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Charles River: What is being destroyed next, Part 2, “Dead and Dying” reality of Magazine Beach, Early History of the Outrages.

Charles River: What is being destroyed next, Part 2, “Dead and Dying” reality of Magazine Beach, Early History of the Outrages.

1. Introduction and Relevant Early History of the Charles River White Geese.
2. Report 2.

1. Introduction and Relevant Early History of the Charles River White Geese.

This is the second report in a series.  The first report, Part 1, The Summary, 6/10/17, is posted at

Because of the great detail in the first report, this report will minimize the overall detail, but needs to give some for the new readers, and will go into relevant history of the outrages on the Charles River.

The horror of the destruction being inflicted on the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, USA, in part, is that it stems from flat out fraud.  Fraud is crucial in Cambridge because Cambridge has responsible voters that demand responsible behavior.  So you get fraud.

On April 24, 2017, members of the Cambridge City Council loudly praised themselves as environmental saints on the front steps of Cambridge City Hall.  After this extended self praise, they went indoors, to work.  The very first order they passed requested from the Cambridge City Manager  funding for destruction of 54 trees on Magazine Beach on the Charles River.  Key in the order were three words which were flat out lies, “dead and dying.”  Those words gave the impression that all 54 trees were “dead and dying” as opposed to the reality that a tiny portion of “dead and dying” trees exist, and this tiny portion is claimed to justify destroying all 54 trees.

In response to flat out lies and belligerent corrupt tactics from those fighting for destruction, I have put together a detailed package which I have given to the Cambridge City Manager and which will formally be presented to the Cambridge City Council at its meeting on June 12, 2017.  The package I am giving to Cambridge officials runs 51 color pages with easily more than a hundred plans and photos.  It is overwhelming to communicate all in one report on the Internet.

This report is based on the officially filed package with the Cambridge Conservation Commission, a black and white plan, and on a color propaganda supplement which admits more destruction in the midst of skillfully worded fraud.

The destruction in the area of Magazine Beach “protected” by fraudulent “protectors” with connection to the Cambridge Development Department increases in the latter plan, the propaganda piece.  The destruction (two healthy trees) in one area with MEANINGFUL protection is wiped out in the propaganda piece.

This is the second Internet report.  This report will communicate the beginning of the substantive parts of the package, that portion of Magazine Beach which is furthest east.  The sequence is running east to west starting at that portion where the Charles River White Geese lived for most of the 36 years they have lived on the Charles River.  This report shows that portion closest to the ghetto to which they have been confined.  The next report, report 3, is more core habitat, but they fed in this part, particularly section 3, until heartless animal abuse commenced.

To place things in perspective, the following plan mark up, prepared by me in 1999 or 2000, is based on the initial destruction plans which I got from the Department of Conservation and Recreation (then called the Metropolitan District Commission) in mid 1999.  When she gave me her plans, the MDC Planning Director ADMITTED that the MDC plans were based on plans of the then Cambridge City Manager.  The City Manager plans were first presented by another fake group in 1997.  To be exact, the MDC planning director went over the tiny differences between the two plans.

The area we will be showing in this report is to the left of the map.  A narrow strip of the area of this report is included in the left portion of this map.  Trees sketched at the top left of this map are probably being shown in the first photos in this report.  Note in the plan the area in the right portion of the plan.

There is a building in the middle of the area shown by this map.  It is owned by the state’s Metropolitan Water Resource Authority.

The MWRA has been friends to the Charles River White Geese.  The behavior of the MWRA has been exemplary  Their building is beautifully designed to have parkland on top of a pollution control plant.  The plant has been historically fenced off from the public.  The fencing was there long before the Charles River White Geese.

Workers in the plant, in 1981, brought the first members of the gaggle to the Charles River as guard animals.  They helped feed the Charles River White Geese until shift changes and heartless development by Cambridge and the DCR prevented their magnificent support.  The edge of the MWRA plant property at the water line is outside the historical fencing.  That area probably has been used for nesting by the Charles River White Geese.

At the bottom of this plan is shown a walkway on a structure in the Charles River. Three arrows point to the walkway.  In report 3, we will provide a photo of the only opening in the Starvation Wall created by Cambridge and the DCR.  This opening the Cambridge planners and the DCR want to retain (details there).  The Starvation Wall was deliberately created as an extension of the previously existing AND INNOCENT limitations in the MWRA facility.  That opening in the Starvation Wall was created slightly to the left of this plan.  That opening would connect to the proposed walkway shown in the plan.

The ghetto to which the Charles River White Geese are confined is at the far right of this map, just beyond the BU Bridge.  The path system shown in the plan in the Destroyed Nesting Area has been implemented, albeit not exactly, in the interim.  The walkway in the river has not yet been created. At the time of this plan, there was no opening in the upper left portion of the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

The Destroyed Nesting Area, then, was an established, tiny wilderness inhabited by free animals, and used by the Charles River White Geese primarily for nesting and for protection against storms.

First destruction, including the creation of the opening in the upper left, was accomplished by Boston University as agent for the DCR in November 1999.  BU entered the area the morning BEFORE a hearing on their destruction plans was to be held by the Cambridge Conservation Commission which has jurisdiction over a tiny strip next to the Charles River.

Boston University’s destruction was completed before they could legally START the plan they presented to the CCC.  The destruction by Boston University was a pittance compared to what has been done since.  The lawn they turned this wilderness into became a wilderness again over several years of non maintenance by the DCR.

Here is a photo taken in the last month or so of the Charles River White Geese in their ghetto.  The Charles River White Geese are shown resting in the area at the bottom right of the Map.  The blue is the Charles River.  The structure at the top right is the bridge of the Grand Junction Railroad which abuts the Destroyed Nesting Area to the right of the map.  The railroad formerly owned the Destroyed Nesting Area.  The railroaders were kind to free animals living in the Destroyed Nesting Area by leaving the Destroyed Nesting Area to the free animals.

The DCR and friends, among other horrors, have destroyed almost all the ground vegetation in the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.  This area was lush with vegetation before preliminary destruction by Boston University.  It became wild once again, after BU realized its community was not interested in using it as an extension of the BU campus.

Attacks on nests of the Charles River White Geese persisted by “unknown” individuals, WITH “DISAPPEARANCE” OF NESTING MOTHER GEESE, until a real nut got busy responding to the obvious behavior of friends of the DCR and Cambridge.  The apparent killer of nesting mother geese graduated to rape and murder there, after deafening silence on his goose killings by the Cambridge City Council.  The Cambridge City Council responded with the equivalent of a wink and a nod in spite of requests by the public to the Cambridge City Council.  THAT apparent goose killer is now incarcerated.

After these outrages, accelerating destruction at the Magazine Beach playing fields which culminated in the deliberate starvation of the Charles River White Geese commenced.

The line at the very top of the above map is the southern boundary of Memorial Drive, the boulevard on the northern side of the Charles River.  To the left top of the map is a ramp from Memorial Drive which shows in this, the 2d report, on the north side of the trees being destroyed.  To the right top is a ramp to Memorial Drive which is the northern boundary of the ghetto to which the Charles River White Geese are confined, their Destroyed Nesting Area.

This report, the 2d, and the coming 3d report present more than half the “dead and dying” trees which were claimed as justification for the Cambridge City Council vote to seek funding for the destruction of 54 trees at or near the Magazine Beach Reservation.  The motion did not mention how tiny the really “dead and dying” number is.  Our later reports in this series, and the City Manager / City Council package, show massive, excellent trees being destroyed.

The 3d report will go into the dumping of poisons on the banks of the Charles River and the walling off of the Charles River from Magazine Beach to starve the Charles River White Geese.  We will include and dismiss fake distractions in later reports.

The package is in full color.  The City Clerk routinely provides black and white copies of communications to the City Council.  I have edited the original package into five color PDF segments which may be distributed through email.  I am happy to provide them to all who wish to know reality.  Please just email me at for the full package..

You can also look at THE MOST RECENT PART OF the record of these terrible people.  The hundreds of trees plus animal habitat they have destroyed east of the BU Bridge is presented in our video on line at  The reality of their “improvements” after the destruction is presented at

Here is the second report on the next stage of the LATEST destruction.

2. Report 2.

The following index only appears once in the official package.  For convenience of the reader, we will repeat it in subsequent sections as applicable.  This report is edited to make it conform to the necessities of this Blog as opposed to the original paper format.

* * * *

Index to maps, Sections 2 to 7.

Here are the two halves of the Black and White Destruction Plan for the Playing Fields at Magazine Beach.  Marked on the map are portions of the map which show in sections of this report from section 2 to 7.  It may be read in very great detail by double-clicking.

2. Northeast corner of Playing Fields.

A. Maps.

B. General Analysis.

There are two changes between the documents.

One, hopefully, is inconsequential.  The two doomed trees at the northeast corner appear to be moved slightly east.  I hope this is just a correction.  It is my understanding that this destruction is primarily intended to create a fancy entrance.

In contrast to the mentality of the incompetents making these decisions, trees make nice parts of fancy entrances.

There are two added trees for destruction.  One tree south of the two at the upper right corner, one tree in the middle of three to the right of the entrance to the parking lot.

Fraudulent word games start showing themselves here.

C. Photos.

(1) Northeast Corner.

Here is the northeast corner of the playing field area.  To the right of the camera is the MWRA pollution control plant.  The red structure beyond the trees is Memorial Drive going over the traffic circle barely visible under it.  From here, to the right, the roads connect to the BU Bridge.

There is a grove of four trees at this corner.  The DCR wants to destroy three.

Below are photos of the two easternmost trees at the street.  In the first photo, the left tree is not to be destroyed.  The right tree in the photo and the plans is condemned.

This photo gives a view of the doomed tree from the sidewalk.  Look at the magnificent protection for pedestrians from each of this pair of trees, doomed and not doomed.

Below is a view of that tree from the rear with the second doomed tree in the distance (third from the right in the plan).

And below is a second photo of the second doomed tree.  The second doomed, the third from the right, is clearly inferior to the second from the right.

Here is the southern most tree of the four, with this latter tree in the background.  This is the tree that was added in the word game edition.

This is a pretty good tree, young but pretty good.

In this four tree grove there is one that is clearly dead, front, 3d from the right.

Why destroy three?  One is dead.

The propaganda piece says the other two only have 50 years (or the equivalent) left to live.  One is in middle life.  The other is young.

The DCR and Cambridge consider that adequate excuse to destroy them.

Reality:   The DCR and Cambridge want a fancy entrance here.  The DCR and Cambridge routinely destroy trees for fancy plans.

Reality of reality.  Remember why these DCR planners got the MDC destroyed?   Make work for contractors.   Their contractor buddies like to get paid for destroying trees.  And they like to get paid for putting in “replacements” for trees they should not have destroyed in the first place.

Plus, is the Cambridge Development Department so overstaffed that it is destroying healthy trees as make work for itself?

I have a solution.  Save money and the environment by pruning planners.

(2) Trees to the east of the entrance to the playing field parking lot.

Moving along, the DCR and friends want to destroy two of the four trees east of the entrance to the parking lot.

Taken in October 2016, the tree on the left below is the western most of the trees to be destroyed at the entrance.  It certainly looks dead.

The tree in the photo below is the middle of the three trees which show east of the entrance.  It has quite a few leaves on it.  It was added in the word game change.  Why not give it a chance?

3. Parking lot of Playing Fields.

A. Maps.

B. General Analysis.

One tree is proposed to be destroyed.  For the life of me, I cannot see any sense in destroying it.

C. Photo.

This tree is doomed.

It only has 50 years left to live, translating from the propaganda piece.



The DCR and Cambridge have contractors who need to make money.

The DCR and Cambridge have planners who need to claim they are working.