Friday, May 15, 2015

Charles River: Olympics Rapid Transit map reorganized; change Green Line B rapid transit stop name?

Charles River: Olympics Rapid Transit map reorganized; change Green Line B rapid transit stop name?

1. Cleaned Up Map.
2. Change Rapid Transit Stop Name?
3. The prior reports.

1. Cleaned Up Map.

Yesterday, I implemented a reorganization of the Green Line A map for transportation to the Boston 2024 Olympics as suggested by a friend.

I commented that there was one afterthought I should add.  So I proceeded to add it.

Then I realized that the map really should have a table to explain it.

So I did that.

Here is the cleaned up Green Line A spur map, ready to show off.

I am confident folks will have more helpful suggestions.

2. Change Rapid Transit Stop Name?

One additional change that comes to mind to me is my suggestion that my map’s station 1, on Green Line B, be moved closer to the BU Bridge to allow easier access to river activities on the Cambridge side.

That move brings another possible change which may or may not make a subsequent draft of the proposal.

The stop names on Green Line B in this area are rather monotonous, and even erroneous.  There are about seven stops in Boston University turf.  The ones near the BU Bridge stand out for lack of originality in naming.

Counting from Kenmore Square outbound, the first stop is named after a street which no longer has that name.  The second and third stops are called “Boston University East,” and then “Boston University Central.”

 “Boston University Central” is the closest to the BU Bridge.  After “Boston University Central” comes that portion of Boston University west of the BU Bridge, and, hopefully, the spur to Green Line A, running over the side of the Commonwealth Avenue bridge over the Massachusetts Turnpike (I90) and Commuter Rail..

There are four more Green Line B stops in Boston University turf.  The first one is called “Boston University West.”  Then come two named after streets, whose names, I think, are still correctly identified by the stops.  The last stop in BU turf is “Packard’s Corner”, which is at the far western extreme of BU.

Needless to say, the “Central” and “West” stops, in turn, are anything but Central and West, given the very large portion west of the BU Bridge controlled by Boston University.  I think we should correct this nonsense, insofar as it is within our purview.

The “Central” stop, very clearly is in the eastern part of the BU campus.  It has a parochial and incorrect name.  Since we are moving the stop to give it a more cosmopolitan impact, I think the name should be changed to more reflect its real purpose.

I hope the powers that be will recognize the cosmopolitan nature of this stop with major access to the Charles River.  I think the powers that be should name it after the beautiful tourist attraction nearby on the Charles River, the 34 year resident and deeply beloved Charles River White Geese.  Additionally, their very distinctive history and survival surrounded by densely populated Cambridge, the Charles River, and Boston, would call for very serious and probably fruitful studies of their culture and survival patterns, and make renaming the stop after them even more appropriate.

“Charles River White Geese” stop has an excellent ring to it, and clearly corrects the parochialism and geographical nonsense of “Boston University Central.”

What do you think?

3. The prior reports.

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