Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Govt Agency Expanding Poison Usage on the Charles River

Govt Agency Expanding Poison Usage on the Charles River

The Department of Conservation and Recreation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts had a preliminary hearing on its latest destruction plans for Memorial Drive on the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, USA.  The hearing was September 26, 2016 before the Cambridge Conservation Commission.  It concerned yet another outrage at Magazine Beach between the Charles River and Memorial Drive.

I received a copy of the proposal from the CCC, and have published the destruction maps on the Charles River White Geese Blog at

The DCR team very visibly included that staffer who has been the most destructive force on the Charles River for the past more than a decade and a half.

Under direct questioning, he and his team did not bothering denying that the project includes yet more use of poisons on the Charles River, in spite of the fact that the poison drinking grass they introduced in the 2000s has been a failure.

The question spun off yet another Make Work for Contractor project. The DCR wants to dump more of their beloved poisons on Magazine Beach after destroying responsible grass which has survived the better part of a Century. The poisons would be dumped on introduced poison drinking grass.  In turn, the Contractors would be paid to build fancy systems to drain away poisons the DCR should not be using in the first place.

Poison use introduced in the 2000s was at the Magazine Beach playing fields.  Expansion will be to the top of the hill west of the playing fields and behind the swimming pool further west.

The plans show more, significant tree destruction. The DCR loves poison use and loves tree destruction. Doomed trees are indicated on the destruction plans by an O with an X on top of it.

The DCR should be replaced on the Charles River by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, without transferring planners or managers to MassDOT.

I am still reviewing the publication.