Friday, April 10, 2015

Charles River — Cambridge Common Logging — City Councilor Brags, almost

Charles River — Cambridge Common Logging — City Councilor Brags, almost

I have received a weekly email blurb from Cambridge, MA, USA, City Councilor Nadeem Mazen.

When he was elected, I thought he could possibly be one voice of decency in an otherwise environmentally vile City Council.  This impression was supported by the apparent interest of known vile members in not wanting to know about him.   Oh boy, has he corrected my impression.

Buried as the ninth item in his weekly report, Councilor Nadeem Mazen brags of the outrage on the Cambridge Common.

As near as I can figure out, he claims to be destroying 21 excellent trees to “facilitate the improvement work.”  He uses the word “remove.”  These vile people love euphemisms.

It would appear that the 21 excellent trees are in the way of his beautiful paths.

Normal people think that paths are created by excellent trees.  In his apparently claimed “opinion” these 21 excellent trees and the magnificent grove they create are in the way of his beautiful paths.

That is rather clearly a rewording of the claim that these 21 excellent trees and the excellent entrance they create are blocking the monument.

The repeated use of this “21" number among the Guilty has its own stench.  The plan clearly calls for destruction of fine, healthy trees away from the entrance grove.  The only open question is just how massive the destruction will be.  There are a lot, a lot of trees not protected by slats which do not fall into that “21" number.  Lies of omission are normal in the City of Cambridge when destroying the environment.

And the number of saplings being bragged about sounds more compatible with all those other not protected trees.

All of this, in turn, translates into a project which exists as nothing but a lovely way to put money in the pockets of the contractors.  Pay the contractors to destroy.  Pay contractors to put in saplings as “replacements” which, in turn, would be destroyed by the same contractors or their brethren as is convenient in the future.  The contractors love it.

To Hell with people who object to destruction of our world, but keep up the non stop lie of environmentalism.

In this sick world of Cambridge, MA, USA, excellent, healthy trees are in the way of saplings to brag about planting.

Mature, excellent trees and the magnificent beauty of the grove they create have no value to these people.  The cumulative destruction of our world is irrelevant.  These pols can’t brag about not destroying excellent trees.  They can brag about planting saplings to replace trees they should not be destroying in the first place, and, of course, neglect to mention the total, irresponsible waste.

The voters are not told of the total, vile waste.

Councilor Mazen is one of the new members whom I previously referred to as Guilty because they got and ignored my detailed letter to the Cambridge City Council with photographs of the pending outrage.

This is no longer a matter of failure to perform when aware of an outrage.  This is a matter of bragging of an outrage.

A very common situation with a Cambridge pol.  He cannot possibly be as stupid as his “explanation” seems to imply.