Monday, May 28, 2012

Friendships, geese to humans, and geese to geese

1. Lovely story on YouTube.
2. Our comparable experience — Toulouse geese at the nesting area, 2000 plus.
3. Summary.

We had a nice exchange on facebook which I would like to pass on to you.

1. Lovely story on YouTube.

Ellen was kind enought to post a link on facebook to a story about a Toulouse Goose who took a strong friendship to a man she met in the park. It is posted at: At one point, the report shows the goose flying along withr her friend as he drives away on a motor scooter.

2. Our comparable experience — Toulouse geese at the nesting area, 2000 plus.

Ellen and I had the following exchange based on my observations among the Charles River White Geese:

A. Your editor

We had two Toulouse Geese in residence starting in fall 2000. One mated with one of the whites. They tried to have babies for several years until they finally succeeded.

The behavior of the mate out of mating season was similar, but not as extensive, as that of Maria. During mating season the Toulouse stayed with her mate, but she went back to her sister when she did not have babies. When she went back with her sister, the mate, whom we called Lothario, made friends with a lady who was a regular visitor. He was very talkative with his human friend.

Eventually, they had a family and she stayed with her mate and the family. That was not good for her sister, or for the human friend of Lothario.

B. Ellen.

so it seems the best way to work with them is to not get too closely involved. but i have never figured out how to do that

C. Your editor.

I would not say that. I was just relating a situation which I considered similar.

The Toulouse stayed with her mate when mating was her dominant mentality. When she was with her mate, her sister guest sat on nests so that the mother who belonged to the eggs in the nest could do other things.

The mated Toulouse recognized her duties to her sister when the mating mentality declined but pretty much abandoned her mate at such times.

Her mate found substitutes in friendly humans particularly this one lady.

When they had their babies, the mated Toulouse was a dutiful mother and mate, to the disadvantage of her sister and her mate's friend.

The mated toulouse had conflicting duties which she fulfilled to the best of her ability.

Humans behave very similarly but they do not go back to the mate later. So, it seems reasonable to me to think that the mated Toulouse behaved more responsibly than do humans.

D. Ellen.

seems most animals behave better than humans

3. Summary.

The horror of the situation on the Charles River, at Alewife and too many other locations, involving the City of Cambridge, MA, USA, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the fake groups, and too many non profits is the corrupt world in which people / organizations lie that they are decent entities or holier than thou and, in reality, behave as terribly as they do.

There are many really rotten people in our world. The situation on the Charles River, at Alewife, and related involves really rotten people who lie about which side they are on and rope good people into helping the rotters do terrible things. That is corruption.