Sunday, April 12, 2015

Charles River — Cambridge Common Outrage, PART I

Charles River — Cambridge Common Outrage, PART I

It is very difficult to fully convey an environmental outrage which is probably yet to get worse.

I have today, April 12, 2015, photographed part 1 of what nine VILE Cambridge City Councilors (out of 9) have done to the Cambridge Common in the past few days.

I have no reason to believe this is the end of it.  The practice has been that trees not protected by slats are condemned by the vile nine.  I see one tree with slats in the process of being removed.  I see a lot without protections.

It is possible that all this outrage is done, for now and in this spot.

But the only thing to be certain about when it comes to the environmental destruction of the Cambridge City Council and its accomplices, is that it is highly stupid to say “They would never stoop so low.”

They keep getting lower, and lower and lower.  They have much worse plans coming either directly or through friends that they want to claim are none of their responsibility.

And the Cambridge, MA political organization has the flat out gall to yell at Olympics 2024 organizers and call the Olympics organizers environmentally dangerous.

I will start with before and after pictures of the site I have been using as the embodiment of the outrage pending on the Cambridge Common.

I will follow up with some before pictures.

After that, I will post EVERY after picture I just took.

A lot of the orange cones denote a destroyed tree.

Remember, whenever you see a Cambridge pol who tells you that that Cambridge pol or his / her organization, or his/her City Council is an “environmentalist”, laugh in his / her face, and call him / her a liar.

If they are a Cambridge pol, either they are one of the vile nine, or they are part of the vile organization which keeps the vile nine and their vile city government in office.

Before and after.  I think my first before is too close, so I am doing the close one, then further back.:


Selected before: