’s Globe Magazine has an excerpt from David Gessner's book "My Green Manifesto" about his trip with Dan Driscoll down the Charles River four summers ago. Here's a paragraph that caught my eye:

"As [Driscoll] paddles, he describes what he calls his 'radical idea' that being environmental isn't about education or politics. It's about what Thoreau called 'contact.' Falling in love with something - a place, an animal - and then fighting for it."

The Boston Public Library did not have this book when I last checked. But it does have about eight (8) of Gessner's books on the environment. So I think he's for real.

As for Dan Driscoll, described as a director at the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation, I recall dealing with him several years ago regarding encroachments on the Charles River by property owners. On behalf of a client who owned property along the Charles River in Watertown that Dan's Department claimed was encroaching, my research indicated that he was correct and a settlement was reached that was fair and reasonable. Such settlements were made along extensive portions of the Charles in Watertown and across the river in Newton and public pathways were installed.

I'm looking forward to reading the book. My series has focused mostly on the portion of the Charles downstream from Watertown Square. But there is much more to the river upstream and the health of the rive r in its entirety is important to all of us. I don't know if Gessner makes specific reference to the plight of the Charles River White Geese; but the short quote above sounds like what your Blog has been doing.

Archie Mazmanian

2. Editor’s analysis.

I separately, and essentially at the same time as Archie’s comments, received an email link to a Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) blog article on the most recent fake public meeting concerning Magazine Beach.

The key presenter of the state’s plans at the fake public meeting was Dan Driscoll.

I have a mental blockage as to Mr. Driscoll’s record outside that bizarre presentation. I do have a very strong negative evaluation of the environmental destruction which he called "improvements," and thus of the qualifications of the person making the claims of “improvements.”

Mr. Driscoll, subject to censorship of negative responses by the falsely named Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, presented the plans of the bureaucracy to continue their “improvements” at Magazine Beach.

The existing “improvements” include heartless animal abuse of the Charles River White Geese by barring them from their 30 year habitat and correspondingly deliberately starving them.

The existing “improvements” include destruction of viable, environmentally responsible, grass which occupied Magazine Beach for the better part of a century.

The existing “improvements” include replacement of the environmentally responsible grass with sickly stuff that cannot survive without poisons, poisons being dumped on the banks of the Charles to keep alive that sickly stuff which should never have been introduced in the first place.

The existing “improvements” include reduction of the size of the playing fields to make room for complicated drainage systems to drain off poisons which should not be dumped in the first place.

The existing “improvements” include walling off of Magazine Beach with bizarre introduced vegetation that prevents access between the Charles River and Magazine Beach. This bizarre stuff replaces native vegetation needed for protection of migratory waterfowl. I have seen the Boston Conservation Commission horrified by the destruction of the same vegetation by the falsely named Charles River Conservancy. Cambridge and Driscoll consider this bizarre wall an “improvement.”

That bizarre wall is the only bordering vegetation on the Charles River Basis which is not chopped down twice a year. It just grows and gets more destructive.

The existing “improvements” include apparent blocking off of the boat ramp which has been there for the better part of a century.

The existing “improvements” put to lie the claims of the bureaucrats that they are restricting the use of the banks of the Charles River to water related uses.

The plans announced by Driscoll to further “improve” their environmental destruction include destruction of a picnic area across from Magazine Street by destroying its vehicular access. This picnic area is used by the little guy, the lower classes which are not dignified for recognition by Cambridge and the planners.

It is my very strong opinion that the planners at the DCR are unfit for their jobs. What is being done at Magazine Beach and on the Charles River are very strong indicators of that.

Our world is being destroyed by people who have contempt our world. The most environmentally valuable parts of our world are casually destroyed because they would not fit in somebody’s garden. So the gardeners destroy the animals who need the ugly vegetation.

As for the animals whose lives are destroyed at the same time, and who need that stuff?

The people who are destroying those animals are the people who are destroying our world.

They do not give a damn.

But the destroyers very aggressively praise each other.

Oh, as previously reported, a few weeks later, after censoring negative comments on Magazine Beach destruction with loud proclamation of “neutrality,” the falsely named Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association joined with the falsely named Charles River Conservancy in conducting a party on the Charles River. This party was described as a “celebration.” They neglected to mention that the “celebration” was of the environmental destruction at Magazine Beach.

The destroyers very aggressively praise each other.

And they love fake names.