Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cambridge Pols going ahead with destruction of picnic area west of Magazine Beach?

1. Report from lovely sounding group.
2. Background of lovely sounding group.
3. Funding for power house translates into chasing away minorities using the abutting picnic area?
4. Clarification.

1. Report from lovely sounding group.

It is always very tricky interpreting initiatives by the Cambridge Pols. Remember they have just destroyed a key part of Alewife running around “defending” Alewife.

As a result, the following entries in notes from the Annual Meeting of the “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association are of interest:


Treasurer Jay Shetterly reported that the organization had received grants in the past year amounting to about $5,500, much of it in support of the Powder House renovation.

Cathie Zusy gave updates on the Earth Day Clean-Up scheduled for April 21 at Magazine Beach and on the Powder House rehabilitation. Marilyn Wellons reported on a trip she made with Zusy and Nina Cohen to observe renovations at another powder house in Newburyport.


Analysis in section 3. First the reality behind the lovely sounding group.

2. Background of lovely sounding group.

The “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” was created by request of the Cambridge City Manager’s people. By contrast, “Friends of the Alewife Reservation” or whatever they are calling themselves these days was created by a woman who wanted to create it after discussions with the Cambridge City Manager’s people.

The “CNA” organized itself around objecting to a conversion of Catholic Church property next to Dana Park on grounds that the proposal was too big. They had a victory. They made the project bigger.

The “CNA” repeatedly sent people to the fake Alewife group to defend Alewife until the fake group succeeded in destruction. Now the :CNA claims to have nothing to do with Alewife.

A fake environmental group connected to the “CNA” which calls itself Greenport gave a forum recently to the leader of the fake protective group achieving the destruction at Alewife. She bragged about the destruction.

The “CNA” assisted major destruction of zoning protections on the north side of Memorial Drive by telling people not to fight it. The advocates of this proposal, written by the Cambridge City Manager’s people, ran around telling people that the zoning protected the north side. They lied. It destroyed key protections on the north side.

The “CNA” brags about major benefits to the neighborhood in Memorial Drive zoning. After

a. They got caught destroying those zoning protection,

b. the developer of the targeted property got its major benefits, and

c. people realized they had been had,

the “CNA” undid what they got caught on, only what they got caught on. The “CNA” left a whole bunch of lovely fine print in the ordinance that was added by zoning that they helped pass.

The “CNA” held a recent meeting on Magazine Beach. There are very major problems on Magazine Beach. All have been created by city and state in the past 10 years, truly bizarre projects of benefit primarily to the people paid to do the outrages. The “CNA” presented representatives of the state agency who, with Cambridge, did the outrages.

The outrages include major environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse aimed at the Charles River White Geese.

The “CNA” allowed the environmental destroyers, an agency with truth problems, to say whatever they wished. Part of their proposals would destroy a little picnic area east of Magazine Beach by destroying its parking.

The “CNA” then explicitly censored reality. Negative responses were prohibited.

The “CNA” then started a cheerleading group which "celebrated" the situation at Magazine Beach. The cheerleading group, neglected to mention the very real problems created by its friends and that the “CNA” had shouted down mention of the destruction at the “public meeting”.

The pattern of the cheerleading group is exactly the scam by which their friends at Alewife achieved very major destructions, with much more to come unless they are stopped, at Alewife.

3. Funding for power house translates into chasing away minorities using the abutting picnic area?

The quote in section 1 is taken from

That announcement follows up on the censored meeting concerning Magazine Beach. The censored meeting at Magazine Beach included comments by the state agency that they want to close the tiny parking lot west of Magazine Beach which makes a small picnic area viable. The small picnic area is used by minorities from outside Cambridge.

Next to the small picnic area is the power house for which they have received renovation funds.

The machine and its bureaucrats commonly lie through omission.

Need we say what will happen to the picnic area?

Need we say what will happen to the little guys who need to drive to the destroyed parking lot to get to the picnic area.

Need we say what will happen to their tiny, environmentally sensitive parking area?

Need we say what the fake Cheerleading group will say about destroying the parking and thus destroying the picnic area?

Business as usual from the Cambridge Pols.

But the Cambridge Pol love minorities, except for Malvina Monteiro (that Appeals Court / Superior Court civil rights decision, among other things calling the Cambridge City Manager’s behavior “reprehensible”), of course, and except for minorities using that tiny picnic area, and except for who knows what other exception.

Business as usual from the Cambridge Pols.

4. Clarification.

The first post of this report described the targeted picnic area as EAST of Magazine Beach. It is WEST of Magazine Beach directly across from Magazine Street on the other side of Memorial Drive. Sorry about the typo.

Additionally, in my analysis of this particular fake / controlled group, I did not go into detail about the destruction they have hidden at Magazine Beach. I can only go into so much irresponsible behavior from these fake groups. I have opportunity to go into Magazine Beach in other reports. These other outrages are peripheral and are included in this report because otherwise they might not get included.