Thursday, March 17, 2011

Organized Charles River destroyers claim broad support for new highway destroying riverbanks, vegetation and animal habitat.

The developer funded and badly misnamed Charles River Conservancy claimed in its March newsletter that it has support of the following pols for their new highway:

“Supporting elected officials include U.S. Representative Michael Capuano; State Senators Sal DiDomenico, Anthony Petruccelli, and Stephen Tolman; State Representatives Ruth Balser, Jonathan Hecht, Kevin Honan, Kay Kahn, Michael Moran, Marty Walz, and Alice Wolf; and City of Boston Councillor Mark Ciommo; and all seven Cambridge City Councilors - Mayor David P. Maher, Vice Mayor Henrietta Davis, Leland Cheung, Marjorie Decker, Craig Kelley, Kenneth Reeves, Sam Seidel, Denise Simmons, and Timothy Toomey, Jr. “

The destroyers organization does report that responsible parts of the state government have opposed their attempts to insert this new highway under the Anderson (Harvard Square) Bridge over the Charles.

The level of anti-environment control in Cambridge is no surprise. It is a shame to see the most recent City Councilor joining his openly destructive fellows.