Friday, April 01, 2011



By Archie Mazmanian

In preparing for Part VI of this series, I reviewed Part V, especially the closing paragraph “sermon” and realized that this would be an appropriate time for an intermission for a PBS style fundraiser, not for money but for soliciting letters of support for the Charles River White Geese ((CRWG). One of the goals of this series is to attract youngsters to this Blog from Charles River communities and beyond to recognize the need for preserving – and improving – the Charles River AND to remedy the plight of the CRWG. Such letters should be addressed to:

Gov. Deval Patrick

State House, Room 360
Boston, MA 02133

Instead of providing suggested text for such letters, it would be preferable for each writer to use his/her own words expressing concern with the plight and treatment of the CRWG by MA and Cambridge government officials.

Gov. Patrick is the father of two lovely young daughters. Presumably he and Mrs. Patrick have read to their daughters the story “Make Way for Ducklings” that has long had Boston area connections memorialized by a bronze statue in the Boston Public Garden. While the plight of the CRWG began before Gov. Patrick was first elected in 2006, it has continued under his administration. Gov. Patrick was re-elected for a second term in 2010. While technically there are no term limits, as a practical – and political – matter, Gov. Patrick is a lame duck, as his future political career is national. But without the need to rely upon re-election any further, Gov. Patrick is in a position to push for significant reforms in MA for the next four (4) years. Maybe, just maybe, as such a lame duck he can pay attention to the plight of the CRWG. “Make Way for Ducklings” made us recognize the needs of a small mallard family facing a crisis of modernity. Can’t we make way for the many families making up the gaggle of the CRWG to survive the ordeals that both MA and Cambridge government agencies have put them through over the past several years?

Let’s remind Gov. Patrick. Send him a letter. Copy your State Senator and Representative. Gov. Patrick as a lame duck must avoid the legacy of cooking the goose of this gaggle. While I encourage children to write, so should adults. The Charles River is a jewel and the CRWG have served the Charles River, its adjoining communities and all of us well over the past 30 years. Their survival is important. They need help.

[Note: I understand that the expenses of this Blog are paid with personal funds of its founders and maintainers. I do not mean to suggest that a small contribution would not be in order to help defraysome of their expenses for the valuable public service performed with this Blog. Part VI of this series will be forthcoming shortly.]