Saturday, January 28, 2012

Alternates to Cambridge City Manager

1. Introduction.
2. Ellen’s suggestion.
3. Editor’s response.
4. Cambridge City Clerk D. Margaret Drury.

1. Introduction.

Earlier today, I reported that the Cambridge, MA, City Council seems to be in the process of starting the process of determining whether they will rehire the Cambridge City Manager.

My evaluation is that they should, long ago, have obeyed the directions of the courts and fired him.

This should link to my YouTube posting on this matter dating back to August 15, 2010, at

2. Ellen’s suggestion.

Ellen responded on facebook:

bob you would make a super city manager - have you thought about it?

3. Editor’s response.

Thank you very much.

Regrettably, we are talking about employment by the Cambridge City Council whose record is strikingly antithetical to the pious claims of sainthood which are very much non stop from the members and their massive machine.

I believe very strongly in what they claim to stand for.

That is a very major point of disqualification.

4. Cambridge City Clerk D. Margaret Drury.

My choice for acting city manager is Cambridge City Clerk D. Margaret Drury.

Margaret Drury is highly respected in the City of Cambridge for good reason. She runs her office well and efficiently. She would be a breath of fresh air.

It is rumored that she is considering retirement at the end of January 2012.

My posting on firing the Cambridge City Manager is dated August 2010. If Cambridge had a responsible city council, a very clean replacement of Healy could have occurred with permission of Court, before the Appeals Court decision.

I do not know just how badly the extreme irresponsibility of the Cambridge City Council has messed things up by failing to act.

I am of the strong opinion, not having discussed anything with Margaret, that finishing off her career as Acting City Manager while the City Council conducts the usual international search would be a major coup by which she could top off her career and probably increase her pension.

I would hope that it can still be maneuvered.

Will the Cambridge, MA, USA City Council rehire the Cambridge City Manager?

Order number O-5 from the Cambridge City Council’s agenda for this coming Monday evening, January 30, 2012 may be read at:

City Councilor Craig Kelley is starting the process of considering whether or not the Cambridge City Manager should be reappointed.

Exactly ZERO members of the Cambridge City Council have expressed interest in implementing the decisions of the Appeals Court panel (“ample evidence [of] outrageous actions”) and the Trial Court Judge (“reprehensible”) and Jury ($3.5 million PENAL damages in addition to $1.1 million real damages) in Monteiro v. Cambridge.

Exactly ZERO members of the Cambridge City Council have suggested the Cambridge City Manager should be fired without golden parachute and possibly without pension in implementation of these very strong judicial communications with regard to City Manager’s Healy’s destruction of the life of department head Malvina Monteiro in retaliation for her filing a civil rights complaint.