Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 399 at the Destroyed Nesting Area, Environmental destroyer defrauding people into “like”s?

1. Day 399 — Environmental Conditions.
2. Day 399 — good people.
3. Fake organization on the Charles, fake organizations in Cambridge.
4. Summary.

1. Day 399 — Environmental Conditions.

On Tuesday, April 26, 2011, in the early rush hour, I conducted the 399th visibility at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

These poor things are wandering around in a wasteland of dirt where ground vegetation used to thrive. Almost all ground vegetation between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse to the east has been destroyed since the state started using the falsely named Charles River Conservancy for vegetation destruction.

There was a pile of hay bales in the portion of the former wild area which has been used for staging which should be placed in neighboring locations which are not environmentally sensitive.

The 50 foot bare strip next to the BU Bridge remains exactly that, bare, even after the reason for the destruction has disappeared. That destruction was accomplished to do repairs to that side of the BU Bridge.

2. Day 399 — good people.

The reception was excellent. Lots of people waiving as they go by. 2/3 to 3/4 of pedestrians happily accepted flier.

One woman initially refused a flier. Then she saw my sign.

“Oh, it’s for the geese. Please give me one.”

The thing that got me going, however, was a gentleman who did not take a flier. He slapped me on the shoulder and told me he had already “liked” us on facebook.

Our leaflets encourage people to “friend” the Charles River White Geese on facebook.

“Like”, however, gave me a strong double take. We friend. We do not look for likes.

Was he defrauded?

3. Fake organization on the Charles, fake organizations in Cambridge.

A week or so ago, a supposed neighborhood association held what they call a public meeting on Magazine Beach / the Charles River.

This group was created in coordination with the city manager’s staff and have been very effective promoting his causes and the causes of the Cambridge Pols. Fake organizations of this sort are commonly controlled by the Cambridge Pols and used for the benefit of the city manager and city council while lying to people that good people are doing good things.

The fake meeting on Magazine Beach was notable for blatant censorship which is not at all unusual in these fake groups.

The group EXPLICITLY prohibited negative comment in response to lovely promises by the state.

The Charles River Conservancy is even worse. Charles River Destroyers would be a fair name. This destructive group is part of and supports massive environmental destruction. But it goes by a fake name that gives the clear statement that it is fighting to conserve the Charles River, not destroy it.

But it has a facebook page using its false and misleading name, a name strikingly close to Charles River White Geese.

Is this fake group defrauding its way into support?

It is bad enough for it to be praising and accomplishing outright destruction combined with the false and misleading name. People who want the Charles to be treasured and protected are fooled into supporting this destructive group without it doing more.

It is completely irresponsible for this destructive entity, through its fake name alone, to be attracting people who would be friending the Charles River White Geese except for the very similar and very false name.

If you have friends who want to support the Charles River White Geese and found themselves “liking” The Charles River Conservancy, a group with a long record of fighting for the destruction of the Charles River White Geese, tell your friends they have been defrauded.

If your friends want to support environmental protection, they should be “friending” the Charles River White Geese, not “liking” the fraudulently named Charles River Conservancy.

4. Summary.

If you are pro environment and pro Charles River, you want to friend the Charles River White Geese.

The LAST thing you want to do is LIKE the Charles River Conservancy.

This is the destroyers’ front organization, deliberately misnamed to fool good people into thinking they are pro environment.

The reality is we are dealing with very destructive people who can only get the support of good people by LYING about where they are coming from.

Do not sucker for the lies.