Friday, August 07, 2009

Tax Lawyer Leads 19 Ducklings to Safety

Archie Mazmanian provides the following:


Here's a Thursday, August 6, 2009 post of interest at TaxProf Blog at:

titled "Tax Lawyer Leads 19 Ducklings to Safety." This might be appropriate for your Blog.

Archie Mazmanian


What a relief to associate with normal humans, as opposed to Cambridge pols and state officials who consider heartless animal abuse the norm.



This is a wonderful summer tonic.

Archie rightly points out that Friend of the White Geese Robert J. La Tremouille, Esq., escorts the geese across Memorial Drive to the grass under the Reid Overpass, at the Cambridge end of the BU Bridge when necessary.

(There was of course no need for the geese to search out what little grass is there before 2004, when the DCR and Cambridge barred them from their primary feeding grounds at Magazine Beach.)

A direct link to the duckling post is:

Many thanks to Archie,