Sunday, April 27, 2014

MassDOT to Present in Cambridge, MA, thinking on Mass Pike near the Charles River; undisclosed conflicts in April 10 speakers

1. General.
2. Cambridge “Activists”: Usual failure to mention very relevant connections.
3. MassDOT Notice.

1. General.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) held a meeting in Union Square in the Allston neighborhood of Boston on April 10, 2014 concerning their plans for the portion of the Massachusetts Turnpike (I90) near the Charles River.

I have reported on the meeting and transmitted on this blog two letters to the MassDOT manager on the matter.

MassDOT has now announced a meeting on the matter to be conducted at 6 pm on May 1, 2014 in Cambridge, MA, City Hall, in the main city meeting room, the Sullivan Chamber.

MassDOT is living up to my opinion of MassDOT. At the April 10 meeting I strongly encouraged meetings in Cambridge because of the possible impacts on Cambridge. They are complying.

A copy of the formal notice of meeting is reprinted in section 3, below. It was forwarded by the State Representative representing the Cambridgeport neighborhood. Regrettably, he has been assisting the Cambridge Machine.

2. Cambridge “Activists”: Usual failure to mention very relevant connections.

I anticipate that a letter to the extent of the following will be sent to the key engineer at MassDOT:


For your information, there were significant undisclosed connections between people testifying at the April 10, 2014, meeting and one of Cambridge’s largest developers.

There is a destructive “bicycle” group which meets on the campus of that developer. None of the supposedly independent bicycle activists disclosed the connection.

There was a group which calls itself something like a “Livable Streets” group. Last I heard, that group had its office on the campus of the same developer. The group never disclosed the connection.

The creator of the “Livable Streets” group was promoted after a period to full time staffer on the Cambridge Development Department. I attended one of his first meetings in which they were supposedly looking for public input on ways to improve transportation matters. I suggested it would be a good idea for Cambridge to end its 20 year lie on the Urban Ring Subway river crossings. Cambridge has consistently lied that its favored, and environmentally destructive, crossing of the Charles River is the only river crossing under consideration. I somehow disappeared from the mailing lists after that comment and my written confirmations.

The lie on the Urban Ring river crossings is that Cambridge states that the only crossing which exists is the BU Bridge crossing.

I first proposed the Kenmore Crossing to the MBTA in 1986. It was adopted as an alternative in 1991, five years after I first proposed it. The destructiveness of the BU Bridge crossing was my driving factor.

Cambridge’s favored crossing requires Yawkey Station to be moved three blocks. The legislature has subsidized Yawkey Station in place with major assistance to a project being built there which includes Yawkey Station. This subsidy makes it highly likely that Yawkey Station will not move. So Cambridge is lying that the less likely crossing is the only crossing under consideration, more than 20 years after its repeated statement that there is only one crossing became blatantly false.

The developer is a major beneficiary of significant planned destruction on the Charles River in other matters as well. So it is fascinating to see the supposedly “independent” entities being so quiet on their lack of independence. And I have gone into detail on the Charles River White Geese Blog on how the “activists” will be stabbed in the back in favor of a more responsible bike highway to the Charles River from the north, with photos.

3. MassDOT Notice.

Notice of Public Meeting

The City of Cambridge and Cambridge Legislators

will be hosting an

Informational Meeting

for the

I-90 Allston Interchange Project

May 1st 6:00 p.m. at Cambridge City Hall, Sullivan Chamber

The purpose of this meeting is to provide Cambridge residents with an opportunity to learn more about the I-90 Allston Interchange project. This is a MassDOT highway project that will straighten the Massachusetts Turnpike in the area of the Allston toll-plaza with the goals of reducing traffic, improving safety, and enabling all-electronic, open-road tolling. Rail, bus, bicycle, and pedestrian improvements may also be included as parts of this project.

The City and local legislators will be hosting an informational meeting on May 1st at 6:00 pm in the Sullivan Chamber of Cambridge City Hall. MassDOT officials will be on hand to discuss the project and answer questions.

Any questions or requests prior to the meeting can be made to Rep. Toomey’s office by calling 617-722-2380.