Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boston Conservation Commission on MWRA at BU Bridge

1. Report.
2. Marilyn Comments.
3. The notice.

1. Report.

This coming Wednesday, at 6:30 pm, the Boston Conservation Commission will conduct a hearing concerning the Massachusetts Water Resources Commission “Cottage Farm/Brookline Connection and Inflow Controls Project, Soldiers Field Road, Charles River, Boston”.

Our initial impression was that it concerned the oil spill that occurred earlier this year because of, it would appear, sloppy work by a delivery person.

On rereading the below notice, however, it could concern work that was done on the Boston side just west of the BU Bridge.

If you are interested, the Boston City Hall entrance used is in the back end of Boston City Hall facing Faneuil Hall. The entrance is at the ground level not too far to the Cambridge side of the big stair well coming down from the plaza in the direction of Faneuil Hall.

This was quite major work. The DCR apparently coordinated major environmental destruction in what was wildlife habitat to the west.

2. Marilyn Comments.

If the hearing's in Boston it's not I think about the oil spill, which was on the Cambridge side.

Some years ago MWRA announced they were changing the configuration of pipes to and from Cottage Farm on the Boston side. This must be a hearing at the end of that project.

As we know, at the BU Bridge, the DCR has opted for the stormwater system that most damages public parkland at the White Geese's nesting area, rather than tie in to the MWRA's, Cambridge's, or its own adjacent sewers. It may have been possible to combine it with the MWRA's work now finishing up, with attendant savings.

3. The notice.

In accordance with the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, M.G.L. Chapter 131, Section 40, the Boston Conservation Commission will hold a public hearing in Boston City Hall, Room 801 on November 17, 2010 to review the following projects to determine what conditions, if any, the Commission will impose in order to protect the interests of the public and private water supply, ground water, prevention of pollution, flood control, prevention of storm damage, protection of fisheries and land containing shellfish, and protection of wildlife habitat:

6:00 PM Enforcement Order issued to Cedar Grove Cemetery for work conducted in areas subject to protection under the Wetlands Protection Act without a valid Order of Conditions, 920 Adams Street, Dorchester.

6:15 PM Update from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation on Order of Conditions DEP File No. 006-0647, issued for the construction of a water transportation docking facility adjacent to 500 Atlantic Avenue and Russia Wharf, Fort Point Channel, Boston.

6:30 PM Request for Certificate of Compliance for Order of Conditions DEP File No. 006-1142 from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority for the Cottage Farm/Brookline Connection and Inflow Controls Project, Soldiers Field Road, Charles River, Boston.