Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boston Conservation Commission Meeting, October 19. Two possible hearings of interest

The following is excerpted from a much longer notice of hearing which was sent on October 11.

The short of it is that hearings will be conducted on October 19, 2011 (1) at 7 pm on Boston Latin School work at 525 Western Avenue, Allston and (2) at 7:30 pm on the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s plans for vegetation destruction on the Charles.


In accordance with the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, M.G.L. Chapter 131, Section 40, the Boston Conservation Commission will hold a public hearing in Boston City Hall, Room 801 on October 19, 2011 to review the following projects to determine what conditions, if any, the Commission will impose in order to protect the interests of the public and private water supply, ground water, prevention of pollution, flood control, prevention of storm damage, protection of fisheries and land containing shellfish, and protection of wildlife habitat:


7:00 PM Request for Determination of Applicability from Friends of Boston Latin School Crew for improvements to an existing boathouse and installation of stormwater management infrastructure and gravel pads, at 525 Western Ave, Charles River Reservation, Brighton, Charles River (100-foot Buffer Zone to Inland Bank).

[Ed: Google Maps puts this in the middle of the Charles River by Herter Park. That does not compute. My educated guess is that this facility is located just north of the Western Avenue access to the bridge going to Watertown and is between Soldiers Field Road and the Charles River. Perhaps a better guess would be the former DCR horse stables at the intersection of and between Western Avenue and Soldiers Field Road. I would love to get corrected by someone with better knowledge.]


7:30 PM Report from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation on the annual seasonal cuttings of vegetation, pursuant to the Order of Conditions DEP File No. 006-0971, for the Charles River Basin Shoreline Vegetation Management Plan, Charles River, Boston (Riverfront Area, Inland Bank, 100-foot Buffer Zone).

[Ed. The last time I was in a Boston Conservation Commission meeting, the committee was highly displeased at the environmental destructiveness of the falsely named Charles River Conservancy acting on behalf of the DCR.]