Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Vision Walk on the Charles.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

I spent three hours Saturday morning walking for a solution to vision loss. I was part of a team from The Blur webseries.

We walked around the block of the Charles River starting from the Publik Theatre on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton. We walked west through increasingly formalized parkland to the Western Avenue / Arsenal Street Bridge, back eastbound between Greenough Boulevard and the Elliot Bridge and back on the Boston side of the river.

This is an area which has seen massive environmental destruction by the state as part of its goal to kill off all animals living on the first ten miles of the Charles River. There was a lot of wild area here. It has been destroyed. The destruction of wildlife habitat and protective vegetation for migrating waterfowl was flat out horrifying.

The state and Cambridge are very compatible bedfellows when it comes to environmental destruction. They are creating a fine college campus out of what used to be a viable, balanced ecosystem.

Harvard shows perhaps half of the northern side of Greenough Boulevard as Harvard housing in its plans.

The only part of the walk in which the state has not attempted outright to destroy all animals is a place just west of the Elliot Bridge which used to be called “Hell’s Half Acre.” This is an area in which there was an enemy the DCR hates more than animals. It was a gay trysting spot. So the DCR destroyed this wild area and put up signs calling the destroyed animal habitat “animal habitat.” This was done during the earliest parts of the attacks on the Charles River White Geese.