Monday, August 09, 2010

To Tom’s of Maine on an Environmental Destroyer

Marilyn has forwarded the following concerning her contact with Tom’s of Maine about their considering providing environmental moneys to the environmentally vile Charles River Conservancy:


Sent just now, at their Contact Us:

Your company has established an image of itself as independent of the giant consumer products corporations and environmentally aware.

Unfortunately, by associating the company with the Charles River Conservancy's ongoing wholesale destruction of Amorpha frutescens (a native plant that has been cultivated to control erosion since 1724); iris pseudacorus (it reduces bacterial loads and absorbs heavy metals; the Charles River remains contaminated with chemicals from long-gone tanneries); solidago spp. (much beloved goldenrods); and other plants that provide habitat for resident and migrating birds, you cast that reputation in doubt.

The CRC is a tool of institutions that seek to turn public parkland on the Charles into their own office parks and campuses.

Please do not be misled by the glossy self-presentation of the Charles River Conservancy.