Sunday, August 28, 2011

Correction on Charles River Bridges

The following is from Jeff, in response to Archie’s posting:


In 1775 there was the "Great Bridge" that existed where the present day Harvard Bridge is. The Brits crossed it on their march to Lexington - Percy's reinforcements did.

I say this in response to you saying there were no bridges to the north - although of course the Harvard bridge would have been a mile or two upstream from where Revere crossed.

Revere did not use the Charlestown Ferry to cross the Charles River. He had his own boat and 2 friends rowed him across but he did not take the Charlestown Ferry though he crossed in that area.


Ed.: For the non-experts, the Harvard Bridge is the correct name for the Mass. Ave. bridge which connects Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge to Massachusetts Avenue in Boston / Back Bay. This is the first bridge to the east over the Charles from the BU Bridge.

The bridge which connects the main Harvard Campus / Harvard Square, Cambridge to the Harvard Business School / the Allston neighborhood of Boston is the Anderson Bridge.