Friday, July 06, 2012

Cambridge Machine progresses with its lies of concern for Magazine Beach

The Cambridge Machine has issued a rather outrageous “report” lying of its concern for Magazine Beach. As usual, they keep secret the massive environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse they do not want to know about and thus are fighting to continue. The Cambridge Machine includes this bullet:


7) Hundreds of People Picnicked and Swam at Magazine Beach July 4th
Many extended families gathered there to barbecue and savor the warm summer breeze. Many have "vacationed" at Magazine Beach for generations. Check the blog for photos.


The Machine is fighting to destroy the parking lot for the picnic area while lying through omission that Phase 3 destruction includes destruction of the Magazine Beach picnic area parking lot..

And they do not want to know about the outrages of the past 13 years. In fact, their official history of Magazine Beach explicitly excludes the last 13 years, and they shouted down attempts to bring reality into their discussions.

And they shouted down objections to constructing another impenetrable thicket in place of the area where the Charles River White Geese have nested for the past three decades, after allowing praise for this outrage by an insider.

When a loaded survey “seeking” desired improvements to Magazine Beach got responses saying to undo the most blatant physical outrage, the survey became just as much a non existing event as is the outrages of the last 13 years in their fake history.

The Machine is following the tactics by which they destroyed acres of the irreplaceable Alewife reservation. There they lied of “concern” while telling people to look at everything except the totally inexcusable environmental destruction and mass animal killing which has been accomplished by their friends.

Now they are fighting to massively increase that destruction by telling people to chase their tails concerning the massive parking lot where the Alewife destruction project should happen. This destruction and animal killing will be massively expanded unless The Machine changes sides to the side it claims to be on.

But they definitely proclaim themselves environmental saints.