Monday, October 03, 2011

Discontinuance of Cambridge (MA) Election Question Reports

I have been religiously following the Cambridge Chronicle’s questioning of City Council candidates in the forthcoming November elections: “Do you think it is time for a new City Manger?”

I have seen enough.

The candidates are split as to whether they would rehire Cambridge City Manager Robert Healy when his latest contract ends.

The candidates make no mention of the decision in Monteiro v. City of Cambridge in which judge and jury at the superior court level and the appeals court panel rather clearly have indicated that Healy should be fired for malfeasance in office. Under these decisions, it is quite certain that the courts would look favorably on Healy being fired without his golden parachute and possibly without his pension.

For the city council candidates to treat these very serious and meaningful communications as non entities shows once again that reality is irrelevant in Cambridge, MA, politics.

I have better things to do than report on silliness.

If any of these answers approaches reality, I will let you know. However, I am not at all positive that I will spend a lot of time reading this nonsense.

Thank you Chronicle for the question. It was a nice try.